I used to love old movies.

Black and white.But i started to watch more modern movies.I started to watch them more then the old ones.

I loved the disney movies from the 1990's they were always short.I loved my old town.But i had to leave it...Damnit why do i always have to look through old movies..I was moving away And my friend was over to say goodbye. when i saw an old fashion horror movie.My mom watched it and 2 days later she died of a heart attack..I miss mom and i wondered why she was so scared of old fashioned movies.She was scared of the old fashioned mickey for some reason.She was kinda weird.And i had to see what was so scary about this specific movie.I was never really scared of horror movies.Except for that one...Uh...I forget the name..

So i put it the VCR and pressed play.

I was suprised by this old fashionned movie...It acually had colour..This was weird already cause it was a pretty old movie.I sat back but paused it to get some Pepsi and some regular chips.I liked flavoured chips but this was old fashioned.And besides it was the only chips me and my dad had.So i sat back for a while and paused it again...While i was in the washroo my friend found a camera and started recording.

He looked away from the screen and the camera pointed at the screen.He yelled "Hey! Buddy! Im gonna eat all the chips if you dont get back here!"While he was saying that...The....The camera caught something that if i saw i would shriek and have a heart attack..

An old fashionned mickey mouse that was like all white and black like where he was black it was white and white was black...Well you know what i mean...He had blood spurts on his chest and blood smeared through his head.He was smiling..The....It ....Mickey flashed off the screen and back on..and off again..

My friend looked back at the screen and grabbed the chips and accualy mowed them down...Damn those are some good chips..He pressed play as i came back.We saw the ironic monster of the movie..But it looked...Cartoony and scared.. A woman screamed and pointed away from the monster.

I was confused..

It showed the disney intro..

I started feeling weird...But i shut off the tv and started packing my things.

The camera was still recording so i picked it up and watched what it recorded..

I grabbed the VCR and pulled out the tape.I threw it in the garabage.

Some kids took the tape...I just hope they like..Disney...

Btw my birthday is two days from now (On the tenth)And this was my first creepypasta Hope you enjoyed it! Bye :D