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The Backyardigans Creepypasta - "Playtime Is Over" (Part I) By The Shadow Reader

"Playtime is Over" (Part I)

The soft glow of the white floresent lightbulbs that hung across the ceiling provided a cool color form around the blank, empty, and grey concrete walls of the interigation room. Little to no sound was present with the sole exception of buzzing noise coming from the lightbulbs. The area itself was just as empty as ever, only a few chairs and a table where in the middle of the room. Despite being devoid of any kind of proper furnature of any sort, their was one small blue penguin, by the name of Pablo, who sat in one of the chairs with a blank expression on his face. His entire body was almost covered in bandages, bruises, and an eyepatch was covering one of his eyes. As he continued to sit quietly in his chair, the sound of the interigation room's door opening practically woke him up from his trance that he was in.

"Good morning Pablo." A well dressed police officer said as he entered the room with a female detective.

Pablo only nodded slightly before looking back down at the table.

"Did you sleep well last night?" The female detective, a bright orange fox with blue eyes and painted pink claws asked

"No..." Pablo muttered under his breath

"I see Pablo." The female detective grabbed a small pen and notebook out of her pocket and began jotting down notes.

"Well do you remember who I am?" The detective asked

 Pablo looked back up at the detective and then back at the cop, who had bright smiles on their faces, and tried to remember. However, he had only met her once so he had a rather hard time remembering her name.

"Ummm. I don't think so...I'm sorry." Pablo said as he lowered his head in shame

"It's okay Pablo, I understand that it takes a while to remember names. Plus with all thoes wounds on you, I don't think remembering names is too far up on your list." The detective answered

 "My name is Detective Maria Pablo, and over there is my partner Officer David. Now, before we start with the umm....the interview would you like to go somewhere more comfortable Pablo? We only needed you in here so that we could run a few more test and scans in the lab."

Pablo looked up at the detective smiling down at him and shuffled a bit into his seat. He certianly wasn't very comfortable being in a dark cold room, and the stiffness of the metal chair he was sitting on certianly didn't help matters.So he gave a small nod in approval before being escorted by the flipper to a much larger room down the hall of the police station. As they entered into the room, Pablo saw that it was certianly better than what he had expected it to be. The room itself was painted a bright blue and pink pattern across the walls, large pictures of various rides and cartoon characters where lined up in small rows (about three for each wall). Their where multiple toys scattered thoughout the room with a large toy chest practically overflowing of various toys and games for children of all ages, however one thing was for sure to Pablo, he was much to old for most of those things. In the middle of the room, there was a sofa surrounded by three rocking chairs and a large wooden table in the middle of it all. Needless to say, it was a very well made room, alot nicer than that blank, gray, and lifeless interigation room that he had been earlier. 

Detective Maria grabbed a hold of Pablo's flipper and led him to one of the rocking chairs and sat him down gently, as to not cause the already injured avian any more kind of pain than he already was. Once they where both settled down, the detective immediatly pulled out a recorder from her pants pocket and turned it on.

"May 24th, 2013. Time 2:20p.m Eastern Standered Time. Subject Interviewed: Pablo." The detective spoke into the microphone part of the recorder

Pablo looked at the recorder with a hint of confusion on his face. Detective Maria immediatly noticed this and said to the young blue penguin.

"Oh you don't have to worry Pablo, this is just for our interview that's all." 

"Oh okay, but..." Pablo began but stopped halfway through

"What is it sweetie?" Detective Maria asked concerned

" that going to help find the guy who...who.." Pablo's eyes began to tear up as he started to sniffle "Killed my freinds?"

"Yes Pablo." Detective Maria said with a warm smile "It will help us get the evidence for what we need to catch the person who hurt you and your friends. All I ask of you Pablo is to be honest with me and leave nothing out, okay?" 

Pablo sniffled once again, but was soon handed a box of tissues to wipe his eyes with and blow his beak. After doing that, he smiled and nodded a 'yes' before carefully lying back on the rocking chair.

"Good Pablo. Thank you for letting me do this by the way. Your very brave for doing this." Detective Martha said 

"Your welcome." Pablo said smiling back

"Okay, so Pablo. I want you to start from the beginning of when all of this happened." The detective said as she placed the recorder on the table and pulled out the same notepad and pen from her pants pocket.

Pablo took in a deep breath and then exhailed. And then he began to recolect his thoughts.

"Well, it started about a week back and me and my friends had just finished with the final day of school." 


The sound of the school bell ringing for the final time, rung throughout the halls of the elementery school like water on a beach. Normally this sound would just be yet another "time to go home" kind of deal, however, this time it sounded like mutliple Angels singing angelic hymns at the gates of heaven. Almost immediatly after the bell, every single child from kidergarden to eighth grade all let out a joyful "Yay!" countless peices of papers, pencils, erasers, and other school related items flew into the air like confettee. However in one classroom, Mrs.Park's room to be percise, the excitement for the now upcoming summer vacation could be heard over all of the other students in the whole school. 

"Now children, you all have a wonderful summer vacation! I'll hopefully see you all again in a few months." Mrs.Park said as she opened up the door for the students

Almost within an instant, the enitre crowd of children practically ran out of the room like a stampead of water buffallo.Well, almost the entire crowd. Once the dust cloud, that is the children, finally cleared. Mrs. Park noticed that only two of her students where still in the classroom; Pablo and Tyrone. They where both getting everything that the two of them needed and leaving everything else behind in a neat pile.

"Well Pablo, you ready to go?" Tyrone said as he zipped up his backpack

"Oh you bet I am!" Pablo responded back

"You still coming to our camping trip tommorow right?" Tyrone asked

"Of course I am Tyrone. I wouldn't miss it for the whole world!" Pablo said with a very high dose of wimzy

"Awesome! Alright, now that we're all packed up, let's get out of here." Tyrone said running towards the door

"I beat you too it!" Pablo said running after him

The two of them continued to run towards the door, however not before they thanked Mrs.Park for teaching them.

"Oh your quite welcome you two. You both have a great summer vacation." Mrs.Park said as she ruffled the fur/feathers on both of their heads.

With that all said and done, the two of them both walked out of the room and into the still crowded hallways. They both desperatly tried to get themselves through the crowd of screaming and laughing kids, however any attempts to try and get themselves even remotely close to the double doors failed myserably. 

"Ughh. How are we going to get through this crowd?!" Pablo said concerned

"Well. I guess we could try and...." 

"Hey guys wait up!"

