This is a Creepypasta written by JirachiStudios, both on here, Youtube, and Steam. Hope you enjoy this :D And may nightmares haunt your dreams from the many creepypastas you've read from tonight.


February 6th

Today I was born. A bunch of scientists gasped at me in awe as I opened my eyes for the first time. A certain scienctist that I still remember to this day, was a old man, with a pointed nose, bushy grey eyebrows, and a gentle smile. They then put me in a room full of jell, then closed the door, as I drifted to sleep in my new room.

February 14th

Today I was taken out of my chamber, and put on a table. They examined me, poking and proding me. One of them stuck a something in my arm, it stinged for a few seconds, then the pain went away. I saw that they had a red liquid in it now, and put it in a machine. They then put me back in my room.

February 22nd

Today, they did the same thing to me as they did a couple of day ago. But this time, the stinging lasted longer.

February 26th

Today while they were testing me, I noticed that their were others in different rooms, all sleeping. All but one resembled me. He had developed much further that I had. I looked at  my tiny arms, which appeared to shrink with every pasting day.

February 28th

I know that something is wrong with me now. Not only me, but all of the clones besides that particular one. I noticed that the scientist were testing me more constantly, and everyday I felt weaker. I don't know what's happening to me, but I can tell that whatever it is, it isn't helping me.

March 4th

Today, after waking up, I realized that my door was open. I traveled through the doorway, which was rather difficult since my body felt like jelly. I looked around and I saw all of the clones, except one, the devolped clone. I then saw a creature, It was a sphere, but it was floating and breathing gas like the machines the scientists used. As I looked at it, I could feel my body become floaty, and dense. I looked at myself, and I looked like the sphere creature.

March 12th

A human came today, and massacred the clones. He looked at me, and decided to not give me the satistfactory of death. He threw a ball at me, closing me inside a dark room.

March 25th

Today, the boy sent me out of the ball to fight a creature. As he realeased from my prison, he said only one thing.
"I choose you, Ditto."