In a small town in Poland the house was small with only a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, two bedrooms and screaming echoing through the house. The young girl sat on her bed and hugged her doll and looked at the door while hearing the yelling of her parents

“Get the frick away from me!”

Screamed her mother desperately 

suddenly screaming and banging echoed and the loud raspy voice of her father. The girl was later in a room colouring as a police officer walked in and sat down and smiled to the sight of the young girl recovering from the traumatic night she experienced. The door of the room opened and entered a familiar face to the girl she smiled to the sight of her grandfather. She quickly got off her chair and ran over to him and hugged him “grandpa!”

“Hello lanna!” The girl was a beauty to her grandfather long black hair, always wearing her favourite green dress he gave her, green eyes and she always carried her doll that looked like her. The girls name was lanna O’Néil dé reil she lived in a small part of Poland with her parents and every weekend she would visit her grandad which she loved as she would always do fun experiments her grandad was a scientist and had a lab in his house he loved showing lanna experiments. Her grandfather offered to foster her while her mother recovers in hospital but not because he wanted to spend time with her because he wanted to test something he created on lanna considering that now is his opportunity. He told her that she can become a superhero she agreed to it as she loved superheroes her grandfather tied her to a table as he gave her an injection sending her to a deep sleep. She woke up with a sharp sensation going through her head her right eye was missing, her left was gold and her mouth was filled with sharp teeth she looked at her surroundings it was odd everything was blurred but her grandfather she heard his heart pumping in his chest and stared at him. Her mouth began to water she then attacked him and used her teeth to chew into him she ate his insides. She looked up to a figure, a black figure with a hooded cape and sharp triangle mask the figure was known as the nightcaller she walked up to lanna and knelt down and took lanna by the hand and took her away. 

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