Tyrone was immediatly interupted by a voice calling out to them. Neither Pablo nor Tyrone could see who had called out to them, but they definently reconized the voice.

"Guys, where are you?" Another voice called out

"Uniqua is that you?" Pablo called out through the sound of screaming kids and teatchers.

"Yeah it's me." Uniqua replied loudly "Hang on a moment."

Not very long after that, the crowd had finally died down to a point where everything had finally grown quiet. Both Pablo and Tyrone looked up from the spots they had been trapped in, and saw Austin and Uniqua walking over towards them.

"Hey guys." Austin said as he adjusted his backpack

"Hey Austin." both Tyrone and Pablo said in unison

"So, you guys ready for Summer Vacation!" Uniqua asked in a cheerful tone

"You bet we are!" Pablo said excitedly

"I see that you two tried to beat the crowd?" Austin said as he pointed over towards the now diminishing crowd of children getting on their respective buses. 

"Yeah, let me tell you. Never going to do that again." Tyrone said wiping some sweat off of his brow

Austin chuckled a bit.

"Well if there's one thing I know about this school. It's that you shouldn't try and beat the all. If you do, then you might get crushed to death." Austin said as he walked up to Pablo and picked him his feet.

"Thanks Austin." Pablo said

"No Problem." Austin replied back

 Once Tyrone was back up on his feet, all four of the Backyardigans started making their way towards the set of double doors to get onto the bus. However, Pablo stopped dead in his tracks and looked over at the other three and asked.

"Uhh. Guys, where's Tasha?" Pablo asked

"Yeah, good question. Where is she?" Tyrone asked

"Well last time I saw her, she was still in class getting everything in her back pack." Austin said scratching his chin

"Oh for goodness sake! Hang on you guys I'm coming!" Tasha called out as she ran down the hall at a breakneck speed

"Hey Tasha, glad to see that your not going to be missing the bus today." Uniqua said

"Yeah...I...oh my gosh" Tasha said trying to catch her breath.

"You okay Tasha?" Pablo asked

"Yeah..I'm good. Anyway, we're all still going to the camping trip tommorow right?" Tasha asked

"Of course we're still going." Pablo said as he and the others made their way onto the bus.

"Great, because I've already have my stuff ready for tommorow." Tasha said in a matter of fact way.

"Why am I not suprised?" Tyrone whispered to to Uniqua, who in turn started snickering.

"What's so funny?" Tasha asked in a slightly annoyed way

"Oh nothing." Tyrone and Uniqua said in unison before bursting out laughing 

(end of flashback)

"You seem to have a very close relationship with your friends Pablo." Detective Maria said with a small smile

"Oh you bet we were close." Pablo began "We've all been friends since we we were toddlers.In fact, our parents went to college together back in the eighties and we're best friends with each other. Heck, from what my mom told me, they even had their own soroity group together. I forgot what it was called though..." 

For the first time in a few days, a smile formed onto the young penguin's beak. Not a half smile, nor a forced one, but an actual genuine smile. Detective Maria herself felt a great sence of warmth when she saw Pablo smile, but she knew that she had continue with the interview. 

"So Pablo, how did you by any chance have any kind of feelings towards one of your friends?" 

Pablo blushed a bit, before beginning to start fiddling with his flippers.

"Well......" Pablo said, still blushing

"It's okay Pablo, you don't have to answer it if you don't want too. But you don't have to worry about any judgement or anything eaither." Detective Maria said 

"I do have, or rather did have, a crush on Austin at the time." Pablo said softly

"Did he know about your feelings towards him?" Maria asked 

"Yeah, he did. He actually felt the same way about me. He was just too shy to say anything about it." Pablo admitted

"I see, now Pablo, i'd like to ask you, could you tell me a bit more about your friends?" 

"Sure." Pablo said "Which one do you want me to talk about first?"

"How about we start with Austin then we can work down the line." Maria said

"Okay. Well, Austin for one is a very a shy kangaroo, especially when he first met all of us a few years back. Which I guess was understandable at the time since he was only four when we first met. Eventually he got more and more comfortable with us as the months went on, but I took some time to have him come out and play with us. In fact there was even a time where he didn't come out of his house for at least a couple of weeks because he was that shy. Of course, after about a year or so, he started hanging out with us alot more. He still had his shy moments, but they where very rare. Now, another to thing to know about him, is that he is very smart. In fact it wouldn't have suprised me if he was a genius. The first time we all met, we found out that Austin, despite being only four years old at the time, was already in first grade. While most of us, minus Tyrone and Tasha, we're still in kindergarden." 

"What grade was he in now?" Maria asked

"He was already in eighth grade! And he's only eight! By the end of summer he'd already be in high school."

"What else did he do?" Maria asked once more

"Not only was Austin very smart, but he was also very talented too! He even made a fully funcual robot that never breaks. It even talks to you like an actual person would. Despite all of his smarts though, he was a very humble person (which also goes hand to hand with his shyness). Never once did he ever brag or shove his grades in our faces. In fact, he actually wanted to help anyone (including us) with anything regarding school work. He even helped me get my math grade up to an A+, and I stink at math." 

The two of them giggled a bit

"I was never good at math eaither Pablo." Maria said still chuckling

" Now, despite all of that, he wasn't perfect. To put it bluntly, he had a lot of issues with himself. For one, he was a very depressed person. There where many days that he would be down in the dumps for some reason. He also pushed himself too far at times, almost to a point where he would loose sleep because of it. There are more, but I can't really remember what they were." 

"Okay, so tell me about your other friends." Maria asked kindly

"Well, Tasha was a bit of a brat and a snob for quite some time, thankfully she managed to get herself away from the bad habit." Pablo said

"How is that?" Maria asked

"Well, one day after we were all done playing, she started to complain about something that honestly I can't even remember. Well, to make a long story short, she made Austin cry and it was not pleasent to see at all. When Austin cries, it's honestly one of the hardest things to look at. He's not loud eaither, he just has this face that looked so....heartbroken. Let me tell you one thing, we told her off right then and there. She thankfully got the message and ever since then, she's been a better person." 

"Interesting Pablo, now are their any good qualities to your friend Tasha?" Maria asked

"She is really good at fashon, thats one thing. She also very blunt at times with the truth,and doesn't sugar coat it like most people. Sure it hurts sometimes, but it's tough love. Not only is she blunt, but she's actually very athletic as well. She can even lift an entire 100lb. wieight with just one hand. That's how good she is at it. She also knows how to deal with bullies as well. I once had a bully take all of my money from me, and once Tasha found out about it...whoo. She beat the crud out of that guy. 

