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Really, I don't know how it happened, while I didn't want this to happen to me, I didn't even wait for this traumatizing moment... to this day there are no answers for me to describe what happened that night, I really do not know. But still, I kept this story in my mind for many people, only a few friends of mine had access to this whole story. Really, it makes me confused. Now, I will tell you everything that happened to me that certain day and other events afterwards...


I had just left a funeral of a relative of a friend of mine from college, me and 3 of my friends who attended the funeral decided to have dinner in Paris city center (Before you ask me, yes, I live in France) to cheer us up a little, as my friend was very depressed about the recent death of his loved one. As soon as we finished eating our pizza, I said goodbye to my friends and went to the region where my house was by train, as I lived a little far from the city center... maybe I was the only person who studied at the college who lived in this region of Paris.

My home was a five-minute walk from the local train station, which made it so much easier for me. As soon as I arrived at the gate, I noticed that in front of the main door of my house, there was a small package lying there. It was something very simple and recent, it felt like someone had delivered it earlier that day. But I was surprised, because the postman appeared in my neighborhood every 3 weeks and the last time he appeared there was almost a week ago. I even asked some neighbors if they saw someone or the post office delivering some package in front of my house, but I didn't get any answer... because they also thought nothing much had happened, since my post office was normal. city ​​appeared for a few days.

Seeing that this was all a dead end for my answers, I decided to go to my house to see what it was. As soon as I entered the house and fed my cat some food, I opened the package and saw that there was a DVD inside. It was a DVD that didn't have a label or something... it was those common DVDs that you normally store or delete files or videos whenever you want and that can be easily purchased. I didn't understand much at that very moment, who had left that DVD in my house so suddenly? Why does this seem so important? I went to analyze that DVD a little more and saw that something was written with a green pen on the top of the DVD, the ink was very smudged, making me not recognize anything. I had to get my cell phone to light up on that blur, I realized there was something written in that place, and it was written:

"Kanbaru's Madness"

At first, I didn't quite understand what this could say, I thought at first that it might be a game in development and someone accidentally dropped it in front of my house... but the hypothesis was discarded as soon as I put that DVD in my computer. . In the DVD file I saw only 5 things: 3 folders named "Test", "Run" and "Script", a photo and a video. In the first two folders "Test" and "Run" showed absolutely nothing, practically no files to show. In the "Script" folder, there was only a notepad with the name "Henry", which showed only something written like "WHY YOU ARE SO LOST?" in the notes.

Seeing that I had found absolutely no shit in the first three files, I went to the photo archive, which showed a photo of a train wrecked along with some police officers investigating what had happened. Now that I saw that this was too weird, I wanted to ask myself what the context of it all was, but I decided to continue. So, I got to the part of the .mp4 file, the video. The video had the same name in which he had seen it scrawled on the DVD, in this case, "Kanbaru Madness". But, when I put the video to play on my PC player, it ended up giving an error. I was already very angry because that didn't work? I tried it twice more but to no avail.

So I took the DVD out of my PC and put it in my DVD player to be able to play the video file on my TV, at first I thought it couldn't work... but I saw that I was wrong, it FINALLY started playing a video. Next, I was surprised to see that this was an episode of the anime Bakemonogatari. I mean, it clearly managed to surprise me, how did a DVD of this anime end up at my house like that? I remember that all my friends who liked anime in my college, only two considered Bakemonogatari as their favorite anime. I thought it was a surprise they made me, but that didn't matter to me. I even thought about calling them to let them know about what I had found in front of my house, but I gave up right away.

I liked Monogatari a lot, especially the first season of the anime, which was Bakemonogatari, but at the same time I don't consider it one of my favorite animes. There were some better ones, but you'll see why that was released a short time ago at the time of the event. So, they had just released the new season, in this case, Nisemonogatari. But because of my college and of course my worst possible job at a local pizzeria, I ended up not seeing many new animes or new seasons in 2012, including Nisemonogatari. As I was already a week on summer vacation from my college and at the same time, from my job, I had already started to see several animes that had been released at that time, but I hadn't started the new season of Monogatari, including by several events that took place that day.

