Hi im lily and today my mom is taking me to Freddy fazbears pizza! I can't wait to see Freddy and the gang. my mom said inorder to go to Freddy fazbears pizza I have to clean my room. did you clean your room my mother asked me? yes, I told her. we walked into my room and she looked around and said well looks like your going to Freddy fazbears pizza! I screamed yay! let's go now I shouted. hold on my mother replied. later that day we had arrived at Freddy fazbears pizza. now you go play and ill get you pizza my mother said. ok, I squealed. I ran right up to Freddy and started to dance. hey, you a kid shouted at me. yes, I replied. let's go backstage and look at the old gang he said. OMG yay! I yelled. I and the kid went backstage and saw the old Freddy. well look at that a demonic voice said. we looked around. then we looked at Freddy and then a tall purple looking guy. do-don't worry im harmless the purple dude said. the purple dude grabs the kid and yells' oh foxy! foxy came running out and bit the kid's head clean off and then stuffed him into a suit. I ran out to the kid's zone where my mother was. MOM! I yelled. what's wrong? she asked. foxy is a murder and- a purple looking guy killed the boy too! aww, your Lil imagination my mom said. well, I think its time to go my mom said. yes yes, let's go fast! I yelled. my mom walked out the door and I grab my free drink and the door closed. it was locked! I was stuck in a place I thought was fun. but my stupid 7-year-old self sits there in fear and yells hello!? I heard loud footsteps so I hid under a table. I peaked out to see foxy walking around looking for me.

I'm harmless a voice shouted. IM HARMLESS! I ran into the security room and saw a girl sitting at the cameras. oh my dear she said what are you doing here it's not safe. my-my mom forgot me here. then footsteps came closer. hide under the table she yelled. I hid under the desk while she continued to close the trap doors. IM HARMLESS!

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