"She seems like a very good friend to you Pablo." 

"She is. It took some time, but she's changed for the better." Pablo said 

"I'm glad she did Pablo." Maria said jotting down a few more notes on her paper

"Now Tyrone and Uniqua are by far the most mature out of all of us, no joke about that. While Austin is very smart, and Tasha is very protective, their both still kids (as are all of us). However Tyrone is the oldest out of all off us. He's actually thirteen years old shockingly enough. He's problaby the most cool headed person I know. He rarely gets angry, except if we're playing a role and he has to be angry, he's also very laidback and relaxed as well. Nothing really seems to bother him in any way. However, his laidbackness can be a bit of an issue at times. Especially if something is bothering us and we need someone to talk to. Now, don't get me wrong, he is very caring, but at the same time he takes a bit longer to react to some things. Uniqua, on the other hand, is not only very mature, but is also a great person to talk to when things go bad. She's very upbeat, happy most of the time, and honestly wants nothing more than for us to be cheery and bright all the time. Even when we get in fights, she's still finds a way to make everything better." 

"You have a very wonderful set of friends Pablo. I'm sure that your a very good friend as well to them."

Pablo giggled a bit, and then gave another smile. 

"Thanks. I really needed that." Pablo said happily

"Your welcome Pablo. Now...I need to ask you about what happened at the camping trip you and your friends went on." 

Detective Maria's voice took on a more serious, yet saddend, tone once more. Pablo's smile that had once illuminated his face with joy and happiness, now fell once again into a deep frown.

"Right..."Pablo began "Well, the next day after School had ended for the summer, me and my friends had everything packed and ready to go."


"Alright you guys, you ready to go!?" Pablo said practically hopping up and down on the floor of his house in excitement.

"I am." Tasha said holding up her red and yellow backpack

"Same here." Austin said filling his water bottle up with a sports drink powder and water.

"All set." Uniqua said putting on a pair of boots

"Just gotta pack my flashlight and then I'm ready." Tyrone said looking for a flashlight.

"Awesome!" Pablo said as he opened up the front door

"Quick question Pablo. How come our parents aren't coming with us?" Tyrone asked

"Well we're not going to be that far away from the houses, plus if we need them we can just call them on my cell phone." Pablo says as he holds up a cellphone in his flipper.

"When did you get that phone?" Tyrone asked

"About a month ago. Just didn't say anything because I honestly don't use it that much." Pablo responded back

Once the conversation had ended, all of the Backyardigans made their way across the street and into the forested area. About fifteen minutes into the hike, Pablo saw a large clearing surrounded by trees of mutliple kinds; oak trees for climbing on, birch trees, and even an apple tree of all things. Next to the trees was a small chrystal clear lake near it that reflected the beautifle sunlight of the afternoon.

"Hey guys, I think I found the spot." Pablo exclamed

The others looked towards the spot and their jaws dropped at the rather magnificent view of the camp site. 

"Wow Pablo, this is...incredieble." Tasha said as she placed her bag down onto the ground.

"I've gotta admit, it does look rather nice." Austin said as he walked towards the middle of the grassy space

"Well Pablo I have to admit, you did a very good job picking out a spot for the camping trip." Tyrone said

"I agree." Uniqua said

"So, who's gonna help me with the tent?" Pablo said pulling a large tent cover with mutliple black poles.

(End of Flashback)

"So Pablo, what did you all do during your camping trip?" Detective Maria asked

"The usual kind of stuff that people do during camping trips. Start a campfire, roast marshmellows, the usual things." Pablo said

"Pablo, may I ask, during that time you all where playing around in the forest, did any of you see anything that might have been suspicous or anything?" Maria asked with a hint of concern on her face

Pablo thought about it for moment, scratching the part of his head that hadn't been bandaged up, which wasn't much, but still. 

"Now that you mentioned it, I don't remember me or my friends seeing anything out of the ordinary. I think the most we may have seen or heard was a shadow or two. But nothing else after that." Pablo said 

"Well okay, that's good." The Detective said "But if your ready Pablo, could you talk about what happened that led you and your friends know."

Pablo took a deep breath, and began to shake as the thoughts of that horrible night that he went through his head. 

"Okay..." Pablo began " It started after we had all woken up."


The first few golden rays of the sunshine crept through the small opening of the zipper that wouldn't close. The rays of light landed itself onto Pablo's face as he groaned and started to awaken from slumber. 

"Uhhh....What time is it?" Pablo said as he looked at his watch on his writst

8:45 am the clock read.Pablo grunted once more and tried to sit himself up, but he found that almost impossible due to the fact that Austin was cuddled up next to him, still asleep. The young blue avian smiled and gave the purple kangaroo a small kiss on his nose. Austin, as a reaction to the kiss, slowly opened up his eyes and saw Pablo smiling down next to him.

"Goodmoring Pablo." Austin said 

"Goodmorning Sleeping Beauty." Pablo said 

The two embraced each other, as the others soon started to wake up themselves. 

"Well goodmorning you two." Uniqua said stretching her arms out

Tyrone and Tasha both got up as well, and once the "good mornings" where all settled with, everyone got themselves all cleaned up and ready for the day. Once everyone was ready, Tasha's stomach started growling.

"I can tell that your hungry arn't you?" Pablo said

"Yup, honestly I think we're all a bit hungry ourselves." Tasha said patting her tummy

"Well, normally I'd get out some granola bars for us to eat, but since the fire is still burning how about we have some smores for breakfast?" Pablo said

"That sounds awesome!" Tyrone said

"Honestly we could use the energy." Uniqua said 

"I'm fine with that." Austin said

"Alright great. I'll go get the marshmellows and chocolate." Pablo said walking down towards the back of the tent.

Upon getting behind the tent area, Pablo reached over to a small cooler where the marshmellows, chocolate, and gramcrackers where kept. Opening the cooler lid, Pablo went to grab the marshmellows first, however he noticed that the bag contiaining the white confectonaries was completly opened up.

"Huh, that's weird. I thought I closed it last night?" Pablo said to himself "Ah, I guess I might not have closed it all the way last night and the bag just unravled by itself."

Pablo then grabbed the bag with the marshmellows, the chocolate bars, and the gram crackers from the cooler and slid it shut with his foot. 

