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During My times of boredom My discord group sent a link into a game called "Cleansing Simulator", I didn't think of it as a big deal but as a Dry cleaning game. But as I joined I am met with a dozen players in restraints and in a train container, with a tag with a race and name on top and The chat was filled with profanity and racial slurs, when the door opened there was a man with a nazi outfit demanding us to follow him, one of them refused and he was shot on the spot and they were spitting on his dead body. They lead us to a wall where we stood shoulder by shoulder. The ones who did not follow was shot on the spot but the ones who followed orders go to the mines. but when you disobey when you go the mines you will be brought into the Gas chamber.

But I was the unlucky ones that died on the spot. After the raid the game was removed but the group was still out there, before the game was removed I took screenshots of the soldiers who worked there and looked at their profiles, and I found the source of it all everything was in match the people I screenshotted where the same and the name was very a lined with the groups origin. The Group was called "German Community." and the bio is "The Best and friendly Community in the Roblox!" Pretty misrepresenting. so I learned how they get away from making their games.

So they first make a alt account then add friend it with their group mates but the alt is never added to the group to arouse suspicion. Then they Meet up then they get random victims then they torture them, by getting shot multiple times, Bio weapon gas, or Work till death.

RobloxScreenShot20210217 113555234.png

Testing The Chat Bypass "I'm Sorry"

It's pretty dark I know but this story sadly true like other unbelievable things, And I have the proof to show you.

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For more Details about what I do and about this group Please ask at my discord

Discord: GojGoiOi#0078