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William Afton/Springtrap/Scrap Trap/GlitchTrap William Afton is the father of the Afton family and been confirmed to be the Purple Guy. William attempted to hide in the spring lock suit Spring Bonnie while hiding from the ghosts of the children he killed, but died shortly after by the spring locks closing. Before his death he successfully murdered 6 children that we later found out are named Charlie, Cassidy, Fritz, Susie, Gabriel and Jeremy. We know these names because of an ending in FNAF 6 where we see 6 gravestones with these names on them. Once William is stuck in the suit and presumed dead, the children spirits leave him. He is left alone in the storage room until a pair of night guards find him and move him to another location, which we see in FNAF 3. He terrorizes the player throughout the game as Springtrap until the location burns down, and later is found in an alleyway and is salvaged as Scraptrap in FNAF 6. This location burns down as well, and we can confirm William was here because of a monologue his old company partner, Henry, gives the player where he addresses someone who can only be William. After his second fire his soul gets trapped in a dark ring of hell, where he is forced to suffer through some sort of purgatory that has been speculated to be Ultimate Custom Night. As of now, there is still a lot of speculating about how this is possible and I will explain it.

We know that up to FNAF 5 this game takes place in the future, and the future means more technology. In FNAF 6 after he finally burns to death but his soul possesses the chip. Years later the Fazbear's Entertainment Team finally has use for it and uses it for the base part of FNAF: Help Wanted, waking William back into the world as Glitchtrap. Glitchtrap hovers over you as he doesn't have enough power to leave and just making his presence known. Vanny explains that she separated Glitchtrap in 16 different tapes, and if you bring them together again he has enough power to mind control you and bring himself to earth through your mind and body. In the new update on FNAF: Help Wanted the game is ported to mobile, and on the mobile version you can see that there is texture glitches all around the map, and there is a reason why. When you zoom in and tap on a glitched object, it brings you back to the Night Menu and on the extra T.V. there is a game called Princess Quest with a play button. When you press the play button it brings you to a 2D game and you control a yellow character seeming to be a princess. Your quest in the game is to light all candles in a mansion and you have to avoid monsters and if you don't you take health, if you die you re-spawn. In the first room there is no monsters. Where you spawn, in the top left corner there is a chest you can open to get a chest with a torch, with that torch you can light all candles in the room and proceed to the next room. In this room there is monsters, the monsters are completely black on the outside but their teeth and eye's are green and they look like a circle with bunny ears.

Michael Afton / Eggs Benedict\ Brave Volunteer |

Michael Afton is the oldest son of William Afton, and has bullied his younger brother, Chris for a long time. After the bite of 1983 happened, he woke up in C.C's closet, As he was very confused, he tried getting out, but a bright light shone upon his face, he may be nightmare foxy as he always wears a foxy mask, and C.C may have dreamt that. Then after he finds out his father seemingly dies, Michael finds out that his sister, Elizabeth, disappeared at sister location. At the end, an animatronic named Ennard leads Michael into the scooping room then scoops him and uses him for a skin suit to escape. Ennard can also use other voices, so he uses the hand units voice to speak to Michael. Ennard scoops Michael and uses Michael as a disguise to escape from Sister Location. Though Ennard is a bit of a puzzle to me, as- We see that Ennard has chosen Ballora’s purple-pink eyes for when it was inside of Michael and it seems to have Ballora’s sharp teeth, yet Circus Baby was the one whom was “ejected” from Ennard in FFPS, and led to become Scrap Baby. After his body decayed, he then goes on and throws up Ennard into a sewer who then is to become Molten Freddy, and Circus Baby is much like Ennard out of Michael... was puked out of Ennard. He then goes on to own a new Freddy Fazbear's at the location of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, known as Freddy’s Pizza Place. On Night 6, you turn off all the fans, leaving the place to overheat, catch on fire and end “everything”. Everything burns.really y'all forgot Terrence afton is the oldest.

Elizabeth Afton / Circus Baby / Scrap Baby /

Elizabeth is the younget child of the Afton family. She is also known as Circus Baby. When Circus Baby had just been created, Elizabeth wanted to visit her, knowing the animatronic was built for her. Her father refused several times, telling her it's not safe or giving excuses and promising to let her visit her later. Elizabeth got tired of being kept away, so she snuck out to where Circus Baby was kept. Circus Baby killed her by offering her ice cream and later scooping her up into her body. Elizabeth did not die from this, however... the animatronic “Circus Baby” was built to do this to any child whom got too close, soon to fall victim to William Afton’s murder. This is why William had warned Elizabeth not to go. But this day, the animatronic was scheduled for the scooping room, so William would not have a chance to “empty the tank” so while Elizabeth was still stuck in the “tank” the animatronic was scooped, leaving Elizabeth’s would forever inside of Circus Baby (until FFPS) Sometime after Sister Location, she was attracted to the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator location. Elizabeth ended up resting her spirit in the fire that emerged from the Pizzeria Simulator location. Elizabeth died by being scooped because when baby took her, Circus Baby was scheduled to get scooped that day and when she took Elizabeth, Elizabeth was still inside and she died from two things; suffocation, and from being scooped. And then Elizabeth possessed Baby, until the end of SL where she scooped Michael and was thus inside of Ennard, then she was kicked out of “the Ennard tribe” and became Scrap Baby, until FFPS where her spirit was set free and now she doesn’t possess anything.

Mrs. Afton / Probably Ballora |

Mrs Afton is the loving mother of the Afton family. No proof for any death... She most likely possessed Ballora but we only have that from the voice lines. There are rumours going around that she drove off a cliff and William, devastated, tried to bring her back by putting her in Ballora, but nothing has been confirmed.

Crying Child /CC/Golden Freddy I

CC is the youngest child of the Emily family. He was bullied by his older brother and his brother’s friends. One day, his brother pulled a prank on Sammy, and Fredbear bit him and then his soul was transferred in to Golden Freddy alongside Cassidy. When he was alive, Sammy had a twin sister that we all know as Charlotte. Around a month or two before The Bite of ‘87, Charlotte was killed by William Afton.