I don't quite remember the city my ancestors came from.  Me?  I came from a Shelter built to withstand Nuclear weapons.

Our Shelter was contacted by a group, one day.  We opened the entrance for them, and they began checking everyone to see if they were fit for military service, or had the knowledge to become a Scientist.  I was fit for Military service, while my girlfriend was to become a scientist.

While I was in Basic training, me and my girlfriend wrote letters back and forth.  While Basic training was harsh, we held on, and when the Training was over, me and her held tightly while the President was designing our next course of action.  The Officer told me that we can't meet like this all the time, so we said our goodbyes and departed.

Prior to the finale

Me and my squad under our Commanding officer left for one of the Shelters to capture someone who had something we needed.  We came just in time to stun the person, and we transported them to our main base. 

I was patrolling a corridor within the Base when suddenly a message came from the President to allow the person safe entry.  Soon after, our Commanding Officer said that they must be shot on sight.  I was confused by the conflicting orders, but, when I heard Gunshots, I ran to the labs.

When I arrived, it appeared that I was too late.  My girlfriend was laid onto the ground, or, what used to be my Girlfriend.  Her head was spilled across the ground and her body was ripped open, with some innards missing.  It was a god damned Bloody mess!

I was too late to save her, but my Commanding Officer allowed me a way to repay this stranger for her death.  He told me that, if I came with him to the Purification Plant, I could take from this Stranger what they held precious.  We immediately left for the Plant.


Despite being inside the Plant, I could still hear the screams of my Company being blasted away by the Opposing Side's "Robot." I already knew the stranger would arrive.  It was only a matter of time until the stranger killed me, allowing me to reunite with her...

When the Stranger arrived with their bitch, after a short talk with our Commanding Officer, the Stranger melted the CO with their Energy Weapon.  Me and my partner fired at them.  After a while, my partner died, and they were closing in on me.  Saying my last words, I dropped my weapon and they vaporized me, and right before I lost consciousness, I saw my girlfriend, holding her hand out to me...

-Unnamed Enclave Soldier

Author's notes

I apologize for any spelling errors found.  And, as my first Creepy Pasta with "gore," I want to know how it turned out.