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s-The Ages Of Mostly Everyone-

Elizabeth Afton (Canon Age) Confirmed By Scott Cawthon- 5 years old ( She was in kindergarten)

C.C Afton ( His Age is possibly...)- 7-11 Probably

Older Brother: 14-16

Michael Afton: Older Brother 60+

Mrs Afton ( Age Not Known but here is the range that is possible.) - 40+ 9 (No one knows if she passed away or not since Scott confirmed she does not possess any animatronic or existed.)

William Afton Age Start Range- He was 50 years old when he was in sisters location.

William Afton Age End Range 70+

he killed 6 kids Charlie / Charlotte, Jeremy, Gabriel, Fritz, Cassidy, Susie(The Missing Children) Although it is confirmed by Scott that he has killed over 80 more people but we do not know the names of the other people.

William has a wife called Mrs. Afton (canon)

and 3 beautiful children (canon)

But he felt sorry for the Missing Children for killing them and taking them away from their family he tried to free their soul but the missing children took it as an opportunity and......... killed............ Him.......... and....... locked him up for 30 years. and Henry emily his BEst FRiEnd or ''Brother'' put the fire in the room to set their soul free but make them suffer not to set ''free''.

C.C, or Crying Child (people say his name is Christopher Afton, Evan Afton, if MikeVictim is confirmed but who knows) is the child that gets bullied by his big brother (Which is Michael Afton). He had nightmares about it, but no one believed him, and he got killed in "The Bite of '83" when his brother Michael and his friends (who is most known as the 4 FNAF bullies) puts the child's head in between Fredbear's jaws as a joke. However Fredbear's springlocks set off because chris was crying alot which ended in crushing his frontal lobe.

As mentioned earlier, William Afton murdered 6 kids, but what was it really that made William Afton murder the 6 children? Well it was confirmed he killed even before the bite of '83, Since the Funtime Animatronics were made at around the same time Fredbear & Spring Bonnie was made.

C.C later had nightmares about the FNAF animatronics while in the hospital recovering from the bite of '83, while Elizabeth got close to circus baby animatronic that her dad made and two Afton kids die one possessing Circus Baby (later one with Ennard (when she kills Michael and fuses with the other funtimes before ejected from Ennard) and Scrap Baby (after being ejected and rebuilding herself)) and the other possibly becoming a soul in golden Freddy ( the other soul is Cassidy) (he is also thought that he possesses Funtime Freddy)leaves Michael to go back on his father's steps and mend the atrocities

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