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william was the father of the afton family and most known as the purple guy that got controled by a glitch called glitch trap,(edit by notmars:William was never controlled,glichtrap is an entity that appears in the vr game,being a escape for William Afton from hell,so Glichtrap doesen't control William)

he killed 6 kids Charlie/Charlotte, Jeremy,Gabriel,Fritz,Cassidy, Susie(The Missing Children)

William has a wife called Mrs.Afton (canon)

and 3 children (canon)

and a dog called Rusty and two kittens named Pebbles and Mittens (canon)

some people says the older child is Terrence afton,(but that's not canon).

as I said Michael Afton(known as the walking corpse from FNAF 5:Sister Location) might be the same person as Terence but he is the second child if Terence is his older brother

the middle child,Elizabeth Afton(posses circus baby/scrap baby)that didn’t listen to her father and got near circuse baby and got killed

the last child,C.C,Crying Child(people say his name is Christopher Afton,who knows)the child that gets bullied by his big brother (Michael Afton) had nightmares and no One believed him and got killed in the bite of “85”when his brother and his friends(most known as the 4fnaf bullies)”the little man wants to give fredbear a big kiss!” that what his brother said before fredbears jaw closes,and crashes his head, and in the next freddy’s location, he came back as Shadow Freddy(NOT CANON we think he came back as Funtime Freddy because of the BLUEPRINTS). And what made William Afton murder the 6 children? It was the bite of 1987,( it is briefly mentioned by the Phone Guy in the first game.) he thought it would made his son happy, but he was wrong.

C.C(Crying Child) inside F.F (Funtime Freddy)

ok so i can tell you Terrence afton is Michael's twin brother (No. Terrence is not a seprate charecter. Micheal aftons old name was terrence but he changed it beacuse he thought Terrence was his murder name.) got abused and causing his own death(Not true the canon story is that Micheal got abused as a child and was the least favorite child so that made him bully his brother,also from the books Elizabeth is known for being abused too by William Afton) Chris's nightmares are actully Michael's friends(not canon ;-;) but Terrence did not go away turns out he posses nightmare foxy Willam's brother Vincent died in 1981 causing him to posses glitch trap(not canon) he is locked in a VR game a girl named Vanny(Vanessa) idk why but picked the VR set off of a dead man and put it on it took her to glitch trap her and glitch trap made a deal the deal was if you kill 100 kids in 1 day then i will let you live forever and let you stay with me but time passed Michael is a night guard at circus babys pizza world he died by the scooper and a... well lets say a burn spaghetti(ENNARD wich is a mix of all the animatronics,DON'T ship Micheal and Ennard,Circus Baby and Spingtrap,C.C and the nightmares) . fun fact that in 1887 the bite really happend crazy right im right all the fact about it in a note book.

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