Foolish human.

You cannot comprehend what you have let yourself into.

By entering my domain, you have doomed yourself.

I sense your fear. For even if I can't see you, don't consider yourself safe.

Of course, YOU didn’t want to come here. Those ‘friends’ of yours thought it would be funny, funny to see you come running back to them, crying.

Little did they know that they would never see you again.

Your objective? To go through my forest, and locate my scraps of paper. I only want to decorate my forest with pictures. To add a more home-like feel to this place.

But no. Your kind seems to enjoy collecting them whenever they enter my forest.

Soon, though, joy you will feel no more. I will obtain my pages back when I ravish your carcass.

All eight of them.

Soon you will enter the world of darkness.

The world of death.

The world, of the Slender Man.