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We've all been there: new to the site and not sure who to turn to. How can we fix this? We created a whole new and original program to solve this problem and to make this site more enjoyable for everyone. We made the New User Advisor program!

What is a New User Advisor?

A New User Advisor (NUA) is an SOG Wiki exclusive program. They are users that are specially picked to greet and welcome new users to the site, giving them someone to talk to when they need help. These users send their own personalized greeting to the new users, which can be very simple or list out everything the new user needs to know.  

This will form a personal connection rather than the new user having to rely on an automated message for help. These users can also be used as a resource for reviewing new user's Creepypastas and even helping users through the writing process as a sort of crash course. In other words, this group of people are very helpful and friendly, so don't be hesitant to ask them for help and/or advice. 

Who are the New User Advisors?

Sshakenbakee (Founder of the New User Advisor program, kik: tcampbell021)



Link is a Master

Blade Guardna Of Legends






NOTE: Registered NUA's may edit the page if they see something that should be changed. A small ban will be given out if anyone other than them or a user of high status (Admin, Mod, Bureaucrat) edit this page. Thanks for your cooperation!

How do I become a New User Advisor?

To become a New User Advisor, you must:

-Be friendly towards other users

-Have a minimum of 175 edits

-Know the rules of the site

-Send a "resumé" of why you're qualified to be a NUA to Sshakenbakee or Mr.Xenomorph

  • Note:  You do not have to be a mod or admin to qualify