Well, in advance, as soon as the opening "Staple Stable" ended, the screen went black for almost a minute. Although I was surprised that the screen was black for all this time, because normally, the screen used to jump directly to the episode after the opening ended. I may have worried needlessly, but that wasn't common at all. Anyway, the sounds seemed to be small hisses during that one minute of dark screen, I couldn't understand what it was, but I think it must have been some error on the DVD or something.

As soon as the black screen ended, it all started at Araragi's residence. There was absolutely no one around, the camera focused on a room with virtually no characters in sight. No sound was played at that point in the scene, it was like the screen was locked or something. I even went to check it out, but oddly enough, it was working despite everything. I was surprised by the fact that it didn't introduce me anything else, I swore I didn't understand what it was for. The screen stayed like this for about 2 and a half minutes, until finally the episode starts...

The scene then cuts to Hanekawa, who appeared to be walking on what appeared to be a dark street at night, she appeared to be walking calmly during that moment. But, I saw something wrong with her: she looked very scared, like she didn't want to be walking down that street, it was like she was being forced to do that by force. Her face was terrified, as if she was seeing something that had scared her on that street. She continued walking for a few seconds until she stopped, at which point, the screen moves away from Hanekawa, while gradually darkening.

She hadn't understood anything at the time, including the context of that scene. There were some small murmurs from Hanekawa at that moment when the screen went dark, as was to be expected... I didn't understand anything at all, they were quite unrecognizable words. I believe those murmurs were not in Japanese, perhaps in another language. Somehow, after almost a minute, the murmurs stopped and no more sounds were played.

After almost 10 seconds of black screen, those words that blinked in Japanese, which are quite normal in anime and appeared more often, appeared for 3 seconds. Then shows a dialogue between Araragi and Hachikuji, nothing was out of the ordinary at that time. That classical piano music that always played in the background appeared as expected, they were both talking about a possible meeting with Shinobu a little later that day. The dialogue followed pretty much normal for an episode of Monogatari, which was pretty much normal. But what bothered me in a way was that little by little... the conversation started to take a much darker and more disturbing turn, I don't know why, but it bothered me a lot with what they were talking about right at the end of the scene .

After a dialogue about the possible death of an unidentified character, in which I couldn't understand who had died in the anime because the dubbing audio had too many flaws, Hachikuji stares at Araragi for a few seconds. Then when she stops staring at him, she says something like, "You could have stopped it, couldn't you?" As the audio was very muffled in that scene, I didn't understand exactly what Hachikuji meant and what she meant about Araragi not having "prevented" something from happening, but I just know they were talking about the death of some character who I couldn't identify it due to a few small sections that weren't clearly muffled.

Another point that bothered me was the animation, which seemed to have been done in a hurry, not that it had been done in Paint or some computer program, but yes... it was the original animation, but it seemed very late. The quality of the episode was horrible compared to the other episodes of Monogatari, literally almost everything in the episode looked very blurry and unrecognizable. As for the dubbing, some dialogues didn't fit the characters, I swore it wasn't done in some dubbing studio, because it was very amateur, it looked like something badly edited done on a computer audio recorder. Both things didn't seem to make sense in my mind, I felt that it might be a good idea to keep watching the episode, I don't know why, but I felt some curiosity run through my mind.

Meanwhile, the scene cuts to Araragi and Hachikuji walking down a street in the middle of town, the setting suggests being a sunny day. This time, the two seemed calmer and much less agitated compared to that previous scene, it was as if nothing was happening. They talked about what they saw in the street ahead and apologized for some things that didn't seem to have any context, everything seemed disjointed in this episode, including some events that never happened in Monogatari were mentioned by the two characters. After a minute and a half of walking, they arrive at Araragi's residence. After entering, the screen cuts to black, then showing that typical random flash that shows some message in Japanese in the anime.

The scene then shows Hachikuji sitting on a chair, she seems to be alone in the middle of a dark background, there is no background music being played at this time. What intrigued me most was the fact that she was looking terrified and depressed, which meant she was upset or very sad. You can't tell where she was, as there was only a dim light illuminating the place and the floor was all gray. Hachikuji says something as she looks at the ground, but no sound is heard. This all went on for almost a minute, until the screen started to flash randomly between yellow and red.

