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What's shakin', everybody? Welcome to my profile! I'm Sshakenbakee, the site's Head New User Advisor (NUA for short). I have two goals on this site; to write my own pastas to the best of my abilities and review other user's pastas fairly. I try my best to give an honest score and say what was good and bad of the story. I'm hoping that all of you try to do the same, so go out there and write to the best of your abilities!

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The man behind 'Sshakenbakee'

As an 18 year old boy from British Columbia, Canada, I spend my free time playing video games, composing original songs and writing stories such as Creepypastas. I've always loved creating worlds, characters and scenarios in my head since I can remember. So when I found out I could write all those wonderous things down on paper, I was all set. I've met awesome people and read amazing stories on this site, and I'm hoping I can add to that legacy and become one of the 'greats' myself.

My Writing Style

I've always been more of a short-story writer than a Creepypasta writer so that's why majority of the pastas I post aren't creepy. It's something that I'm trying to change, but I'd rather submit stories in the field I do the best at. Kura is the closest thing to a real Creepypasta I've done and I'm very proud of it. This is just a heads-up so you don't read my pastas and wonder why they aren't creepy or scary; it's because I'm still developing it and honing my horror writing.

My Creepypastas

~The Lost Artifact

~Revolution (Winner of Creepypasta of the Month November 2013, SOG-Read)


Creepypasta Saturday- Revolution

~Dark Emotions

~Darker Findings (Sequel to Dark Emotions)

~Darkest Regret (Finale of the Dark Series)

~April 12th Mind Story (Winner of Creepypasta of the Month January 2015, SOG-Read)


~Retaliation (Sequel to Revolution)

~The Monsters You've Created


Story Synopses, Next Project + Sneak Peek

The Lost Artifact - A young boy named Cyrus has been living in a very poor village all his life. Near the village is a hill upon which a castle stands, full of those much more privileged. To enter the castle, hopefuls must construct a sculpture that interests the castle people. Cyrus is one who dreams of being in the castle. He has the heart, but does he have the skill and determination?


Revolution! - CREEPYPASTAS

Revolution - Many years have passed and a corrupt ruler only known as the Doctor has control over everything. With an iron grip on the world, this dictator has erased the memories of the days of old and independence through unorthodox ways. However, those memories have been passed on to a young boy from his grandparents, the last remaining people who remember how the world once was. With these visions in mind, the boy begins plotting a way to save his people from the cruel Doctor and his dictatorship.

Dark Emotions - In the depths of depression, a young man recounts his dark hours. With nothing but sadness in his life, it comes clear that there is only one way to go to end the suffering. But is it the correct one?

Darker Findings(Sequel to Dark Emotions) - Heartbreak is something we all don't want to encounter. Our protagonist from the previous installment is faced with such tragedy and doesn't take it well. Once again, he is thrust into the black hole that is depression and takes his life choices into account. What he finds is something you'll have to find out for yourself in this chapter of darkness.

Darkest Regret (Finale of the Dark series) - When the unthinkable happens, how does one take the news? Darkness isn't exclusive to one person. Sometimes, it finds a new host once its old one is gone and it will do its best to take another person down with it.

CREEPYPASTAS - "April 12th Mind Story"

April 12th Mind Story - Martin Watson is a teenaged boy of calculations and logic. Blocking off his emotions, he has made himself into a machine and doesn't concern himself with problems other than work. However, that all changes when a mysterious girl named Helena, the new student at his high school, enters his life. Logic turns into love and Martin is shown the better things in life. But what if the one you know everything about isn't the person you think they are?

Acknowledgement- For a certain 17 year old, she's been nothing but a wallflower, carefully watching the world around her. She has the hobby of watching and stalking those she finds interesting until she knows every little detail about them. When a young man enters her line of sight, she takes immediate interest in him as a subject and follows him around. However, love can break through even the most stubborn of people, much like this girl. What happens when these emotions conflict inside her?

Retaliation (Sequel to Revolution) - One week has past since the last resistance attempt and things have seemed to have settled. When a male adult is arrested under false accusation, he is unwillingly thrown into a rebellion plot led by a young girl. The two must work together to accomplish their ultimate mission: execute the Doctor. Darker and darker secrets are revealed about the past, present and future and no one knows how things will turn out. The unlikely pair has the fate of their civilization on their shoulders as they track down the Doctor in a last-ditch effort to end his reign of tyranny.

