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~3 Colors ^


~48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W

~48 69 0d 0a

~60 Day Game, The

~64 *

~7-Eleven Special *


~A Circus Tragedy

~A Day in the Life

~A Fool

~A Girl Named Vannessa

~A Strange Hamtaro DVD

~A True Ending



~Abandoned.exe 2

~Abandon Hope

~Abandon Lonliness

~Abandoned Forest

~Abandoned Red

~Abandoned Servers

~Abused Flareon


~Accepting the Inevitable


~Ace Combat 5- The Ghost of Chopper

~Achievement Unlocked: Steam


~Addiction Virus

~Addons, Addons


~Adventure Quest: The Warning of the Black Vulture

~Adventure Time - Jake

~Adventure Time: It Is Not My Fault!

~Adventures of a Single Parent

~Aelita Theory, The

~Aesthetic Ones, The

~After School

~Aftermath, The

~Aftermath of 1945, The


~Agamemnon Counterpart

~Age of Seasons, The

~Agent, The

~A Horrible Chill...

~Akinsdale: The House of Horrors


~Akyuro Bubbles

~A.I, The

~Ala Wants to Play with You


~Alarm Clock

~Alex Melee


~All Alone

~All by myself

~All Hail The King

~All in Fun and Carnage

~All In My Head

~All In The Acting

~All in the Execution

~All in Your Head

~All Thoughts are Creative

~Always Crying


~Amazing Mega Man, The

~Amazing World of Gumball : The E-mail, The

~Amazing World of Gumball: The Grieving, The



~Amnesia: The Dark Descent

~Amnesia: The Final Descent

~Among Those That Watched

~Amusement Park, The

~An American Tale: F.M.M

~Anansi's Goatman Story

~An Anthology of the Macabre

~An Awful Life

~An Impasse at Waywickshire

~An Innocent Soul

~An Interesting Pokemon LeafGreen Hack

~An Odd Glaceon

~An Odd Occurrence On The Internet

~An Open Letter

~An Unsettling Nightmare


~Ancient Gods of Kaamos, The

~And Hell Will Follow Me


~Angel of Vengeance, The



~Animal Crossing - Cinders

~Animal Crossing City Folk Sparkie.exe

~Animal Crossing Dead Leaf

~Animal Crossing: A New Villager

~Animal Crossing: Dead Town

~Animal Crossing: Game Over

~Animal Crossing: Murderer on the Loose

~Animal Crossing: New Life (TOSSTHATSALAD Version)

~Animal Crossing: New Life

~Animal Crossing: Reaching Aika

~Animal Crossing: The Red Curse


~Animal Crossing: Red Curse 3: Red Revenge

~Animal Crossing: Red Curse 4: Red Vaccation

~Animal Crossing: Red Curse 5: Red Election

~Animal Crossing: Where Were You?

~Animal House, The

~Animatronic Oswald



~Another YouTube


~Anthem of the Angels

~Anti-Sonic.dll *


~Anything You Want (AYW)




~April 12th Mind Story ^*

~Architects of Ruination

~Are We Brilliant or are We Monsters

~Are You Afraid of God

~Are You Home?




