My name is Austin I go to Adna middle/high school. I am currently a sophmore. A week before Christmas break on Monday a new student came to school. His name was Zack. He was a nice, funny, and gothic sophmore. He sat with me and my friends at lunch. Through the week you could see he became more depressed but he still sat with us at lunch. Maybe this is what he's trully like? Maybe.

On January 2nd he came back like the rest of us but he was more upset and didn't even show up for lunch. All he did was go to his locker and sit there the entire time. Not even getting something to eat. What happened to him? None of use know because no one knew him before he came to Adna. 3 weeks later he disappeared. No records of him moving away, going to WF West (the school in Chehalis), or even dying. He just disappeared.

The Real Story ----- My name is Zack Lowery. I just moved from Spring Grove Pennsylvania for a fresh start. I don't wanna talk about why let's just move one. It was my first day at Adna it it wasn't bad, I got to know some nice people like Austin but on Friday I got depressed because of everyone in the school. They all look EXACTLY the same. All of the girls had perfect hair, fake tan skin, and bleached blonde hair as the guys all had baggy jeans that went down to their knees and buzzcuts. Or what I call the stereotypical douchebag look. Hey Spring Grove atleast had some difference... like Cassidy... *sigh* Cassidy. She was amazingly beautiful. Now anyone from Spring Grove reading this would most likely say "Oh but he likes every girl." FUCK OFF! I just wanted a girl to be with that's all. Cassidy is the only one I really liked. Her punkish style, her perfect red velevet hair that wether or not curly or straight was always beautiful. I was going to ask her out but everyone said to get to know her better so I did and when I finally was going to ask her out she started dating a guy that looked a lot like me. Figures the only time I actually try to get to know a girl better I loose my chance to him...

Christmas break came and my sister Mena along with my grandmother came to visit until the 28th. After 2013 started though I started to get nightmares all the time. The last time I had a nightmare was when I was 7, a year before I moved to Spring Grove. I'm 16 now so it was almost 9 years sense then. I got more angry, depressed, sad, anxious, got pains in my chest, hearing voices, seeing things, and ect. Which made me come to the conclusion that I was loosing my sanity. Others say "You're not loosing your sanity." SHUT UP! YOU CAN'T SAY WETHER OR NOT I'M GOING INSANE! YOU'RE NOT ME! I'M ME, NOT YOU! strange thing is though. I want to loose my sanity. The thought of it makes me scared but tempted to throw all sanity away at the same time. During school the same voice I mentioned earlier came to my head again. So during study skills I went to the back of the room and popped out keys from the keyboard. Stealing a Z from an old compter and an L from a new computer and on the same new computer I popped out the 7 and 8 keys along with f6 and the other six on the calculator side of the keyboard and made 6 right6 f6 or 666 for short.

I also drew stars on the same keyboard, 666 on the computer screen, typing "see you in Hell 666" in the login and writing "ADNA is HELL on the desk to the left. And stole a mouse from the computer...not like they need it they have hundreds just like it. The principle found out and just cleaned it up. 3 weeks later though in 2nd period (typing) the same voice came to my head and I beleive started playing "Hill Act 1 reversed" from Sonic.exe on my iphone because it was the video currently on the youtube app. Then it went to my pictures and showed the I am god sonic.exe picture I got from google on screen while still playing the song. The teach came and looked at my phone. He ask if it was mine, no response. He saw that the headphones weren't fully plugged in so he push them all the way in and the song kept playing from the Iphone not the headphones. The girl beside me got scared but the teacher just ignored it. I didn't touch it.

3rd period (Algebra) came and as soon as the bell rang for class to start the song started playing again. The student next to me asked if it was mine, once again no response. He pulled the phone out of my pocket and tried to turn it off but no matter what it would just keep going. Until it randomly cut off then the teacher took it saying "It's mine now." NO ONE TOUCHES MY STUFF! I said in my head as I mumbled and drew a picture of a tree in a firery setting with heads hanging from it including the teacher's. I got furious so to calm myself down I slowly ripped pieces of paper and people asked me to stop. It just got me more mad so eventually I starting ripping pages from my book loudly and uncontroably. After I stopped the teacher told me to go to the office. I stormed out of the room and went to the bathroom instead. I slammed the door to one of the stalls and ended up bend the sliding lock on the door so I went crazy and slammed it again this time making the metal peice on the stall fly off instead.

So I went to the office and the principle sent me home early. I was going to go back to the school wenseday but the school called and said I couldn't go back until I was evaluated. So I was tooking to the Hospital to see if I really needed one. They gave me a blood test and I asked if they could take some more out for me to keep. They thought it was a joke. So they sent me home and now I'm home schooled. 2 more days later they wanted me to get a threat assesment because people made lies that I was threatening and hissing at people. How childish.

Later on the week the same voice came to my head again but this time had a conversation with me. He said his name was Cruentus Demonia and he wanted to help me. So he got me to make him a facebook page and and freak people out. I added the pictures he wanted me to and posted statuses he wanted to post. Sometimes he gave me urls to pictures that already existed like the smile from SCP-47 which was his profile picture. Later that day I deleted the account because things went too far. But still I kinda want to bring my Insanity back to Facebook again. The next day Cruentus Demonia commented on one of my status post. Then he disappeared again. He came back in my head, and all Cruentus said was "It's what she wants, what Cassidy wants."


I'm currently writing a script for a Cruentus Movie taking place after the events of this creepypasta. After I'm done with the script I will make a Kikctstarter page. The movie is going in an Anime style.

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Gothic Murder

Cruentus Demonia is going to be a playable character in Gothic Murder the GothicSlenderman Crossover fighting Game.

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