The Monsters You've Created - When one commits murder, do they get away freely or does their actions haunt them? For an individual guilty of such a vile crime, the voices of those he's killed will not be silenced so easily. They begin to speak to him, taunting him with the promise of justice in the form of his own execution. Will the spirits of his victims get their revenge and finally earn their well-deserved rest?


Creepypastas I Dig E11 Special! Kura by Sshakenbakee

Kura - Rick has always hated Hallowe'en and the concept of it as a whole. However, when his friend David remembers a playground rumour of a demon named Kura, Rick decides to give the holiday a shot and attempts to summon the demon with his friend. What could go wrong?

Next Project: The K.R.A.K.E.N. Initiative - The world wasn't ready when a race of hostile aliens began their invasion. With little hope and a smaller chance for survival, they created a race of genetically enhanced super-humans to combat the threat. Is it enough and if it is, what are the consequences when playing God?

My Review Scale

10/10 - An extraordinary job, best of the best

9/10 - An excellent job, close to flawless

8/10 - Very good job, recommended read

7/10 - Good job, a few minor flaws

6/10 - A decent job, improvements can be made

5/10 - An alright job, an even share of good and bad

4/10 - A so-so job, a major flaw or two

3/10 - A lack luster effort, few major flaws that took me out of the experience

2/10 - A poor effort, several major flaws

1/10 - A very poor effort, too many major flaws

0/10 - No effort shown whatsoever

The Brief History of Creepypastas and I

I first stumbled upon Creepypastas Spring Break of 2013. I was browsing YouTube when I saw a video on the front page called 'Creepypastas - Squidward's Suicide' by a channel called 'SomeOrdinaryGamers'. I watched that video and got hooked on Creepypastas. I began to experiment with my own pastas and I eventually created a Creepypasta called 'Jeff The Killer: The Untold Story', a story that takes place during the events of the original story. I handed it in as an English project and it got an A. Pleased with that grade, I began to write more and come up with other ideas. Eventually, I signed up to the 'SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki' April 20th, 2013 but I didn't make my first edit until June 1st, 2013; the weekend of my 16th birthday. I uploaded a Creepypasta called 'STH.exe', a prequel to 'Sonic.exe' that was supposed to explain the origins of the game. Unfortunately, it was a major flop and it was taken down 2 hours later. After that, I didn't return until a few days later where I saw a pasta called I Won't Leave You receiving a lot of praise. I went to check it out and found out that it was the first pasta written by the author FlakyPorcupine and it won Creepypasta of the Month. I got jealous and didn't return to the site for another 2 months where I posted my second pasta The Lost Artifact. To my surprise it not only got positive comments but Flaky told me that I had more of a future on this site than I thought. After that, I promised that I would stay on the Wiki and do my best to be a loyal contributor to the site.

My Accomplishments

-Revolution being nominated for CPotM in October 2013

-Revolution earned the title of CPotM in November 2013

-The New User Advisor Program became Admin-approved in December 2013

-Earned the title of Chat Moderator in December 2013

Even I can't resist the demons!

-Revolution being read on SomeOrdinaryGamers in January 2014

-Became an Administrator in February 2014

-April 12th Mind Story being nominated for CPotM in July 2014

-Revolution being read by TheCreepyTubers in December 2014

-April 12th Mind Story earned the title of Creepypasta of the Month in January 2015

-April 12th Mind Story being read by SomeOrdinaryGamers in March 2015

-April 12th Mind Story being read by ThatCreepyReading in May 2015

-Kura winning the Trick-Or-Treat Contest in November 2015

-Kura being read on Web Pulps in December 2015

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Sshaken and Friends (Though they may disagree...)

Lindenbree - Awesome gal and a great Smash player

Urkelbot666 - Hard-working man whose wit, charm and dedication can melt the hearts of all

SimplyOddest - Fun-loving guy who is competitive in Smash and always willing to learn

WildViper009 - Good sense of humor and a fun fellow to chat with

Refreshing Demise - Awesome guy and a good writer

FlakyPorcupine - The brother I never had

I love scary stories - A wonderful person and fun to talk to

Ineedmymedication - Crazy but a fantastic guy

Dustyfootwarrior - Fantastic author with a personality to match

Fryz - Willing to give it his all and a good fellow