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PURPLE GUY om g we goonna die AA monkaS [gone wrong] purple girl is woman BOOBA [gone sexual] doesn't has isn't dick

PURPLE GUY om g we goonna die AA monkaS [gone wrong] purple girl is woman BOOBA [gone sexual] doesn't has isn't dick

That is all i know and learned about them(T-T)

!! AN EDIT FROM: notmars(yeah this is haru from another account), know that most of the () edited by me are canon/explaining if it's true,I tried resolving most of wrong words,If I said something wrong by any chance please edit,THANK YOU !!

william was the father of the afton family and most known as the purple guy that got controled by a glitch called glitch trap,(edit by notmars:William was never controlled,glichtrap is an entity that appears in the vr game,being a escape for William Afton from hell,so Glichtrap doesen't control William)

he killed 6 kids Charlie/Charlotte, Jeremy,Gabriel,Fritz,Cassidy, Susie(The Missing Children)

William has a wife called Mrs.Afton (canon)

and 3 beautiful children (canon)

and a dog named Rusty and two kittens named Pebbles and Mittens (canon)

C.C, or Crying Child (people say his name is Christopher Afton, who knows) is the child that gets bullied by his big brother (Michael Afton). He had nightmares about it, but no one believed him, and he got killed in "The Bite of '83" when his brother Michael and his friends (who is most known as the 4 FNAF bullies) puts the child's head in between Fredbear's jaws as a joke. However, Fredbear's jaw closes, crushing his head.

As mentioned earlier, William Afton murdered 6 kids, but what was it really that made William Afton murder the 6 children? It was the bite of '83.

C.C(Crying Child) inside F.F (Funtime Freddy)

C.C later had nightmares about the FNAF animatronics while in the hospital recovering from the bite of '83, while Elizabeth got close to circus baby a Animatronic that her dad made and two Afton kids die one possessing circus baby and the other becoming a soul in golden Freddy ( the other soul is Cassidy)(actually C.C posesses funtime freddy-picture) that leaves Michael to go back on his father's steps and mend the atrocities

(please tell me if there is any thing wrong or any thing els idk about or didn’t write)thank you for reading. (Edited by Afton fanballoraclara12, BabyBooPlayz/keithtoons, alissa_afton, notmars(haru), and AftonExpert100

and the sad part about this is it might be true, william killed these kids for no reason i understand his pain. I have most likely had williams syptoms idk if i did but these "visions" of a shadow staring with blood and 6 dead kids at the end of his feet, i started to feel glitchy (btw this is all true) and it kept flashing "murderer" so.. idk what this means if anyone can help me out i would like it.