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Um... hi. I'm 20, female, and... yep. I like Zelda games and sleeping. Sleeping is nice.
Call me Bree I guess, but Linden is okay too. Or Lindenbree... they all name me so they're all good.

Want to see my entire avatar? Here you go:
I like drawing :3
Tahoma is master normal font race. Vivaldi is master special font race. Laptop is master computer race. Good job finding this text :P


Experiencing a writer's block?
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  Experiencing a writer's block?

This motivational music believes in you!

NOTE: OGG, the file format for that audio, works best in Firefox (but it might play in other browsers). If you get security warnings, it doesn't mean the file is dangerous, it actually means "NO, I ONLY WANT TO BE PLAYED IN FIREFOX! SCREW YOU AND YOUR NON-FIREFOX BROWSER!"
Just go here if that happens :3

Need formatting help?

Let me know and I'll see what I can do. If you want to fix it on your own though, there's several ways. One is to format it in Word or TextEdit or something, and then copy and paste. Make the font helvetica (or arial, it's nearly identical), size 14, and make the color light gray (not white, that's just blinding). Then paste it! If that doesn't work though… which is often, try editing the source code. If you're unfamiliar with HTML or CSS that could be a bit difficult, so here's some useful codes if you need them:


A "/" right after the "<" in any kind of tag generally means the code stops. For example,

<b> The bold tag is running.</b> Now it isn't.
looks like
The bold tag is running. Now it isn't.

Wikia is a glitch fest of messing up. When editing your page, do not switch between source mode and visual mode. Wikia will change the code if you do that and you'll have to constantly correct it. Stick with either the source code editor, or the visual editor. Not both. You can click on "Preview" if you need to see what the page will look like.
Since Wikia is so derp, I recommend saving a copy of your page source code. Sometimes simply going into the editor will destroy the formatting, so if you saved the source code just copy and paste it back into the source editor.
One more thing. Span style is god. Like, you can not fathom how useful it is. Want to try to change the font or paragraph formatting with <p> or <font> tags? Don't. Just, don't. On this wikia, span style is god and works best for those kinds of things. Other tags technically work on here, but it might take some painful effort.

So, without further ado, code samples!

Basic Font Editing

Now, Wikia has its own special code for bold and italics that can also be used. Italics=''this'' bold='''this''' but, there's no special wikia underline code.

Code What it does Example of code What it looks like
<b> Creates bold font. Like <b>this.</b> Like this.
<i> Creates italic font. Like <i>this.</i> Like this.
<u> Underlines font. Like <u>this.</u> Like this.
Starting New Lines

Code What it does Example of code What it looks like
<br> or <br /> Starts a new line. Like<br>this. Like
<br><br> Starts two new lines, leaving one line empty. Like<br><br>this. Like

<p> Starts a new paragraph and skips a line. Similar to <br><br>, except it sometimes resets the font to this wikia's default formatting. This font is Tahoma.<p>A <p> tag is right before this line, so the font here changes to the default font. This font is Tahoma.

A <p> tag is right before this line, so the font here changes to the default font.

Span Style is GOD

Span style is amazing. This is what it looks like <span style="CODE&STUFFGOESHERE;">.
You put the codes in this chart where it says "CODE&STUFFGOESHERE".

Code What it does Example of code What it looks like
color:rgb(***,***,***) or color:#****** Changes the color. First one uses RBG, the other is hexadecimal. <span style="color:#23a926;">Like this Like this
font-family:WhateverFont Changes the font face. <span style="font-family:gill-sans;">Like this Like this.
font-size:*px Changes the font size <span style="font-size:12px;">Like this Like this
line-height:* Changes the space between each line. 2 is double spaced, 1 is normal, 1.5 is this wikia's default line spacing. <span style="line-height:3;">The line spacing is super huge now The line spacing is super huge now

AND NOW, for the magical… the elusive… the pain-in-the-butt *drum rolls* paragraph indent!

<span style="padding-left:*px">
That creates a blank space to the left of your font. Basically, it's the magical indent that wikia seems to hate so much. I recommend making it 40px.
My paragraph is indented. Ah yeah! Watcha gonna do Wikia? You can't touch this. Can't touch this! Can't touch this indentation~

So how do you combine span styles? Like this!

<span style="color:#23a926;font-family:gill-sans;font-size:12px;line-height:4;padding-left:40px">Here's some green text that is gill-sans and is indented, with a line height of four and a font size of 12.<span style="color:#a147d5;font-family:futura;font-size:13px;"> Now the font is purple because purple is the best color in the world. The font type is futura, the size is 13 and the line height is still 4.</span></span> Now the format is back to the default settings.
Here's some green text that is gill-sans and is indented, with a line height of four and a font size of 12. Now the font is purple because purple is the best color in the world. The font type is futura, the size is 13 and the line height is still 4. Now the format is back to the default settings.

And, one last thing. <div align="center"> centers the text. Change "center" to left or right to make it align to the left or the right.

Well, that's enough code and stuff. Hope this is helpful to someone :\


My Creepy Pastas So Far


= Nominated for Creepypasta of the Month


= Won Creepypasta of the Month

_____Title______ ___Synopsis___ Author's note
You Failed (Dark Cloud/Chronicle 2) A person gets a copy of Dark Cloud 2 and it seems to be hacked.

I know, cliché cliché. I tried to actually have a reason for the game accusing the player of failing, but this may not be as obvious as I'd have liked, especially to those unfamiliar with the game.
Oh, also, about the title. The game is called Dark Cloud 2 in America, and Dark Chronicle 2 in all other English translations. The more correct translation is Dark Chronicle 2, but I went with Dark Cloud 2 since that was the title I'd gotten when I played this in real life.

What You Deserve


A girl finds her old laptop that's gone unused for years, because its screen had cracked after an incident.

…This took forever. At eight pages it's the longest thing I've written in my free time. I know, not novel length but it's still my longest story. Many of the events in the story are inspired by, if not outright based on, what has happened in my own life. This pasta took a lot of work and I strived to make it unique. I bet it's not the best… or even that creepy, but I really hope it's liked. I have definitive reasons for what happens within the story, but I left these reasons ambiguous to the reader. Interpret it how you like ^^ 



Septir is ready to start his life in a new place… but things are not right here.

My shortest story so far! It was meant to be a mindfuck at first, but when I finally abandoned that angle and stopped torturing myself with it, it came out a lot better. This is based on generic glitches and no specific franchise.


My Other Sites

Website URL Status More Info
Deviantart ACTIVE Come see my craptastic art!
DailyMotion /lindenbree#video=x18wlxd

ACTIVE Videos of... whatever I feel like uploading, basically.
NewGrounds IN USE I use Newgrounds, but I haven't uploaded anything there yet.
My Own Site INACTIVE Heh... I need more coding skills... probably in XML, before I continue working on my site :/

And here's some other links. Imma just add them here to make it easier for me to get to those pages.

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