From here, things started to take a more bizarre and too grotesque turn.

At that midpoint, as soon as the screen was blinking, the sounds returned. But, all I heard was just a hiss, it was like the screen was in static, but it was very low. I thought I turned the volume on the TV too high, but I saw that everything was fine. You couldn't tell what was happening, all this went on for almost half a minute, until an image appeared on the screen: It was a picture of a wrecked train, it was overturned and turned right, over what looked like an intersection between a highway and a train track, there was a wrecked car two meters from the train and some police investigating it all. As the photo was shown, the hissing sound stopped. At this point, I was already a little confused, how was this all shown for no apparent reason? Something in my mind wanted me to keep seeing it, with no other choices, I decided this was right.

After nearly 20 seconds of that photo being shown, a distorted scream mixed with a hissing noise was heard, just as the screen changed to a photo of Hachikuji screaming in despair. The scene's zoom was totally focused on Hachikuji's face, for some reason, I couldn't see what else was in that scene, looking something like censorship or some cut from another episode. I jumped in fright at the sound a little loud from that scene, I confess that I didn't expect this. Hachikuji's face showed more dread than before, the impression it gave was that the more I looked at her, the more scared she was. I already wanted to understand if this was a normal episode of Monogatari or not, I was starting to get really uncomfortable with it.

After about 20 more seconds of showing that, the screen switched to a dialogue between Shinobu and Araragi. Shinobu looked very angry with Araragi and they argued non-stop, they seemed to be very angry that Hachikuji might disappear and they kept blaming each other. I don't know why, but I found the situation of the fight between the two a little funny, I felt a sense of mischief go through me as I gave my TV screen an apprehensive look along with a sadistic smile. All of that stopped when Araragi's home phone suddenly rings, just as he hung up, a morbid look from Araragi surfaced. He kept looking at Shinobu for no reason, while she wondered why he was this way. After about 10 seconds, Araragi knelt down in front of Shinobu and started to cry, he babbled things he didn't even understand. Shinobu didn't express any reaction until then, it was like she was deeply angry with him or something.

Something really wasn't right, I've seen a lot of characters in this anime crying or screaming in a ridiculous way for the voice actor to pretend to be crying. This time it was very different. Araragi seemed to cry and scream at the same time in no other way I'd known before. His screams and cries weren't like the voice actor was pretending he was doing it, but it was like he was desperate and helpless. The way he screamed and cried kind of scared me. What really upset me was that he was screaming and crying at a louder volume than I thought the TV speakers were. They were too low, but I quickly declined a little. And again, I had a weird feeling about it and a little bit of fear, but I tried to get rid of it. So, my mood was short...

While all of this was going on, after zooming in on Araragi's crying face, the scene cuts to Shinobu. But this time, she was laughing, like she was finding it very funny. What bothered me was her laugh, it was very different… something wasn't right about it. Her laugh was more sadistic and insane than before. It was as if he was looking into the soul beyond Araragi himself. Her morbid face was filled with disbelief, anger, depression, anger and outright hatred. I've never seen such a powerful emotion in an anime character, let alone many at the same time.

This disturbing scene continued for almost a minute, until the screen cut to an image and the sounds suddenly stopped. This image showed Shinobu with the same expression, but this time, she seemed to be looking at the viewer. Something was written in one corner of that image, which said: “I fooled that idiot Araragi”, which I found funny, but more frightening because of the situation I found myself in. I don't know why, but after I paid more attention to that image, it gave me an eerie feeling. The screen went black after 1 minute showing that image.

So far, I was feeling pretty scared, I was surprised enough to see how far that episode has gone. During a long black screen, I went into the kitchen and got a glass of water so I could calm down. It actually worked, but not for long...

