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    Do you love Dancing? Do you love dancing on a blue stage with pink lights,

and an audience clapping after you perform? Well, I wish I was you.

The days here are the same for anyone who works as

entertainment, you see the entertainment is not like you. You are human, we are not.

We Turn on to perform, turn off, turn back on when the next show starts.

Children won’t visit me because they are too scared of me. My dancing is what keeps me going. When

I dance It feels like I’m not moving my feet it feels like my feet are dancing on a cloud that’s

as soft as a pillow. The mechanics tried to solve the problem by closing my eyes they thought I

was intimidating to the kids, but that didn’t work, so I was still ignored if I didn’t get a visit soon

they will have to get rid of me, but one day, the very day that was my last day, on  January 9, 1933,

a girl, a girl the same age as me at least before now, her name was Elizabeth Afton she and her mom were

Walking by when she stopped turned and pointed at me she said, “Hey mom look! She’s as pretty as an angel and she dances like a swan.” She ran over to me and asked, “why isn’t anyone here? Why are they scared of something so pretty and talented?” “Tomorrow my birthday! January 10, 1933 im turning 13, oh how I wish to have a friend I don’t have any friends…” She said still smiling. “Poor girl,” I thought to myself. Her mom said it was time to go,

“Byee!  I’ll come tomorrow for my birthday stay here okay?” she said. The next day she came back just as they were packing up my stage, “What’s going on here? Are you leaving?”She said looking worried. On my last spin of the day before they were going to put me away I turned human, her eyes were so big.”h-Hi Elizabeth” I said

I opened my arms to hug her she came running and hugged me,” let me go get my mom“ she said. When she and her mom came back her mom decided to adopt me not knowing I was that robot.

“And that’s how I met your aunt,” I said to my daughter she was sitting up in amazement “Wow mama! What an amazing story!! Were you a robot?” she asked “yep” I answered tucking her in bed.

Without even knowing it a new story had started but I wasn’t the main character.

            The missing Two


Three months ago me and my friend, Snow, ran away from Queen Moon’s ( also known as ballora(the robot) and my mom) castle wanting to explore the world without them though we had no idea that we were so powerful and that’s why she doesn’t want us by ourselves.

                                       December 22, 1978, We, snow and I, were at the park eating blueberry Ice cream while talking when my brother from the castle, Andy Afton, came crying properly from a nightmare, back when we levied with them And would come into my room crying and I'd ask him to tell me what happened in his dream and he'd tell me. I looked at snow and snow looked at me when we looked ahead Andy was there,” AHHH!” we shouted “hello! Want to be friends?” He asked “su-” Snow started to say when we got interrupted,” Andy! What did I say about talking to people you don’t know?” Our other friend from the castle said “Who even are you? Can we see your face?” “ My name Is Elsa and his name Is jack and you can only see some of our faces,” I lied “but then we have to go or we will be late for our interview,” Snow said. “Ok,” he said looking suspicious, We pulled off our hoodies but we had our hint for them on our favorite FNAF robot masks on mine was Circus Baby snows was Bonnie, “and You, Yes we can be friends,” I said before leaving while pointing at Andy. On our way to the interview, snow saw the missing poster of us he grabbed it crumbled it,  stuffed it in his pocket, smiled, and said,” We don’t need to be found”.


          Far Away Springtrap

It has been a while since the fire came me and my crew are trying to hide from Freddy and his crew.

        June  20, 1999  

We are fixed! Me and my daughter are fixed! I look somewhat better… They could not fix me all the way but at least they tried But I got thrown Into the fixing room again locked no were to go, nowhere to hide just to sit here for another 30 years,” Micheal!?” I call out for my son,” Chris?!” I call out for my youngest son,” Eli?!” I call out for my daughter, “ Clara…?” I let out one last call… No one answers Guess I am in here for 30 years AGAIN. But after a year I went crazy,” 1,2 house on fire, 3,4 get fixed, 5,6 get thrown in a room, 7,8 they locked the door, 9,10 stuck in here for 30 more years” I would say Over and over again. One day I heard a familiar voice.” Micheal?” I said softly,” Micheal?!” I started Yelling, I cradled to the door And yelled, “ Micheal! Help! Let me out, please…” Then the voice said, “ I will let you out But who are you and How do you know my name?!” He yelled while shoving the key in the keyhole. When the door flew open his mouth dropped, “It’s just a robot.” I looked up and said “ Hey Micheal… It’s me, Dad…” he looked surprised,” How-You went missing for 60 years?” “ Im Dead…” I said, “ How did you die?” He asked “...Spring locked.”

I closed my eyes thought for a second and turned into my human form, He started crying,” D-Dad!” He yelled running towards me and hugged me.” I missed you dad” He said “ I missed you too son” I smiled and he smiled back.

“ I Always Come back”

 Nightmares that come to life

My name Is Chris And I have nightmares, really bad ones with my sister not here no one is here to help me.

    July 30, 2001

“ Ahhhh!” I would scream Mother would run in ask what was wrong I’d tell her she’d hug me and sleep with me the rest of the night but I don’t sleep I am awake all night, im awake all night because my nightmares hide underneath my bed, in the closet in the bathroom(don’t ask), and in the shadows, waiting for the right time to jump scare me. I’d hold my flashlight in my hand, and my yellow and purple teddy that my mom gave to me in my other hand. But… That was BEFORE I befriended my Nightmares. Im Andy Afton and Im NOT scared anymore, you shouldn’t be either my two nightmares protect me from the scariest of the scariest nightmares.

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