Author's notes

HERE WE GO! The first Iji creepypasta on the wiki, from the maker of prime.exe!

The Creepypasta

I like to play the freeware game Iji, but not anymore. Somethng bad happened a week ago and I'm scarred from it.

It was just an average day. I was playing Iji and I was stuck at Sector 9. I saved Dan, and was trying to find my way through this maze of a level. Then I found Anaskasie and she accompanied me for the rest of the level. After I killed Iosa, Iji...fell?!

She fell really far and then she vanished off the screen. It went to the "level complete" screen, but Iji wasn't there. It showed I had 0 kills and 0 damage, and my time was 0:00. I pressed enter and the only option I had was "Continue to Sector Death". I selected the option and I was back at the falling part. Iji landed in a room full of Tasen and Komato limbs. Why was this spot in the game?!

A text box appeared. It said, "Iji should never have survived. She never should have." and there was no portrait. The game killed Iji instantly and I was kicked to the next level, where it was very dark and there were the limbs of Iosa on the floor. I walked for five minutes, then Anaskasie said "Nice Try" and then the game killed Iji. I tried going left. The same thing. I tried shooting. The same thing. Then the game kicked me to the main menu.

Iji wasn't even there. I reloaded the save and I was playing as Dan. I couldn't understand why I wasn't playing as Iji. Then Dan looked at the camera and had an evil grin on his face. I lost control of the game. I tried pressing every key, but no response. Dan was walking through the level, and then Anaskasie appeared. Dan shot Anaskasie and killed her. Then it lead outside. The sky was gray, and the Alpha Strike particles were there.

Dan stared into the background. A text box appeared with his portrait. It said "I'm going to destroy this world. My sister is dead. Tor is dead. Iosa is dead. Krotera is dead. Everyone is dead." Then I heard a sinster laugh and tons of lasers fell from the sky. Then the screen filled with explosions and it showed a screen with text on it. It said "Nobody will ever win this game. Not even you, you horrible, stupid, dumb, sad little you." Then the computer shut down instantly.

I emailed the creator of the game and all he said was "I never planned to make this game at all. Never." After that, I never played Iji again and removed it from my computer. I didn't want to play this game ever again.


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