1. Hello guys and gals, Incorrect here, and as I was browsing around the wiki, I noticed a blog post that was made a long time ago and still garners a lot of attention. The blog post is of Creepypasta and their catchphrases by Idealistic Prawn. In the post, he says he'll update it from what was said in comments; over a year later and that has yet to happen, so I decided to remake it with updated suggestions from commenters. (With a few unlisted ones that I thought of!)

[Please Note: All credit for the idea of this post is for Idealistic Prawn, I in no way take credit for the idea.]

Seedeater: 'How else, losing people makes me wonder'

Mr. Widemouth: 'I have a new game we can play'

Skin-Taker/Candle Cove: 'YOU HAVE TO GO INSIDE'


BOB: 'Human, but not quite'

'The Rake: 'HE IS THE RAKE

'Jeff the Killer: 'Go to sleep

Jane the Killer: 'Don't go to sleep, you'll never wake up'

'SONIC.EXE/Lord X:'There is a way to release ourselves. A spell to obtain our souls once more, but when we speak it, no sound; We are all deaf. So failure is inevitable, and I regret ever entering my internal bet with the devil inside of me. Immortality vs. Soul Snatching. Gary Crook vs. Jake Shanley. Ambition is overrated...'


Masky: 'He is a liar'

'Eyeless Jack: 'Just empty, black sockets

Laughing Jack: 'You can't spell slaughter without laughter OR pop goes the weasel!'

Zalgo: 'HE COMES'

Bad Dream: 'The covers behind you begin to shift'

Lavender Town Ghost/Pokemon Creepy Black: 'This town is known as a grave site'


Lost Silver: 'He died'

Ben: 'You shouldn't have done that' 'You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?'

Tails Doll: 'Can you feel the sunshine'

BRVR (Pokemon Dead Channel): 'Good things never last'

Angelica (Rugrats Theory): 'A princess? Or a psychopath'

Revolution: 'You're destined to do great things, what they are is up to you'

Tulo Beloff (Home Run Killer): 'Hate the player, not the game'

Trichotilliomania: 'The conductor can not be destroyed'

Hanging Gardens: 'Perfection is the great abyss'

Clockwork: 'Your time is up!'

Nightmare Fuel Can You Survive: 'I closed my eyes and waited to wake up. But nothing happened'

My Buddy Sandman: 'How hard could it be to track down someone named Sandman Archibald Bundeford?'

April 12th Mind Story: 'I only saw her for a brief moment in the crowded hallway of my school but what I did see was enough to make my heart skip a beat'

Elevator Safety Guidelines: 'Do not scream, remember, other guests are trying to sleep!'

Paranoia: 'Your days are numbered'

I Won't Leave You: 'I won't leave you Lonli'

Hauntings Don't Exist: 'Hauntings don't exist. Plain and simple. The idea that a supernatural entity can roam the earth after death is truly irrational.'

The Observer: 'Am I Interuppting?'

Ticci Toby: 'Who needs a social life when you have the voices in your head to keep you company?'

Hoodie: 'He is a liar.'

'Bloody Painter: 'Don't be excited about tomorrow, because there will be no tomorrow.

'Sally Williams: 'Play with me

'Lily: 'Will you be my doll

'jade:'Dont leave me alone,I dont wanna get hurt again"

'Jake Sully:"You’re my avatar bitches now, little fuckers.

'Liu Woods:"It's a wonderful day to kill."

'Farrahwoods:"I just wanna help you sleep."

So yeah, those are all I've got. Once again, if I haven't said it enough, all credit goes to IdealisticPrawn for both the idea and the majority of the quotes. Are there any that I missed? Comment down below what you think I missed and I'll update the page!


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