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Welcome Team HORGLE!!! Disclaimer: We're dead! Extra Disclaimer: NEW STORY!!!


The Restart of Haunted Gaming and Creepypastas!


CONGRATULATIONS to The Mario Diaries 2: Lost Page for being nominated Creepypasta of the month, Creepypasta of the Year, getting the Seal of Badassness, being read by Mutahar (even though he died four years ago), having Woodman's approval, and generally breathing life into the dying creepypasta community! You can read this groundbreaking story here, and we are so glad to have it on our humble website. NICE GOING!!!

Potential BIG NEWS on the way! A Wikileaks page (since taken down) hinted at the possibility of our lord and saviour Mutahar (SomeOrdinargyGamers) being cast in several roles in the upcoming reboot of Eddie Murphy's wildly successful 2007 film Norbit! More news as the story develops...

Please see the video "About the Creepypastas..." video for the explanation on why the Haunted Gaming videos have been privatized on Youtube.

If you are looking for Mutahar's old videos, they have been moved to an alternate archive channel which can be viewed here.

Welcome Team, or random person who stumbled upon this page while venturing through the vast jungle that is the internet. This was the official Wiki of SomeOrdinaryGamers! This wiki was specifically created for the express purpose of posting your creepypastas for Mutahar to review. However, he ended up doing too many deep web videos, and now this is all that remains. We are a dead community. Please help. I keep hoping if I cry out long enough someone will respond. It hasn't happened yet, but I will hold out hope. Save me.


We are proud of our 12 users, 77,499 pages, and 157,336 edits!

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On 21 November 2015 Mutahar's SomeOrdinaryGamers channel posted its 1,000th video! What a milestone! Here's looking forward to the next thousand!



~Mutahar is fucking dead. Invest in BitCoin to save him.

~Some days I like to lie in the snow, cross my arms, and wait for it to take me. Kind of like how Mutahar took his community for granted. Thanks Muta, I have depression thanks to you!

~Ever wanted to have your own Wiki Chat Emoticon? Well, no.

~Need some inspiration? Don't we all.


Nightmares & Dreamscapes

A page dedicated to sharing some of the most realistic scary stories to ever grace humanity.

Sleep well, Children...

Everybody Talks (in their sleep!)

A page dedicated to chat and the spreading of kickass, "Everyone Talks". A personal addition, by Auron. Hope you guys enjoy!


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