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Muthahrarrarar Anus, former indian tech scammer, now deadbeat commentary youtuber. Helped me scam a bunch of people into giving me AnotherTerrible ContentCreator (another tech support trash nigerian)

70 robux so I can feed my family of 10 war donkeys the hay they deserve. Ma boi grew up in Slovenia India in a rich family of 2 and thats all he needed. He started off with creepycoppypasta readings and damn did this guy make some good pasta not gonna lie. This man makin sum good kraft mac n cheez. This the shit Gordan would wank off to honestly like I can see his perfect race blushing all the way from the maple infested land I live in, where I suffer in, where a lot of the good in my life has been taken away and now i am kinda miserable not gonna lie. But thanks to Muta, CuckmeCuckson, binge watching the backyardigans, and chronically masturbating I have made my life more bearable. Muta should read this and he will see that the entire tech support gang is behind him to stop the bubonic plague that is the whate poeople #GamersRiseUp #FuckWhitePeople #TurukTurukGamerTime

#MutardAnal #MuturdAnus


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