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Everything is blurry. I'm at my computer. It's October 8th. I have Chrome open, and it's on the SomeOrdinaryGamers wiki. I look at recent wiki activities, and see a blog post. Simply reading "Mutahar is dead." At first, I had thought it was a troll post. But this was one of the site admins who had made the page. It couldn't be a troll post. This is what it read.

"It's true. As sad as it is, our beloved Mutahar has passed. A close friend of his had alerted me after he found him in his house. His computer was on, and it was on his desktop. There was a program running that wasn't on his computer before, but he said he didn't investigate it. The reason being was Mutahar. He was facedown on the floor, and didn't seem to be breathing. After taking him to the hospital, the doctors had told him that he died of a heart attack. After leaving the hospital, he said he went back to his house to investigate his computer, since he was laying down next to it. He said when he got back, the battery had died. When he turned it back on with the charger plugged in, he couldn't find any icons that looked like the one he had seen before. After about 30 minutes of digging through the computer, he gave up. He quickly went home and told the admins, including me, what had happened. He made me create this post to tell you guys. I thought it was a joke, but Mutahar wasn't responding to any of my skype messages, and there was no other activity to confirm that it was a joke. I waited a day. Out of all the time I was on, Mutahar never went online, and there was nothing on his feeds. At the end of the day, I checked everything of his one last time, and decided that it wasn't a joke. So I'm sorry. To all of you who love Mutahar and his videos. The hard truth is, Mutahar is dead."

I read it over about 3 times, and it took about 5 minutes for it to sink into my head. My vision had gotten blurrier. I tried to wipe my eyes, but nothing happened. I blinked hard.

And was at my desktop. My vision wasn't blurry. Everything was normal. I went to the SOG wiki, and saw that the post wasn't there on the wiki activity. I spent about 10 minutes scrolling down the page, looking for it, but to no avail. It wasn't there. I then looked at the time. It was October 6th. I don't know if I had a vision into the future or not, but as I write this; Mutahar, if you are reading this, and I hope to God that you are. Please. Listen to me. Whatever you do.

Do not play that fucking game.