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The Disturbing Theory[]


Ever since the review of Hong Kong 97 for the Nintendo Super Famicom; most people have been asking this question. “Was that a real dead body?” The answer is rather disturbing.

The claim is that the dead body is of a man named Leszek Błażyński, a Polish boxer who committed suicide in 1992. Not much is known on how exactly he killed himself and we do not even know that much about him in the first place. If you look around the web for him, all you get is a few bits and pieces of him.

It is known that the people who made the game were protesting against the Chinese government trying to obtain Hong Kong. Hence the story of the game. What is not known is the fact that the game was made only 3 years after Leszek Błażyński's death. This is a pretty short time after his death. An even more interesting thing is that he died shortly after Poland and China had increased bilateral trading. Looking at the body, it appears Leszek Błażyński may have been beaten on the head to death. It looks that that could be the case due to the lack of blood on the body and the abundance of it on the face. But is there more to it?

What if instead of a suicide it was a murder planned by Happysoft as a way of protesting against the Chinese government? What if the video games disturbing imagery was an attempt to scare the people of Hong Kong into not joining with the Chinese? This would explain a lot of things like the lack of info on Leszek Błażyński in the internet and the sudden shortage of Hong Kong 97 games. Happysoft was hidden from the public eye and was shut down by the Chinese government. Clearly this game is more than it seems.

One thing makes this theory highly plausible: The image is not a scan from a photo, but a still from a VHS tape. The timecode "TCR 01:10:25:27" means this still is 1 hour, 10 minutes, 25 seconds and 27 frames (each frame contains 2 fields) into the recording. That makes it very much possible that the VHS tape not only contains the image of Leszek's body, but his whole murder. This would explain why there is no any other instance of the photo of the internet. If Happysoft were the only owners of the VHS tape, there is no way anyone would ever have access to it.

If there is any more info that you can find. Please let the world know who that person that dies.

UPDATE: This man is actually a Bosnian civilian killed by Serbs during the Bosnian War. His body was recorded in a mondo film named Arquivos da Morte - Guerra (a.k.a Death Files - War)

WARNING: This video also contains other mutilated corpses and may be disturbing for some viewers, view at your own risk.

youtube link:

The video timestamp is 28:55