As soon as I got back, the screen changed to another scene. The scene goes back to Araragi's residence, there was nothing left. Everything looked like it was burned and there was ash everywhere, many windows looked like they had been broken, looking like there was a fire. I looked at the place where Araragi and Shinobu were and I didn't find anything, I tried to keep an eye out to see if there was any character, but nothing at all, absolutely nothing. However, I saw a painting on the wall that I couldn't remember if it was already in Araragi's residence. I saw what appeared to be an image of Rainy Devil, it was portraying him in a dark shadow, which appeared to be staring at someone who didn't appear in that painting. For those who don't know, Rainy Devil is a demonic rarity that grants three subconscious wishes of its user in exchange for its soul. This entity is sometimes associated with the character Suruga Kanbaru.

Then came a scene from episode 8 of Bakemonogatari, which shows a dialogue between Araragi and Meme Oshino. But this time, after closing the door, instead of appearing a fight between Araragi and Rainy Devil, the scene cut to a black screen. I didn't understand, why the hell did that scene suddenly change like that? Is this some kind of censorship or failure of the DVD itself? These questions stayed in my mind for some 10 seconds until I realized the fate of that scene. The screen cut to Araragi, the camera was totally focused on his face, but he was in a miserable situation: He was screaming at impressive volumes, not like in the dialogue scene with Shinobu, he looked like he was being tortured by someone and he was begging for to stop. It was like they were recording the voice of someone being really tortured, it wasn't any kind of acting, it needed to be much more than a voice actor to do something like that. And again, the volume got way too loud than it should have been, so much so that I got scared and covered my ears as Araragi's screams got worse.

After almost 30 seconds, Araragi vomited blood from his mouth, it wasn't anime blood or anything like that... it was very real blood, it looked like it was done in CGI or Photoshop. As soon as Araragi vomited, the screams stopped and the screen went dark. I was really wondering what the fuck I was seeing, it's not possible for something like that in an anime like Monogatari, I know the anime reaches a point of violence in some scenes in the franchise... but not to the point of this. This was an aberration, it seemed a lot more than I imagined... something... scary and bizarre at the same time.

I tried to get up from the couch to get this crap DVD player out of my player, but some sick curiosity came to my mind to keep watching. So, I kept seeing that... after almost 5 seconds of a black screen, a scene of Araragi appeared, or rather, what was left of him. He was completely deformed, a portion of his face was disfigured, his hands and feet were ripped from his body. But what intrigued me a lot, was that that kind of scene shouldn't have been done in any anime studio like Shaft, but yes, you had to be really professional to do that, it was something scary.

Suddenly, just as the screen went dark, a message appeared saying "This curse will never end..." and Rainy Devil's background music played. I remember this song was kind of macabre, but it caught me so unexpectedly and by surprise that I got up from my couch. I forgot it was so high, the biggest shiver of all time turned into a spasm of panic and fear. I was so scared I couldn't move or respond, but I watched for five consecutive seconds as soon as that was shown. I was feeling weird, I had never felt this feeling in my entire life.

Of course, luckily for me, the screen went dark and the background music stopped. Anyway, I was partially relieved, but I didn't expect what I saw next... the screen cut to Shinobu, she expressed a look of dread on her face, who was looking at Araragi's residence. She mumbled some things I rarely understood, but in a slightly low, whimpering voice, it sounded like she was about to cry. After a few minutes, when Shinobu walked out of Araragi's area of ​​residence, the screen went dark as if nothing had happened.

And again, the same thing happened, except the message said "There will be no forgiveness...". The spine-chilling Rainy Devil's tense background music played through my TV speakers again. Like?! I don't know, this time I had the speakers down almost all the way. The only thing that could have made it quieter would be if I hushed up and turned off the TV or pulled out that DVD.

The screen cuts to Shinobu, but something was very wrong. She was hanged, a noose was over her neck plus some bruises all over her body. I was getting scared enough seeing all of that already, why the hell would this episode show me something like this? But from my peripheral vision, I saw Kanbaru's face to Shinobu's right, it looked like his mouth was open in a very devilish way and besides, he was looking at the viewer. The background music was getting more and more distorted as soon as that was shown, I mean you only notice that the music was getting distorted 10 seconds after it started.