"Hey guys, I got the stuff. How's the fire looking?" Pablo yelled out

"It's doing fine Pablo, I just put some more wood onto the fire, so we should be fine." Tasha yelled back

"Okay, thanks." Pablo called back

After making his way towards the fire, Pablo set the items down onto the ground and had everyone hand him their sticks to cook the marshmellows with. One by one, Pablo placed each marshmellow onto the sticks and handed it to everyone to enjoy. Once the marshmellows where finished, everyone crafted their breakfast smores together and chowed down. However, as everyone was eating, Tasha's face had a look of confusion on it.

"What's wrong Tasha? You need another marshmellow?" Pablo asked

"'s not that. For some reason this marshmellow taste funny." Tasha said as she looked down at the chocolately mess that was her half eaten smore.

"" Austin asked

"Well, for one it taste a bit stale, and two it has this really overpowering powdery taste." Tasha said

"Now that you mentioned it Tasha, my marshmellow does taste a bit powedery." Tyrone said

"So is mine." Austin said

"Mine too." Uniqua responded

"How about you Pablo?" Uniqua asked

" does taste odd." Pablo said

"I wonder why these marshmellows taste so weird?" Austin asked

"Well I guess that might be from the marshmellows being opened all night long...which is my fault by the way..sorry." Pablo said sheepishly

"Oh, well that's fine then. What's a little powder on a marshmellow anyway?" Tasha said as she devoured the rest of smore.

The other agreed and then proceeded to finish off their marshmellows one by one. By that time, the entire bag had already been devoured. 

"Oh man I'm stuffed!" Tasha said

"Yeah, that was best breakfast I'd ever eaten!" Austin said patting his tummy

"Yeah, it was g.." Uniqua said, however her comment was inturrupted by her falling to the ground unconcious.

"Oh my gosh Uniqua are you alrig.." Austin himself also was inturrupted by him falling unconcious onto the ground.

Soon everyone else was dropping like files. Pablo himself being the final one to sucumb to unconciousness.

(End of Flashback)

"That was the last thing that I remembered before I passed out." Pablo said as he fiddled with his propeller hat

"Your doing very well Pablo. Now a few questions. Do you belelive that the marshmellows had been tampered with something." Maria asked

"Most likely, although I don't know what it was..." Pablo said 

"It most likely was a seditive of some sort, ground up into a fine powder and put into your bag of marshmellows." Maria said

"Oh." Pablo responded

"You said that you and your friends ate the whole contents of the bag am I correct?" Maria asked

"Yes mam, their really wern't that many left. Perhaps about ten in total." Pablo said

"Alrighty, it's a good thing you didn't eat too many of them. Otherwise you would have overdosed on sleeping pills." Maria said as a matter of factly

"After what happened to me and my friends...I wish that happend.." Pablo said with a deep frown on his face.

Maria frowned. She knew that this was eating Pablo up, but she knew that she had to press on.

"I know that this is going to be hard for you to talk about Pablo, but I need you to tell me everything that happened in the cabin when you and your friends were in there." Maria said 

Pablo nodded his head, and then started.

"When I finally woke up, I couldn't see anything."


 Pitch blackness. That was the only thing that Pablo could see, however his hearing certially hadn't been muffled, as he heard the sounds of groaning and small wimpers coming from all around him. He couldn't tell where he was, but he did know that he was sitting down on a chair of some sort. He tried to remove the object that was blocking his vision, however he quickly found out that both of his flippers had been tied down by leather straps. After finding this out, Pablo began to panic along with all of the others, he tried to speak as well, however a ball gag was tied directly around his mouth to prevent him from calling out. Panic slowly began to take over the young penguin as he began to thrash about in the chair. However, this lasted for but a minute before the sound of door opening and closing caused everyone in the room to fall silent.

"Up already?" A deep gurgled voice called out.

"Huh, I thought you all would've still been asleep by the time I got back, but I guess not. All well, just gives me more time to have some fun." the mysterious voice said

Pablo could here the man making his way towards him, judging by the sound of heavy boots hitting the floor. As the man got closer towards Pablo, the man let out a wet burp that (had not the bag been over his face) would've made the blue avian gag in responce. Within an instant, the black bag that had covered the penguin's face was removed with a swift motion. Now, the cabin itself wasn't really that bright (in fact it was very dim) but even still. It took Pablo a bit for his eyes to adjust to the sudden light. However, once it had finally cleared, he was met with a horrifying face that nearly made him wet himself. There in front of him was the man. He looked to be about six and half feet tall, he was a very obease man, although not to the point of extream obesity, he was wearing a pair of black heavy combat boots, he was dressed in a stained white collared shirt and black leather looking pants, his hands (or hooves) where covered with black gloves for meat preporation. However, the worst of it all, was the mans face. Pablo couldn't tell what kind of species the man in front of him was. He certianly wasn't a moose or a kangaroo, due to the lack of fur on him. His facal features where also heavely deformed, or in this case mutilated to some extent. His lips were chaptted and cracking with dried blood caked around it, his gums where black and swollen with small pockets of pus and blood popping every time the man moved his jaw. His teeth, although few, with most seemingly of his teeth rotten to the nerve, where grotescly crooked and sharp. His eyes where dull and empty, with no form of color to speak of, and even the way his eyes where positioned on his face was defenently not normal. The rest of his face looked almost like a rotting corpse. Even if Pablo could scream, he knew for a fact that it would only spell out trouble if he did. 

After some time, the man walked away from Pablo with a rotted toothy grin on his face. This gave Pablo some time to examine the area more easily. The place that they where in looked like an old delapitated cabin, not too big , but at the same time not too small eaither. The entire place smelled of death, with a heavy stentch of blood in the mix of it all. The living room and kitchen where connected together. The living room area had the usual furnature and such (although covered in mold, rotting away, or even torn to shreds). The kitchen however was absolutely filthy. The sink was filled to the brim with dishes covered in rotten food, with stagnit water flowing out of the sink and landing onto the floor with small plops. The floor of the kitchen was covered in various stains of all sorts, so much to the point that it was hard to even tell what they even where. Two small lightbulbs that hung in the kitchen area illuminated a small part of the kitchen area, but not a whole lot. It was still rather dark in the cabin. 

"I see it's too dark in here, let me go and turn on the rest of the lights. The deformed pig-like madman walked back into a door that apperently he had walked out of earlier. Within a few seconds, the entire room was illuminated with a bright light, which nearly blinded Pablo at such brightness, but like before his eyes adjusted to the light, and what he saw made his eyes widen with fear. 