~Arthur 12

~Arx Fatalis

~As I Stand Here

~Ash and Pikachu

~Ash's Untold Legacy

~Ash’s Coma

~Assassin's Test, The

~A Sonic fan game

~Attic in the Basement, The

~Attrition of War

~ATV Offroad Fury 4 Creepypasta: Dead Rider

~Audio 3.9


~Autumnal Angles, The

~Avatar 2: Jake's Revenge

~Avatar 2: Jake's Revenge 2: Curse of the Na'a'vi

~Avatar 2: Jake's Revenge 3: Mystery of Pandora

~Avatar 2: Jake's Revenge 4: Rise of RDA

~Avatar 2: Jake's Revenge 5: Operation Pandora Part 1

~Average Man, The


~Axe, Candle, Rope



~Baby Daddy Theory

~Backpacker Alex


~Backwards by Seven

~Bad EGG

~Ballad of Lonliness, The

~Balloon Fright - NES Creepy Pasta - *

~Banjo's Dream

~Banjo Tooie: The Darkness Rises


~Barnigan Part 1

~Barry's Funeral

~Basement, The

~Bat out of Hell

~Battle of Flight, The

~Battlefield 3 Nightmare

~Battlefield 4: Permadeath

~Battlefield 3: S E R V E R

~Be a Good Friend

~Be This Way

~Beach Horror

~Bead Dice Sky *

~Beast, The

~Beautiful Blue Eyes

~Because of Disney

~Bedtime Stalker


~Bee, A

~Beginning of a Story, The

~Behind A Closed Door

~Behind the Mask

~Behind the mask

~Behind the Shower Curtain

~Being Hunted

~Belief in Oneself *

~Bell Lunah

~Bella's Game

~Bells to the End

~BEN - Tou thoynuld shae nodve dath

~BEN: A Friendly Spirit

~Ben's Song

~Beneath the Stone

~Bentley the Yeti

~Berries, The

~Best Friends Forever

~Betrayed Vulpix, The

~Beware of Big Hands

~Beyond the End

~Beyond the Field

~Beyond Two Souls: Aiden's Insanity

~Bibeleo Friends


~Billy Hatcher: The Consequences Of Failure

~Bionicle the Game

~Birth of a Killer, The

~Birthday at Freddy's

~The Black Flu

~Black Frost

~Black Hell Journals: Chapter III, The

~Black Jack

~Black Vulture's Return

~Black Wind Howls, The


~Blade Fighter 2

~Blank Mind

~Bleeding Crown, The

~Blind Eyed Killer, The

~Blind Man Ritual, The


~Blockdeads, The


~Blog, The


~Blood Drive!

~Blood Keeper, The

~Blood on the Cornfields

~Blood Tests

~Blood: The Nightmare*


~Bloody Mary: The Ritual

~Bloody Ripple



~Blue Man, Blue Man



~Body Bag, The

~Boktai 3 Sabata's Last Stand

~Boktai: Black Sun *


~Bonus Room

~Boo Boo The Bear.

~Boo's Haunt, A

~Born again

~Bottled Message

~Bound to Follow

~Bowels of Hell, The

~Bowser's Vengeance

~Box, A

~Boxed Game, A


~Boy, The

~Bring Your Mother To Work Day

~Broadcast Station 3

~Broken Friendship

~Broken Henry

~Broken Memory

~Broken Mind



~Brotherly Love

~Brutal Minecraft

~Bug's Death, A

~Building, The


~Bully: Scholarship Edition - Removed Mission

~Bunker, The

~Buried Alive Wins

~Burn in Violet

~Burned To Death

~Burning Stars

~Bury the Revolver

~Buryman/Buried Alive


~By Now

~Bubble Bobble Haunted Bootleg



~Cabbie, The

~Cabin of the Woods, The

~Cacturne's Poem


~Call, A

~Call For Help, A

~Call of Duty Black Ops zombies

~Call of Duty The Private System

~Calm Before the Storm

~Camera Man Investigation

~Campfire Incident

~Campfire Tale

~Camping Trip

~Can I Come Out?

~Can You Hear Them?

~Candle Cove: Memories

~Candyman, The

~Can't Breathe


~Car, The






~Case 010


~Casual Mode

~Castlevania -1 *

~Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow - Special Edition

~Castlevania Rondo of Bloodlust

~Castlevania - Simon's Death

~Cat in the Hat Strikes Back, The

~Catch Me If You Can

~Cave, The

~Celebis' Hidden Past

~Cell Phone Game, The

~Certain Event, A

~Challenge, The


~Changing Map, The

~Channel One


~Chaos Demolisher




~Cheaters Never Prosper



~Cheery Town, USA

~Chi the Hellhound

~Childhood Lost

~Children's Song, The





~Christmas I'll Never Forget, A

~Chronic Migraine


~City Typing Adventure *


~Click Tic Toc

~Clink Clank

~Clothing, The


~CoD Modern Warfare: Curse of Khandor Hideout

~CoD Modern Warfare: Horrors of Hovec Sawmill

~CoD Modern Warfare: Phantoms of Cheshire Park


~Cold Case - The Spider Web Killer

~Cold Dead Eyes

~Cold is Setting in Terraria, The

~Cold Lead Heart

~Cold Link- Chapter 1: Chain Links

~Cold Link- Chapter 2: 23 Hours

~Cold Water

~Collar, A

~Collect for Christ

~Come Closer

~Come Home

~Come Play with Me

~Comedial Comic, A

~Commercial of Doom, The



~Completely Alone

~Completion, The


~Confession, A

~Conker's Bad Life

~Conker: Forgive

~Conplus *

~Conquer Your Fear


~Contagion 4793 (AKA: The Procrastination Virus)