That gave me another strange feeling of discomfort, once again, my fear turned to despair of what could be coming from seeing that episode. Trust me, you would have to be there to see it or you could be scared that something might happen to you after it happened, it's one of the worst possible sensations I've had in my entire life. I was thinking about who could have done this? Why would they do this? It's not like they can see my reaction to take any pleasure out of it. So why do this? But what the hell was this looking at?

After that image was shown, a scene appeared where Hachikuji and Hanekawa were screaming and running from something non-stop. They looked so desperate and screaming all the time, I was already expecting the worst to happen. Then, when the figure managed to reach both of them, the screen went dark once more. Right after that, while the screen was still dark, I heard Hachikuji and Hanekawa's screams for almost 5 seconds. But this time, the screams were at a medium volume, not the same as the other times, so much so that my TV volume was more or less like this. As I said, I already expected the worst of this scene, but I didn't think it wouldn't scare me so much compared to last time.

The screen shifted to the piled bodies of Hachikuji and Hanekawa's corpses, the camera angle just showed that, there was nothing else but that. They were in the same way that Araragi's corpse was shown: Completely deformed and almost unrecognizable. I could no longer stand to see those scenes, that strange feeling that came to my mind only got worse with each passing minute of the episode, there were even moments when I almost vomited seeing all this.

Now came the worst and scariest moment of my entire life. No other moment haunts me like this one until today. In all honesty, maybe I will never get over this traumatizing moment.

When the scene changed, it wasn't Rainy Devil's background music playing, it was a distorted violin song being played on my TV, I've never heard that song at some point from Monogatari. There it was too, a message. There was Kanbaru's face visible at the bottom of the message, which seemed to have an even scarier smile and appeared to have a devilish expression. When I read the message, I got more and more scared and feeling the chills non-stop, it was like I was about to pass out at that moment.


After that, that terrifying image of Kanbaru disappeared from the scene and the word "Final fate" blinked for almost a minute. Once all that was over, another scene had just started... the screen cuts to Senjougahara, she was walking on a dark place with a gray floor, I couldn't recognize where she was, but those are the only descriptions about the that I may have seen from that location. She said things I didn't understand, but at a low volume.

I noticed something strange about her: The more she walked, slowly, her face wore an increasingly sad and dreadful look. It got to the point where, two minutes after this scene started, Senjougahara sits on the floor, hugs herself on her knees and starts crying very softly. What bothered me a little was that she always had a serious look on her face originally, but not this time, she seemed more upset about the whole situation. Suddenly, I saw something approaching in the upper right corner behind Senjougahara, it was Kanbaru... and again, with that devilish look from before, but much worse than I had imagined. She actually looked like a psychopath, or even something much worse.

Oh my God, I just wanted to get out of this terrible moment, but the only thing I could do was wait, as I was afraid anything could happen if I made any possible oversights. I had to see it, whether I wanted it or not. Then, Senjougahara turns around and starts like that, a dialogue between her and Kanbaru for almost two minutes. Senjougahara looked at Kanbaru's demonic face with a look of sadness, wondering why the hell she committed every possible atrocity and why she should regret it. But it didn't do any good, Kanbaru turns to her and says, "You're to blame for all this, forgiveness won't do any good, you'll suffer the consequences."

This what? What the hell was Kanbaru talking about? Why would she say such things out of nowhere? I couldn't do a damn thing about getting deeper into that scene, nothing at all. The part that really scared me was Kanbaru's voice, it sounded like a mix of the original voice actress with a demonic sounding voice in the background, she literally sounded like a cursed being. How did she become such a freak? Tell me how?

The next thing I know, Senjougahara runs away from Kanbaru as soon as the dialogue ends, as the distorted violin music plays in the background. I didn't want to watch it, but I just couldn't look away. Kanbaru was running at the same speed as Senjougahara, she ran until she was about two meters away from Senjouagahara. Then the most horrible thing happened: Kanbaru catches up with Senjougahara, takes a knife and stabs her while laughing outrageously, the laugh was mixed with a moan of pain from Senjougahara and some kicking sounds that I couldn't distinguish in that scene.

