So i've been a fan of erbparodys ever since Mozart vs Skrillex I have supported there series and counting on each video to show it but this isn't about that I am making this document th further explain what I have experienced on new years 2014 I saw my newest uploads and erbparodys titled Justin Buckner vs Nathan provost 2 I thought to myself wow there already is a sequel to this? So I clicked on the video and right away I've noticed the ratings and comments are disabled and I thought wow that's odd they never seem to care about bad ratings or hate comments well let's watch anyway, the video starts to play and while the announcer is doing its usually thing I noticed there was no beat playing I thought well maybe the beat starts after the intro also notes I also saw something strange Justins green screen is at high quality like it is now in fact Justin didn't look good he looked like he was in an early season 1 battle even the announcer was deeper and more like the old style I get to the begin and the first verse starts with Nathan while Nathan is saying some well written line I noticed there was still no Sign of a beat but Nathan would still manage to keep a flow I was thinking maybe this was just a glitch and they would fix it later but I was curious so I decide to keep watching ( more edits coming soon... Maybe )

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