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Hello! I'm StarluoAngel! (Star-loo-oh-Ayn-jell) I tend to read creepypastas on my spare time and rate them. I also make my own. I have completed two so far... OCARINA OF IIII and KIRBY'S WORLD. Yes, I like capitals. XD Need me to rate your creepypasta? Just message me on my wall and I'll get right to it! My newest creepy pasta project is called, "I'm Forgotten." Make sure to check it out when it's done! Also, I'm aiming to be an Admin since I can easily spot stupid trollpastas and creepypastas without categories and that have a walls of text. I want to be a part of the Admin community not to be powerful, but rather to rid this wiki of the horrors that are trollpastas, trolls, flamers, and ragers. Admins, if you're reading this, I hope you consider me as a good person to think about when promoting someone to an Admin. I've been an Admin on several popular forums for my good deeds, my seriousness about things, and my mature personality. I'm very active if you exclude my hours at school. I get along well with others and I'm great with grammar and spelling. I hope you'll consider me as a good person for promotion! I'm not looking to become an Admin too soon since I want to learn the basics of being an Admin by acting like one. Even though I have lots of experience, I'm still trying to get better at becoming one of the leaders and role-models of the forum. I'd be honoured if I'm taken into consideration! If you're still reading this, I'll thank you very much for taking your own time to have some interest in me. :D

My Favourite Pages

~Going Beyond Hell Valley

~I Won't Leave You

Creepypastas by Me


~KIRBY'S WORLD (KIRBY.exe) (Collab with ProfEyeborg)

~A Mystery (Special creepypasta!)



KIRBY'S WORLD: One of StarluoAngel's creepypasta entries.