I couldn't believe my eyes, I was so numb with fear and panic. I watched in horror as she stabbed Senjougahara over and over. There was no hope, this was already the worst possible thing I've ever seen in my life, I was begging in my mind for this to end soon. As if that wasn't scary enough, the scene cut to a black screen. And just like that, a word started flashing on the screen for almost a minute: "This is the paradise of madness, this is the final destination of everything."

Then, just as the screen returned to the previous scene, a bloodcurdling scream echoed from the TV screen. But unlike the other scenes or any episode of Monogatari, this was different. The screams were horrifying, despair-inducing, overwhelming terror, and very realistic. Definitely, my TV couldn't have produced such realistic audio quality. It felt like a person was actually inside the TV screaming at the top of their lungs.

I saw on the left of the screen, Senjougahara's terrible denouement after the previous scene. She was in a much worse state than the other characters killed throughout the episode, her arms and legs were ripped from her body, as well as her head, which was decapitated. And the worst thing about it was that she had no eyes in sight and her mouth was completely deformed, besides her terrified expression on her face, she literally looked like a zombie. But I mean, literally. This wasn't some "detail realism" in anime and manga like in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or Berserk, it looked like something taken from a photo of a decomposing corpse and drawn by a professional, literally that.

As soon as the screaming stopped and the screen stopped showing Senjougahara's body, the scene shifted to Kanbaru's macabre face. She was much worse off than before: her eyes were completely black, as if they were holes, while she gave that evil smile on her face. And worse, she seemed to be looking at me, it was like Kanbaru was staring at me. I can tell she was already freaking out about all the happenings, I was on the verge of tears. My vision was blurred, my lips were trembling, I was shaking violently, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the terror. Plus, it looked like I was about to throw up at any moment...

So Kanbaru, still laughing outrageously at times... after almost 30 seconds staring at me on the TV screen, takes a gun from his pocket and aims it at his chest, she says something, what she said before shooting was: "Forgive me...". But this time, she was in her original voice, there was no more demon muffling her voice at any time. After that, when she fired, the screen flashed red and black for 6 seconds until the screen went dark. I was too scared of what might happen next, I was too scared of that shit. But, all I saw afterwards was that the player ejected the DVD by itself, I don't know how, but the DVD ejected itself without me doing anything.

This never happened with my DVD player, I tried to put the DVD back in my player 3 times, but to no avail, the DVD ejected itself nonstop, it was like the player was refusing to play that. I tried to put it on my computer, this time it worked, but the video file and the three folders were gone. Instead, there was just a folder called "End Destination". Afraid that there was something scary about it, I went to click on the folder and there was only one image titled "FORGIVENESS.jpg". When I opened the image, I was stunned.

It was a photo of my family, it wasn't a photo I remembered taking a long time ago, it was a photo at the airport when I was about to move to France almost two years ago. But there was a difference, the image appeared to have been edited: My little sister was missing from the photo, the airport looked a little more abandoned, there were no planes and people around and my parents had an anguished expression on their faces. In this photo, I was the only one that didn't change, I was the only one that was smiling in this edited photo. Since, in fact, everyone should be smiling in the original photo, right?

After 10 minutes, my cell phone rang. As soon as I answered, it was my father and mother, they seemed very desperate. They said that the house they lived in Coimbra, Portugal, was on fire. (For those who don't know, I'm Portuguese, born in Coimbra and have lived in France since 2010 because of my studies and more job opportunities) They said they didn't know the reasons for the fire in the house, they said they suspected that it was someone who broke into the house and burned down the place. But the positive side was that neither my parents nor my younger sister were hurt or anything and they left the place in time, even more, they went to stay temporarily at my aunt's house in Figueira da Foz, a coastal town near Coimbra.

All of this happened at the same time that I saw that episode, I was really scared, I was already crazy enough to have to see more traumatizing things that same day. I wanted so badly not to want to know what the hell this was all about anymore, why is this happening to me? I swore that I've never been through anything like that, ever. I wanted to take that damn DVD and throw it in the trash, I never wanted to see that crap again in my house, I tried to do that, but it didn't work. I felt that if I could keep it, some people I could tell the whole situation to would believe me. Because if I told this story to someone, I would feel that I would be called "crazy". But I swear I saw it, I swear it.

