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It was horrible... So horrible... What was it... I don't even... I will never forget that moment. It was a typical Saturday morning. I was playing Kirby's Return to Dreamland while I waited for breakfast. I was facing Magolor and he was almost defeated. My mom came into the room and told me that breakfast was ready. Just in time. I had beaten Magolor and I sat down at the table to eat 5 strips of bacon. After I had finished eating, I heard a ring at the doorbell. It was my friends. We started to converse.

"Hey, did you beat Magolor yet?"

"Yeah! Just did!"

"Wow, nice man. You're certainly fast. You got the game like only 2 days ago."

"Yup, guess I got too addicted to it! Heh."

"What other Kirby Games do you have?"

"I only have a few. But I used to have Kirby and the Amazing Mirror."


"Yeah, it was a great game!'

While we conversed, my Mom shouted at me to turn off my Wii. I had just remembered that I left it on and so I ran back inside to turn it off. While turning it off, I glared at the case of Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Memories suddenly flew through my mind of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. I suddenly missed it. I had lost it when we were moving 4 weeks ago. I thought maybe I should download an emulator and a ROM of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

I went on a random site hosting ROMs and as the page loaded, my screen was overflowing with ads and whatnot. I  closed all of them even though the flowing wouldn't stop. As I downloaded the ROM, I thought to myself, what if this ROM is hacked or something... I don't even know this site... Ignoring my thoughts, I extracted VBA and the ROM to a folder called, "Visual Boy Advance." I started to play cautiously to check if anything is glitched. I was so excited to play that I never bothered to close Google Chrome or the ads. After a few minutes of gaming, I arrived at Moonlight Mansion. My Mom told me that my friends were going to go now so I headed to the front door and started to converse again before they left.

After they left, I returned to my computer and started playing Kirby and the Amazing Mirror again. I got stuck on one of the parts so I started watching a walkthrough on YouTube. I finally understood how to beat it so I was going to go back to VBA. Although, something caught my eye. There was an ad I forgot to close so I clicked the tab and it said,

"Play all the newest Kirby Games now!"

Usually I didn't trust ads but I was very curious so... I clicked it. It led me to a website:

There was a download link. I thought this must've been their newest game like said in the article. The game was called Kirby's World. It sounded fun. I felt like trying it so I clicked the link. I was led to a MediaFire download. The file was called, "" I thought to myself, Hmm... Why couldn't they have just called it Kirby's World? After I downloaded the file, I extracted it to a folder. There were two files: KIRBY.exe and Readme.txt. I read the Readme file first. It had some useless info about the game and website. Although... I noticed something. I saw the scroll bar. The one you drag to scroll up or down. That shouldn't be there if the paragraph didn't surpass the window size of the readme. So, being the curious me, I scrolled to the bottom. To my surprise, I found the following text:

"yOuR fAuLt IsN't It...????"

In confusion, I closed the readme then stared at the .exe file...

(ProfEyeborg's Collaboration)

I was feeling bad about this. It looked pretty suspicous, yet I still wanted to play it. I finally mustered enough courage to do it. I regret that now. It started abruptly. A message was there and it read," Why Kirby...?" It was definitely odd, but I kept going.

There were other Kirbies there, crying. They weren't crying tears, though. It was red, and any sane person knows tears aren't red. Blood is. The Kirbies could be talked to, but they only asked "Why did you do it?" and said "It's all your fault." This game kept getting stranger.

As I went on, there were other Dreamland citizens but all they did was stand there and call me a menace. There was a door nearby, so I thought maybe I could get out of that weird room. The door only led to another room, which was worse than the first one. The Kirbies were here as well, but now their eyes were purple, and there were a lot more of them. I tried to talk to one, but I only ended up losing a life when I touched it.

When I respawned, I continued forward. I saw note on the ground, saying ,"Only those with pupils of red have forgiveness for the menace." I finally got past the purple-eyed Kirbies, but then the spotlight surrounding Kirby went black. It came back, but very dark and hard to see. There was a group of purple-eyed Kirbies in front of me, and they asked,

"...Wanna play Hide n' Seek?"

They disappeared and I had found a door. I tried to get out, but the door was locked. Just then, and odd sound played and a red-eyed Kirby appeared behind me. He was never there before... He unlocked the door and said that I was lucky. This game was getting creepier and weirder, so I went through that door quickly.

This room was at normal brightness, but then it started dimming quickly. I started running. Just as I got to the end, it froze and went completely black. Weirdly, ghostly chants played for about 5 seconds. Suddenly, a Kirby appeared that took up the whole screen. He looked demonic, with black skin, red pupils, and blood running down from his eyes. Could this have been Kirby...?

His eyes rolled back and the screen went black. The game ended with 5 words: "Do you get it now...?" It closed by itself. I will never ever forget this moment, day, game ever again.. It scarred my life... I think I did get what they were telling me now... If you don't understand, please play the game and see for yourself. I don't wanna be alone in this...