All of his friends where all on various devices. Tasha was near another door in the kitchen (most likely a bathroom) tied down on a table like a medival toruture device, the rack for example. Austin was in between both doors in the kitchen, his hands where tied together from the ceiling, and he was suspended at least a few feet into the air by his arms, plus he was blindfolded as well. Tyrone was sitting across from him in a chair that was similar to the one he was sitting in, although instead of straps, there was barbed wire wrapped tightly around his wrist and arm, he seemed to be loosing a lot of blood as his face was practically pale as snow and Uniqua was tied down to the wall by the useage of various straps and wires wrapped around her hands and feet. Pablo tried to yell out for help, but of course with the ball gag in his beak, nothing would come out. Everyone's faces, with the exception of Tyrone that is, looked scared and at the same time confused. The pig man walked through the door once more carring a tool box in one hand and large hunting knife in the other. 

"W...wha..what are you doing with thoes tools..?" Tasha asked, her eyes widening as the man opened up the tool box with a few clicks.

"Fun stuff." The man said in a sick perverted way

Tasha, in a fit of anger and rage, yelled out at the man.

"You better let us go right now! I swear if you touch me or my friends I'll beat the living tar out of you! You hear me! My dad is a cop, and he'll have your but arrested and thrown in jail in an instant!" 

While she continuing to yell out various calls and insults to him, the man's expression changed from sadistic glee to a hateful rage in almost an instand. The man shook and spasmed as his face contorted to one of pure hatred and wrath. The others, Pablo and Uniqua, noticed this as well and practically begged Tasha to shut her mouth, but she ignored them and continued on yelling, this time her tone getting more and more vulgur.

"I swear to god if you don't let us go you fucking perverted freak, I'll personally bash my face into your." 

Tasha's ranting was soon inturupted with the man turning to the yellow hippo, eyes red and angry. 


Almost in an instant, the man lundged at Tasha and grabbed her lower jaw with both of his greasy gloved hands and began yanking it. Tasha screamed as the man yanked harder and harder on the younger child's jaw. Pain coursed througout her body as the man yanked hard on her jaw, causing it to be completly unhinged from her skull, only connected by flesh. Tasha continued to scream in agony and pain as the others looked on in sheer terror. Finally, the man (with one heavy yank) tore the skin muscle clean off of the hinges of her jaw and tore the jaw from her head. Tasha was now in hysterics as she attempted to scream, blood pouring out of her now missing jaw like a fountian. The screaming soon was reduced to gurggling as the blood went into her throat. Within minutes of violent shaking, coughing, and girggling. Her whole body went still, her eyes rolling in the back of her head. She had drowned in her own blood.  The man just smirked, and clasped then dislocated jaw bone tightly in his now bloodied hand.

"Glad that bitch was taken care of, I always hated her." The man scowled

Everyone, at this point, had gone silent. Not a single word was said. Pablo was in complete and utter shock at what had just happend in front of him. Tears wealed up in his eyes as he stared intently at the jaw in the fat fuck's hand. 

"This isn't happening..." Pablo thought to himself

"Now....where were we?" The fat pig said, his perverted smirk returning to his now blood soaked face

The pig man turned his attention towards Uniqua, who in turn began to cower and cry at the wreached site of his blood soaked face. The man gave a rotted toothy smile at the pink ladybug before him, before turning towards his tool box and pulling out a large spray bottle filled with a green liquid.

"You know..Uniqua. Never did really get what you actually are? I always thought you where a alien of some sort, but now you look more like a bug." 

The man's smile dropped to a frown as he held up the spray bottle towards Uniqua's face.

"And I hate bugs."

With that said, the pig began spraying the liquid onto Uniqua's face, she screamed a high pitch scream as parts of her face began to melt like cheese in a microwave. The man continued to spray her untill her face was nothing more than chunks of melted flesh and exposed skull. Despite all of that trauma she was going through, she was still breathing. The pig noticed this, and tossed the bloody jaw up into the air and caught it with one catch. Then, he took the jaw and jammed it deep into her left eye socket which penetrated her brain causing instant death.

The pig looked at his handywork, and laughed a sick manical laugh. Pablo, at this point, was trying desperatly to get the gag off of his beak so that he try and cry out for help. It was working, however, not as fast as he wanted it to go out. The pig man, who now already stopped laughing at this point, then walked over to the now unmoving moose Tyrone. The pig man looked closely at Tyrone, and then scoffed at bit.

"Damn it! I knew I had thoes wires tied to tightly. Fuck.." The pig swore

"Well he's fucking dead." The pig said kicking the chair with Tyrone towards the side "Although I still have some use for him."

The pig then walked back over towards the tool box that he had brought out and pulled out a small bone saw. He then went over to where Tyrone's body was at, and began sawing off Tyrone's horns one by one. The sound of metal against bone made Pablo wanna throw up. To try and get his attention away from the carnage happening in front of him, he looked over at Austin. He didn't look any better than he did, the only difference was the amount of pain that the poor kangaroo must have been going through having to be hung up in a position like that. He was honestly suprised that Austin hadn't started screaming in pain yet. Then again, his arms at this point must have been numb as all hell. The only good thing that Austin had, compaired to him, was the fact that he couldn't see anything. He didn't see all the terrible carnage and violence that had transpired only a short while back. While thinking these things, Pablo was immediatly snapped back into reality by a wet squishy sound fallowed by a small thump. He knew for an absolute fact that he didn't want to see what it was that made that thump, however his body wasn't listening to his mind. His head slowly turned itself towards the source of the thump, only to be met with the hornless, skinned, and severed  head of his once best friend Tyrone. Pablo fought the urge to vomit, because he knew that if he puked now he'd most likely drown in his own vomit. So he just closed his eyes and quietly wept for his now dead friend, but at least his death wasn't full of pain and mysery like the other two had been. 

The pig looked down at the now two bloody antlers in his hands, and made his way over towards his tool box and got out tube of extra strength glue and a small wooden mount. He then started putting glue on the meaty chucks of flesh that still hung from the antlers base. With as much precission as possible, he placed the glue covered antlers on the mount, one by one.Once compleated, he walked over towards his door and hung the mantle on the middle of it with a nail and thread.

"Now doesn't that look nice." The fat pig said joyfully as he laughed a hearty, yet foul, laugh.

Pablo lowered his head as far as it could be lowered and attempted to try and pry the ball gag away from his beak, he was partially successful in loseing it a little, but it still needed a bit more force to break the clasp behind it. 