A week later, I had to travel to Portugal to help my parents and my younger sister investigate the fire in their house. The conclusion of the local police was that there was never any kind of break-in, but rather a short circuit in the air-conditioning in the kitchen. My parents didn't understand anything, as the last inspection of the air conditioning had taken place 4 days before the fire and it gave positive results, but they decided to continue anyway. My parents had to rent a house in Figueira da Foz for a while, as soon as the house that was burned down was renovated, they returned to Coimbra.

As soon as I got back to France, more questions stuck in my mind, who had made that cursed episode of Monogatari and why was it sent precisely to my house? I didn't know, didn't really know what to do about this situation, it was one of the most tense situations I've ever faced in my entire life. First of all, remember when I said earlier about two friends who liked Monogatari at my college and considered it one of their favorite animes? So, I even talked about this episode with them, but they didn't fully believe the story. Which made me suspicious that they might be involved in this, but it didn't progress.

Why do my suspicions that they might be involved in the production of the episode not progress? Simple, none of them knew any professional animator who can do something related to anime or something like that, not to mention that they didn't handle enough video editing for some episode like that. Also, neither I nor they knew any "Henry" at one point. Since originally, before watching the episode, there was a folder with the name "Henry" and that strangely someone with that name may have produced this episode. What I found a little bizarre was that the episode was completely subtitled in French, at the time, I didn't fully understand the language as I had recently arrived in the country, but I could understand some things thanks to basic lessons... I don't know if that was a fan-made produced here or originally in Japan, but clearly it was something not to be shown. I remember that the anime Bakemonogatari was even dubbed in France and shown on the now extinct channel Nolife, but that didn't convince me as a "clue" for the case.

Gradually, my suspicion that these friends of mine were supposedly involved in this story was totally discarded and I was forgetting about this moment. I couldn't sleep for almost three days after watching the episode, in addition, I felt a very uncomfortable feeling in my back during those three days: It was as if I had been hit or something similar. I don't know how, but it worried me for a while, but I ended up seeing it was no big deal. I didn't watch the new Nisemonogatari season until the next summer break 2013 as I was quite traumatized by that day until I completely forgot and decided to watch it as if nothing had happened.

Now, if you think the weird stuff stopped there, a weird thing related to this episode happened almost two years ago, which possibly motivated me to write this.

My house was being renovated, at that time, I was already living with my girlfriend whom I met at university in Paris. As I thought the house was "small" for both of us, we decided to renovate it. While all this was going on, I found something strange behind my wardrobe, yes, it was the DVD. I already thought I had thrown it in the trash a long time ago, I wanted to swear I was freaking out to see it in my house again, but that was it... the DVD titled "Kanbaru Madness" was there. I started to remember everything that happened on that fateful day in July 2012, in which it was practically forgotten in my mind.

When the house was completely renovated and my girlfriend was out shopping for some things at the supermarket, I decided to see if the same thing happened. This time, the DVD did not eject and play something. At first, it was just a minute of black screen, but later, it showed what appeared to be Araragi's residence. This time, everything was in a completely chaotic situation, everything had been destroyed and left in ruins. There was nothing else there, it was like that episode never happened, it was something totally sound as the scene played. After nearly three minutes of Araragi's residence in ruins, Bakemonogatari's normal credits for the song "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" were displayed next, it was as if nothing had happened.

That was like the final scene of that episode, because I remember the last time I checked with my DVD player control, it was four or five minutes before it was over. But still, listening to the original credits song, it made me feel relieved that this was all finally over. I tried twice more if there would be any change in the DVD video but it was nothing happened. I went to my computer, but this time, the video file worked. But as expected, it was the same thing.

The DVD is still stored in my house, but in a safe in my room, there was nothing else but that. I never explained to anyone else about what happened besides a few friends of mine, as these people probably wouldn't believe me. I say that I still like Monogatari and other animes, but that day still leaves me a lot of mysteries in my mind. Who did that? How was this left in my house? It's because? Maybe I will never find some of these answers.