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Information About Me? Are You Coming Onto Me?

My name is Fryz, just Fryz. I've mainly call myself a veteran on this Wiki since I've been here since March of 2013.... I ain't so good with profiling myself honestly. Like who the hell even reads these profile anyway? Sure maybe people want to get to know you better to be all like "Dah shet! This person likes what I like!! WE SHOULD BE BUDS!" But you ain't getting that from this guy, nope, not one bit! Go one someone else's profile, you may get better info out of someone else than me really. Really... No one even knows my real name or what I even look like. I am a big secret.

My CreepyPasta(s);

I've been watching Muta's review of Pastas since 2099 but on March of 2013 I decided to make a Creepypasta for Muta's Wikia and hope one day he would read them. Since then I've made about 9 Creepypastas (as I am writing this) and only one has been successful. I am known for having some pretty bad grammar on them and I do spend a long time editing them.. So anyway, let me give you my thoughts on them;

  • The Age of Seasons This is my second pasta I've done. It was made back in the Spring of 2013, my first CreepyPasta was made back in March of that same year so I had a couple month's rest. I downloaded a Gameboy emulator for my Brother for him to play Pokemon Fire Red on it while he was waiting for the physical game to arrive from Ebay. (Obvious set up for a Pokemon Pasta right?...) After it arrived the emulator was left on my computer... I wanted to get rid of it but I let it stay and downloaded some games. One of the game's - or two - was Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Season. I wanted to do a creepy haunted set up with the game and tried to avoid any clichés... it kind of worked, kind of.
  • S. M. W. My first Creepypasta, the OG, the one that started it all. This was honestly a fucking mess... don't believe me? Look at it. I wrote this CP on a Word Processor, I didn't write it on the Wikia because of some stupid reason I had, I think it was... spelling? This CP was something I kind of felt proud of, though then I relies that I messed up so much it was nearly taken down. I would change the text... but... I want it to stay. It is my first Creepypasta so I want it to show how far I have come, from this mess... to even more mess's.
  • The Lonely One I... really don't know what I tried to do with this one. I really don't know what to say about this one... I tried to make it original I think, I did put a Mind-Fuck in there, was it good? Eh... maybe, to me.
  • Days of My Life Around this time I've written three CP's. To me all three of them were good, but none of them were that spark I thought they were going to get. At this point I was kind of struggling with my work on this Wikia, I hanged out in the chat and mostly talked to people. I was nearly about to hang up the jacket on my CP days... but it wasn't until this certain CP that me go back to writing them. I wanted to make another Mind-Fuck Creepypasta, a Mind-Fuck CP that wasn't too obvious while reading it, surprisingly, it worked. The pasta itself wasn't really "Creepy" for a Creepypasta, it was more sad. So yeah I am not going to say anything else about it because I might spoil it.
  • Darkness Forever I was bored when I made this, I wanted to be short but effective in a way. Turned out that people liked it. I might make another one, one day... maybe never.
  • Just a Dare I tried doing a good ending and bad ending kind of CP with this one, it was ok but there are some misspells with this pasta, even the ending's have spelling mistakes and I don't think I've fixed them. Don't matter really, no one will read them... right?
  • Driven *Sigh* What the fuck was I thinking making this one? I tried to do a creepy stalker pasta... but it ended up being another fucking mess of a read. I tried to make it disturbing and unsettling but that went downhill with my grammar mistakes and run on sentences (something that I am known to do) Also again I tried to make ANOTHER Mind-Fuck CP, but surprise! It failed. After this Pasta I didn't make any CP for about three months... until...
  • Eric If anyone ask me what was my most proudest moment on this Wikia, my first and only answer would be: Eric. I wanted to make a CreepyPasta that would make a spark, but it turned out this CP was more than a spark, it was an explosion. This pasta took me about three weeks to make, after publishing it... It took me two weeks to edit. Edit after edit AFTER edit, I spent more time and words on editing this Pasta than I did writing it. I had help from others of this pasta with mistakes on Animal Crossing games and grammar. On February of 2014 it was nominated for Creepypasta of the Month, unfortunately it lost. But... on March 2014 It was nominated again, this time even more votes than it had last month, and... Eric won. I won Creepypasta of The Month on my anniversary month to also it seemed, talk about timing. In May of that year Mutahar finally review it as a start of reviewing Pasta that win Creepypasta of The Month on SOG Wikia. Eric turned out to be a huge favourite from fans of SOG, the comment section on the YouTube video was all positive and it had people praising it for being well made. Eric, Eric was the name of my best Pasta, and I couldn't be even more happier. 
  • The Laughing Spirit After the unbelievable success of Eric I wanted to make another pasta right away, but I had many problems along the way. I was having a hard time trying to find the best set up for a CP, it didn't help the fact that I was worrying it wouldn't be as good as Eric was. So I didn't release this Pasta until a year AFTER Eric. Yes... a YEAR. I started this Pasta back in November of 2014, but it went nowhere. I devolved a massive Writers Block. I sat there looking at my computer screen and thinking of a good story or anything for a Creepypasta. This pasta was kind of a Slender-man like Pasta. On January of 2015 I started writing it, I wanted to make it creepy since Eric wasn't really creepy and more sad, I didn't want to make another sad Creepypasta. One month late I finally released it to the Wikia, no surprise it was full of grammar mistake... I am happy for this pasta though, I wanted to break this Writers Block and I did, hopefully I don't go into hind for about another year. I hope

My Review Scores.

I don't really read a lot of CreepyPasta on here honestly... Maybe I am lazy? Eh. So yeah If by chance I am NOT lazy I may review your CP. Maybe, possible... maybe never. So yeah here the scores I would give though:

0/10 - 0.9/10 *Oh god.... Why have you wrote this?! PUT IT AWAY THERE ARE CHILDREN HERE!*

1/10 - 1.9/10 *Oh Jayus! ... Well, its not as bad as a zero... but it still is not a very good Pasta*

2/10 - 2.9/10 *Not really that good... Sorry. Don't take it too personal mate.*

3/10 - 3.9/10 *Ehhh...*

4/10 - 4.9/10 *There is work that needs to be fix or done. But you're lucky.... 4 is my lucky number... But not lucky for you*

5/10 - 5.9/10 *Not THAT bad, but I wouldn't give it a thumb up. Try again*

6/10 - 6.9/10 *You got a 6! You did alright!... but still not THAT good of a pasta... What? Its a 6!

7/10 - 7.9/10 *It wasn't that bad, I had fun reading it. Good job.*

8/10 - 8.9/10 *This Pasta. It's-a good read. I liked it*

9/10 - 9.9/10 * Wow! I REALLY liked this Pasta! Go on my friend! Make another one!

10/10 *If this Pasta isn't on everyones top Pasta list.... I'll find them for you... and I'll hunt them down... urr.. I mean, AMAZING JOB!*

Some Drawings I did. Eeehhh...

My drawing of the creature "Wallykarp"

A drawing I did for Dustfootwarrior

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