After his laugh, the fat pig took in a deep breath and pulled out a hunting knife from his back pocket and started walking slowly towards Austin. Pablo noticed this immediatly and started to panic. In a desperate attempt to try and get rid of the gag in his beak, Pablo began closing his beak, which in turn made the gag slip and after some time, the clasp snapped off, and the gag fell to the floor with a soft thud. Quickly twisting his head around, Pablo saw that the pig was ready to jab the knife deep into Austin's neck. 

"No!" Pablo screamed

The pig stopped dead in his tracks, as he slowly lowered the blade down to his side. He slowly turned to the now sobbing penguin with a rather confused yet agitated look on his face. He placed the knife down onto the table that had the freshly killed Tasha still on it.

"Why should I?" The pig said glaring at the penguin

Pablo only continued to sob as he tried to spit out some kind of words to try and prevent the death of his best friend/mate. However, despite his attempts, the only thing that would come out was garbled sobs and the occassional hiccup. The pig looked at the penguin and then back at the purple kangaroo, who was also sobbing through his blindfold. This agitated him more than anything, so he marched over to Pablo and punched him straight in his eye. Pablo only whimpered as he slowly lifted his head up to reveal his right eye had been quickly swollen shut with a trickle of blood mixed with tears pouring down his face.

"You better stop your fucking crying right now, and answer my damn question." The pig said gritting his rotten teeth in rage " Why should I spare him?"

" him.." that was the only thing Pablo could say before bursting into tears once again.

The fat monstrocity of a pig looked down at Pablo with a slightly suprised look on his face for a split second. Then he erupted with a deep and sadistic laugh that rang througout the entire cabin area.

"So that's why you don't want me to kill him? Because he's your little boyfriend?" The pig said spitting into Pablo's face

"I always knew your where a little sissy boy, a fucking faggot!" The pig spat once more

Pablo only shook harder and cried faster at the tone of voice the monster of an animal was using, but at the same time praying that this fat fuck would actually spare his best friend. The pig cocked his head a bit at Pablo, and then slowly smirked

"Okay. I'll let your little boyfriend live." the pigman said

"Thank you, thank you..please just..." Pablo was cut off with another punch in the face

"I didn't finish you fucking faggot!" The pig sneered "I'll let him live, but you have to do something for me."

Pablo looked up at the pig, who now had a large toothy grin plastered on his face.

"W..w..what." Pablo said shaking in fear

" I've been in this cabin for almost five years now, and like everyone else in the world I need a release, you see. I've been hungry for some fun for quite some time, and..." 

The pig began rubbing his fingers into Pablo's feathers on his belly.

"Your gonna help me with that."

Pablo didn't need to be told twice on what that sick bastard wanted to do to him, but before he could say anything, the pig wrapped the ball gag back into Pablo's beak. Then he got up and walked over towards Austin, and with the knife that he had previously, he cut the blindfold off of Austin's eyes. Austin blinked rapidly, not being used to the bright light, before his eyes adjusted and went wide at the carnage and gore that was around him. The pig smirked and walked back up to Pablo.

"Now here's how it's gonna go out. Your just gonna be quite and do exactly as I say, no questions asked. If you be a good boy, I'll never hurt your little freind over there I swear it. Got it." 

Pablo nodded, as tears and blood poured out of his bad eye while regular tears flowed down the other. The pig man than shot a glare at Austin, and said firmly.

"You are going to watch this all the way through. And if you so much as close your eyes for even a minute, I swear I'll slit his throught and have you skull fuck him. Got it!" 

Austin nodded as well. 

"Good, now let's begin."

(Flashback ends)

"He started to kiss me first and rub his hands all over me." Pablo stopped himself, he felt like he was going to vomit.

"Pablo sweetie, do you need me to get you trash can?" Maria asked concered

"Please." Pablo said, barely able to contain himself

Maria then ran over to where the water cooler was and grabbed the trash can sitting next to it, and quickly ran to Pablo and placed it into his flippers. He started to puke small amounts at first, but gradually it became more and more. He sobbed and screamed as the thoughts of what the pig did to him kept flashing into his head at a rapid pace. By the end of it all, Pablo was reduced to a sobbing, broken mess. There was no way in hell he was going to want to talk about anything else more, at least for now.

"Pablo do you want to take a break. We can if you want." Maria said trying to comfort the small penguin.

"" Pablo whimpered.

"Okay sweetie, I'll go get your mommy okay." Maria said.

She quickly grabbed the recorder and hit stop before saving the file and turning the thing off and placing it into her pocket. Once that was done, she exited the room and saw Pablo's mother (a tall woman with long blond hair, cherry red eyes, and a blue yellow and red locket around her neck) standing next to the door, her face was wet with tears and in her flipper was a propeller cap.

"Mrs.P. My name is Maria." the Detective said as she slowly closed the door to the room

"Hello there Detective, oh and call me Elesabeth." The tall penguin said with a sad smile

"It's a pleasure to meet you Elesabeth." Detective Maria said as she grasped the female penguin's fipper and shook it

"May I go see my baby please?" Elezabeth asked with  concern in her voice

"Go right on ahead Elezabeth, he's in room I just left from." Detective Maria said pointing towards the door.

"Thank you Detective..Before I go in, can I ask you a few things." Elezabeth said 

"Of course." Maria said

"First, I want to let you know that i'm very grateful for you all are doing here, so thank you very much for this." Elezebeth said coaking back tears

"Your quite welcome Elezebeth, but you really don't need to thank us. We're just doing our jobs." Maira said 

"Have you managed to find out who did this to my son yet?" Elezebeth asked

"As of right now, no. We're still running test and DNA from the rape kit."

The very word 'rape kid' made Elezebeth's blood run cold as fresh tears started running down her face. Her face soon contorted from a look of pure sorrow, to a look of pure hate and rage. She gritted her non-existent teeth and said in a dark tone of voice.

"When you do find that son of a bitch that raped, tortured, and cut up my son and his friends. You bring him to me and I'll make sure of it to castrate him myself with the dullest, flattest knife in my drawer."

"Elezebeth, you know that we can't do that, althought personally I'd love to see that done on the sick fuck. But as of right now, you need to be with your son. He needs you more than anything right now." Maria said

Elezebeth's facal expressions quickly softend as the mention of her son. 

"Your right detective, he's in that room correct?" Elezebeth asked pointing her flipper towards the door that she was next to.

"Yes he is." Maria said

"Thank you." And with that Pablo's mother entered into the room with her sobbing son and held him close like a newborn baby, crying and comforting her son in every way possible.

