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If you need staff assistance or experienced a dispute that needs to be resolved, you're in the right place! If you are interested in repealing a ban, Ban Repeal is the place to go.

For rule reference, please observe The Rules of the Road

Site Assistance

If you're confused about how our site works or any of the rules, feel free to ask in the comment section. Staff members and trusted users will reply to questions and concerns. If you would like to add screen shots to better describe your problem, feel free to.

To cover this concern in advance, our wiki often has to put up vandal filters. Those who receive a message saying their edit has been deemed harmful, even though it's not, have simply come across the filter. If you weren't spamming, don't worry, you've done nothing wrong! You need to ask an admin to post your story or wait a few days before you can post. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this wiki is unfortunately often subject to vandalism attacks and filters are sometimes put up to counteract this.

Anyway, if you need help formatting your pasta or need clarification on what is or is not allowed, ask away! Though we do encourage you to learn to format your own posts, you're likely to find someone here willing to help. 

Wiki Disputes

Were you treated unfairly by a staff member or feel a problem arose that needs to be resolved? If you calmly, and civilly explain your concerns, we will address them. Do not all caps and throw in insults every other sentence. Your chances of being taken seriously decrease, and flame war chances go up. Be calm, and if your dilemma isn't addressed in a way you find satisfactory, do not lash out. We can try to resolve disputes, but we will not give in to everyone's demands.

One more thing, if you would like to provide screen shots for your wiki dispute concern, a link to the page(s) that the screen shots came from must be included. If the screen shot is from the wiki chat, where no history of the posted messages are recorded, then eyewitness testimony is required to verify the validity of the screen shot. To make this process easier, you MUST include the users in the chat (listed at the right side of the chat) at that time in your screen shot. If the in-chat user list is not included, the screen shot will not be considered valid evidence.