You may know of the famous game "Skyrim", and the player-character named "Bob".Well then, you may say you "know about skyrim?" or "know everything about it", but have you ever thought "Why bob?", "What an odd choice?", well, there's a tie between skyrim and some "Interesting" things.

The person we call "bob" was a simple boy. He was growing up in the city, enjoying his life, when suddenly it all collapsed. His best, and only, friend died. He was trampled to death in a riot, sadly.        

bob was mourning after the death of his friend. He got so miserable, he tried to overdose but failed... Instead, he fell into a coma. His parents came, day after day, worrying his light would be snuffed... They refused to let him be "boomed", paying for his bed.

Meanwhile "bob" was living a dream. He made his creatures, made his worlds. He would never die, only reappear. Occasionally, he made a new world. In some he could fly and be a creator of life, in others, when he died that
world was locked away. A wistful dream. In some worlds, though, there would be a watcher in the
Herobrine sighting 1232561
odd mist. When bob focused, the figure went away. It made bob shudder, and tears come to his eyes.

One day, he realised it was his friend, urging him to wake up.

Wake up he did.

"bob" realised his real name was "fred", and had inspiration for a great game. Inspiration from a great friend. A friend he couldn't let go. So, are you ready to go mining for Dragons?