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I write particularly odd creepypastas. My first creepypasta was deleted and I considered quitting writing because of it. I’m just glad I didn’t. My best score I got was a 10/10, which was on my story The Black Flu.

My Creepypastas

Columbine high school: My first creepypasta. It's a story of a man who, after getting his USB repaired, finds one of his games on it being controlled by the minds of 2 kids named Eric and Dilian.

Joy: A man accidentally downloads a mod causing the characters of Skyrim to get addicted to a substance called joy.

Fallout 3: the man: A story of 3 brothers who play Fallout 3 only to find it is being haunted by a man who can predict the future.

South Park: The Spanish Inquisition: My first lost episode. An episode from season 11 of South Park gets banned and one employee gets angry and makes a video mocking a person responsible for the ban.

Anger Spirit Ritual: A ritual that will punish someone who has caused you a great personal harm.

Soul Sand: A minecraft creepypasta in which Steve gets banished to the nether for a crime he didn't do.

My Empty Mind: My first mindfuck creepypasta. A man wakes up with no memory of who he is in an abandoned city.

The Black Flu: A full-length screenplay about some zombie issues from a mutated version of the Spanish Flu.

The Escape From Pain: This has been on hiatus for quite some time. It's about a young man who kidnaps people and performs strange experiments on them to cure his dad of lung cancer.

Breakfast (Micro Fiction): A micro fiction about a man named Robert forced to live in a bunker with his dog.

(Cancelled Pasta) The Breakdown: A contained thriller where 2 prison friends must investigate fellow prisoners going insane after the authorities refuse to contact the police.

(Completed Pasta) The Monsters and Their Gods: A soon-to-be released screenplay about 3 people who are abducted into a world 2 teenagers can manipulate with their minds. (Cancelled because there is a romance subplot for character development, and I'm scared of romance.)