Once the door was closed, the Detective started making her way towards the forezic's lab area to check up to see if there where any results from the rape kit. Just as she was about to enter into the lab, a large grey wolf in a suit and tie opened up the door to his office and called out

"Detective Maria, I need you in my office. We need to discuss a few things about the case."

"Yes Captian Ezekele." Maira said walking towards the office door.

 Upon entrance into the office, Captian Ezekele quickly closed the door and motioned for Detective Maria to sit down in one of the chairs next to his desk, which she did with no hesitation. The Captian then sat down in his small rocking chair that served at the main desk chair.

"So Detective Maria...How did it go?" Ezekele asked

"Short answer, good. Long answer..not too well." Maria said

"How is that?" The Captian asked

"We had to take a break once I he started mentioning the...uh..rape part." 

Captian Ezekele's face cringed slightly at what he had just heard, although for him he wasn't suprised at all that it happend. If anything, he was more suprised of the fact that the young penguin didn't break down at the first five minutes.

"Well..I guess a break is nessisary. He would've asked for a break at one point or another. But still...I can't imagin the pain that poor kid must be going through right now. He not only lost his freinds, but now has to live with the fact that he can never reproduce ever again too..gosh this guy's a sick fuck."

Maria's eyes widened a bit with suprise and a bit of shock.

"Wait, what do you mean he can never reproduce?" 

"It's exactly what I just said Detective. The fucking bastard tore the kid's genitals to shreads when he was penetrated. He's not like us mammals Maria, he's a bird..His genitles are very different compaired to me and you. What the doctors told me was that because of the tearing in the cloaca, he won't be able know.."do it". And don't get me started on the recal tearing...oh my fucking.." 

Ezekle placed a paw on his forehead and groaned.

"I'll never understand why the hell people like that do the things that they do to kids... I'll never know."

The room was silent for a good five minutes, before the captian raised his head up and began to talk.

"Okay..just to let you know the forenzic team is doing their best to analyise the seamen sample from Pablo's....body. So, your going to have to wait for a while before the test results come in." 

"I understand cheif. Is there anything else you need me to do for the time being?" 

"Yeah. I need you to go and interview Pablo once he cools down, go and also get him a drink too. He's problably thirsty." Ezekle said 

"Yes Captian." Maria responded back

"Oh and one more thing." Exekle reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He shifted through the bills and pulled out a cool 1000 dollars in cash.

"Buy the kid anything he wants from the toy store or where ever. If it goes over 1000 dollars, I'll make sure to pay you back whatever is spent. I know this won't get rid of this kid's trauma, but damnit I want him to at least have something to help him take his mind off things for a bit. Whatever he wants, you use that money to pay for it, do you understand me?" Ezekle said firmly

"Yes Captian." Maria responded back, taking the money out of her boss's paw

"Good. Your dismissed now." Exekle said

Maria saluted her boss, and walked out of the office area and back down the hall where the room where Pablo was at. Once she got there, she went over towards a soda machine and bought a lemon lime soda for the young penguin. She then walked over towards the door, and knocked on it gently while opening the door.

"Excuse me, I hope i'm not inturupting anything." Maria said 

"It's okay Maria, Pablo's feeling  much better now." Elezebeth said holding her son's flipper in her flipper

"That's good. Now, Pablo are you ready to finish the interview or do you want to wait a bit longer?"

"I..I'm ready." Pablo said nervously

"You sure honey, we can go home if you want?" Elezabeth said

"No mom..I need to finish it." Pablo said assured

"Okay honey, if you need me I'll be outside of the room, just yell if you need me." 

"Sure thing mom." Pablo said giving his mother a hug

WIth that, Pablo's mother left the room, leaving both Pablo and Detective Maria alone once again. Maria looked over at Pablo with a smile on her face as she took out the same voice recorder from earlier, switched it on, and spoke in it.

"May 24th, 2013. Time 5:41p.m Eastern Standered Time. Subject Interviewed: Pablo (Part 2)"

After that, she placed the recorder back down on the table in front of them.

"Okay Pablo, let's get back at where we where last. However, to make it easier for you, I'm not going to ask you to give me any details about what he did to you. I do need to at least ask you a few questions, then after that we can get back to where we where okay sweetie?"

Pablo nodded his head yes once again, and took in deep breath to try and calm himself down.

"Alright Pablo, did the man continue to touch you, and where did he touch you?" Maria questioned

"He...he..he touched me everywhere. My tummy, my mouth, my...private parts." Pablo said shaking

"Where specifically on your private parts?" Maria asked

Pablo lowered his fipper to his frontal crotch area and pointed there and then to his rear end. Maria nodded, and picked up the voice recorder and spoke into it.

"Let it be know that the victim in question is pointing towards his cloca and rectum respectively."

"After he...touched me, he put his toung in my beak and put his fingers in my..cloca, then in my bottom as well. It hurt, but it was nothing compaired to what he did next..." 

Pablo's eyes started to water as flashbacks from the pig taking his clothes off and placing a knife on his tummy.

"He then put his..thing into my body and used the knife to cut me in places and lick up my blood with his tongue....It hurt alot... Austin's face, when I wasn't closing my eyes in pain, was....was...horrified..He couldn't stop looking. This went on for almost an hour, untill he squirted out some white me.." 

"Thank you Pablo, now I wish to ask now. How did you escape?" 

Pablo looked up at Maria, tears pouring down his face. He took one more deep breath and said.

"Once he was done, he got back dressed."


"Well Pablo, you kept your promise. You didn't scream or anything.Now, you have to promise me that you won't tell a soul about what happened. EVER" The foul pig man smirked as he looked at the now broken and bloodied penguin before him.

Pablo nodded a yes before lowering his head back to chair. He then turned to Austin, who's eyes where now puffy and red from crying, and even his pants where soaked from the urine that had released during the assault of his best friend.

"Now as for you." the fat pig said turning towards Austin "Your coming with me to my room."

Pablo's eyes widened as he made frantic noises from the ball gag in his mouth. This caught the pig's attention as he looked back over at Pablo with the same smirk glued on his face.

"Now don't you worry Pablo, I promised you that I wouldn't kill him. However, I didn't promise you that he wouldn't be of use to me. Now you just sit there and be a good boy." 

The pig stormed over to Austin, who now was screaming.

"No, no no no no!"

However they fell on deaf ears, as the man unlatched the chain that was holding Austin up from the ceiling, and held the part that connected his hands together. Austin was kicking and screaming as the man burst open his bedroom door, which was pitch black, and walked in with Austin screaming all the way through. The screaming was cut short by the sound of the bedroom door slamming shut and locking itself from the inside. 


Not a single sound could be heard...

Pablo wept in his chair for what felt like an eternity. He inwardly blamed himself for all of this mess, and for the death of his friends. They didn't have to go camping that weekend, in fact there had been other plans that they had already thought of; like going to the movies, the arcade, having sleepovers every week for the summer, and just playing in their backyard going on adventures. But of course, he had to suggest going camping, even when his friends where against it at first, he still convinced them to come along. Now here they where, three of his five friends where dead, Austin was most likely going to be the pig's play thing, and worst of all...he was now responsible for a psychopath kidnapping him and his friends. Had he just not suggested eating smores that morning, had he thrown them out when he saw the opened bag, or better yet had he not even thought about camping none of this would've happend to any of them. They'd be happy, healthy, they'd grow up together, him and Austin would've started dating and maybe even get married all of that was down the drain...all because of a stupid suggestion. Pablo continued to weep as he felt every one of his desire to live slip away from him bit by bit. However, a little voice in his head (his concious) told him otherwise. It told him to keep on fighting, to not give up, and to escape now and tell his mom and the police what happened to him and his friends and who was responsible. Pablo looked down at the restraints on his flippers, and noticed that one of them had snapped in half. Slowly, ever so slowly, he slipped his flipper out of the now runied restraint. He was almost freed. Without hestiation, he quickly unbuckled the other restrain and hopped off the chair, only to fall to the ground with thud. He could barely walk after having been sodomized not too long back. The pain coming from the lower half of his body was intense, he nearly screamed, but covered his beak with his flipper. If he screamed now, he'd be fucked for sure... He quickly got up, ignoring the pain from his body, and walked over towards the front door and opened it. This guy was certianly an idiot that was for sure. He breathed in the cool night air and then ran...

He ran

and ran

and ran as fast as he could. He didn't dare look back, or even slow down for moment. He just ran. After almost an hour from running, Pablo fell to the ground with a thud and passed out...

(Flashback ends)

"That was the last thing I remebered before waking up in the hospital...I honestly had to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't dead, or dreaming, and thankfully I wasn't.. And now...well. I'm here." Pablo soon stopped talking and wiped his eyes with a tissue.

"Thank you Pablo, I think we have enough of the interview recorded for me and the other officers to help track down that man. You where a very big help Pablo, and most importantly you where brave and strong for coming forward and telling us everything." Maria said smiling

"Your welcome Detective Maria." Pablo said with a weak smile

"And one more thing Pablo." Maria said with soft , yet stirn voice.

"Yes Detective." Pablo said

"Never ever, blame yourself for what happened back there. It isn't your fault that happend to you or your friends. You didn't know. If anyone's to blame is that evil pig who hurt you and your friends. He's to blame not you. Okay sweetie?" Maria said

"Yes mam'm." Pablo said with a small smile

Just as the Maria had finished saving the file to the recorder, she heard Pablo's stomach growl.

"I can tell that your quite hungry?" Maria said

"Yeah..I didn't really want to eat much today, but now that the interview is done. I could eat." Pabo said tapping his tummy

"How about I take you and your mommy out to dinner. You can have whatever you want on the menu, and even have dessert too." Maria said cheerfully

"Really!" Pablo said 

"You bet, and to make it even better. How about after dinner we go to the toy store and get you some new toys!" Maria said

"That sounds awesome! Thank you Maria!" Pablo said happily, he would've ran up and hugged her, however he was still pretty sore. 

"Come on Pablo, let's go and get some food." Maria said grabbing her coat and Pablo's flipper.

"Okay!" Pablo cried out with joy

With that said and done, Pablo and the Detective (as well as Pablo's mother Elizebeth) all went out and had a grand feast at a very popular buffet restaurant in town. Once they where done with that, everyone went to a very large toy store not too far away from the restaurant they where eating at. Now, despite all of the money that Maria had on her, Pablo only decided to get one thing..A stuffed purple kangaroo. Nothing else, just that. He wouldn't even look at anything else, but just the stuffed toy. Once the purchase was made, Maria drove both Pablo and his mother Elezebeth back to their home. By the time they had came home, Pablo was already asleep, his body cuddled against the large stuffed kangaroo. Pablo's mother carried her sleeping son into the house, but before she did she made sure to thank Maria for the wonderful night.

"Thank you again for this, you really didn't have to do this." 

"It's not a problem." Maria said

"I can pay you back if you want, you spent quite a bit at dinner." Elezebeth said

Maria smiled, and simply refused the offer.

'It's fine, if anything you should thank my boss. He's the one that told me to treat Pablo to a great night. But I really enjoyed bringing a smile onto the little cutie's face." Maria said rubbing Pablo's feathers gently 

"Again, thank you so much."

"No problem. If anything seems off at any point in time, you call me right away." Maria said

"Sure thing. Well, have a good night Detective Maria." Pablo's mother said quietly

"Goodnight Elezebeth. You and Pablo sleep well." 

And with that, the detective made her way back to her car and drove off back to her home for a good night's rest.

(Phone starts ringing)

"Ugh..Hello?" Maria asked as she rolled onto the side of the bed to get to her phone on the nightstand next to her, the callar id showed to be Pablo's mother form earlier that day. 


The sudden screaming coming from the phone was enought to wake up the tired detective instantly.

"Elezebeth, what's wrong?" Maria asked concerned


The rest of the call was nothing else more than heavy sobbing, before being immediatly hung up. Quickly she called the squad room from the police department, as she got herself up from her bed with her gun and badge in hand.

"What is Detective Maria?" her chief answerd

"I've got a 201A at 1253 Backyard St. I need backup immediatly.!" Maria yelled on her phone, before quickly hanging it up and getting into her car.

She spead down the road a fast speed, nearly hitting a few cars in the process. Within a few minutes, she was at the home of Pablo. Getting out her car, she ran up towards the door and knocked on it with a vigorus force. Elezebeth quickly opened the door and pointed up towards the upstairs hallway.

"S..second do..door on the ri..right." Elezebeth said through her tears

Maria quickly ran up towards Pablo's room and busted down the door. The entire room was empty and bare. The window completly wide open. And on the small blue bed was a crumpled up peice of paper. Picking it up and unravaling it, Maria's heart sank to the bottom of her toes. On the note where three words: Playtime is Over.

Written by: Creepyuser777 (a.k.a The Shadow Reader)