~Contestant 18

~Contra Hardcore *



~Copying Policy


~Corrupted Emerald NPC

~Corrupted Save File, A

~Cortana Letters, The

~Cosmic Destroyer, The ^*

~Cost of Progress, Part 1, The

~Counter Strike 1.6 Corrupted Version

~Couples Camping Trip

~Cousin Hyde


~Cracked Disc


~Crash Bandicoot 5


~Creature Within My Games, The

~Creature, The

~Creeper, The

~Creeper Factory

~Creepypasta - Coin of Fate

~Creepypasta Collaborative Writing Project 2014

~Creepypastas and Their Catchphrases

~Creepypasta: Starfox 64

~Creepypasta Theory

~Critical Hits Are Killer: A Memory Game Sequel

~Crooked Smile

~Crossing, The

~Crowd Control

~Cruel Life, A

~Cry From Afar, A

~Cumberlands Forest, The

~Cupcake Theory, The

~Cure For Cancer


~Curious Case of Cold Tom, The

~Curly (Pokemon Creepypasta)

~Cursed by Fate

~Curse of a Hero, The

~Cursed by Fate

~Cursed Key

~Cursed Love Story

~Cursed Town


~Cyrebro Code *



~Dad's Face


~Dan (Iji Creepypasta)

~Dan Melsner

~Dance of Bats and Knives, A (NSFW)

~Dancing Kirby

~Dark, The

~Dark Cave, The

~Dark Dratini, The

~Dark Emotions

~Dark Force Invasion

~Dark Look at Pokemon, A

~Dark Lord, The

~Dark Mind

~DARK Nightmare, The

~Dark Ones, The

~Dark Souls: The Pardoner of Velka

~Dark Tower

~Darker Findings

~Darker Side of Team Rocket, The

~Darkest Nightmare, The

~Darkest Regret


~Darkness, The

~Darkness Falls - perdidit innocentiae

~Darkness Falls - Story of Adam

~Darkness Follows

~Darkness Forever

~Darkness Hides, The

~Darkrai's Dream


~Darkwing Duck: Negaduck's Birthday


~Dawn of War: Scrapped Retribution

~Dawn Is Your Enemy, The

~Day The World Fell Silent, The


~Days of My Life

~Dead In The Dark

~Dead Man

~Dead Man's Chant

~Dead Man's Wishes

~Deadly Nightmares

~Deadman's Pearl, The

~Dear Sally......


~Death's Birthday

~Death Wish

~Death's Woes

~Decap Attack

~Decay Prologue: Life

~December Massacre



~Deep in Kanto's Waters

~Defective Device, The

~Definition of Insanity, The



~Demon of the Well

~Demon Porn

~Demonic Frame Jehuty




~Depressing Rescue Team Hack

~[(not creepy)|Depression]

~Depression Lingers



~Destiny Lord

~Despair Among The Ruins

~Detective, The

~Deterioration Onto Entrance

~"Deum Libera Me" God Will Free Me

~Deux: Soup For 2

~Developer Diary

~Developer's Own Downfall, A

~Devil Game, The

~Devil Is Inside Pt.1, The

~Devil's Cosmonaut, The

Devil's Incarnate

~Devil's Jaws, The

~Devil's Pendulum, The

~Devourer, The


~Diamond's Smile

~Diary, The

~Diary of Angela S. Yorke, The

~Diary of a Body Removal Expert

~Diary of a Lost Solider

~Diary of a Madman

~Diary of a Priest, The

~Did You Scream

~Die Alone

~Different Kind of Love, A

~Digi Elf Curse, The

~Digression of Will

~Dimly Lit Room, A

~Diner, The

~Dinner, The



~Discord Purgatory

~Disney Is Watching

~Disney's River Country

~Disturbing Disc


~Divine Tragedy, The

~DJ Jay

~Do Not Cross The Line

~Do You Remember Me?

~Do You Want to Play?


~Doctor J

~Doctor Mario: Mortician

~Documented Insanity

~Dog ~Don't unzip it

~Dog Found


~Donkey Kong II: Jumpman's Revenge

~Donkey Kong 3: Altered

~Don't Cry. Smile

~Don't Get Lost

~Don't Ignore Me

~Don't Leave Me Behind

~Don't Look

~Don't Put It Down *

~Don't Remember

~Don't Shatter!

~Don't Starve: The Hidden Character

~Don't Stop

~Don't Stop Playing

~Don't Wake Up


~Doom 3 Arena

~DOOM Diary, The

~Doom The Final Secret


~Doomed Soul

~Doomed World, A

~Doomwheel Forest

~Dover Demon


~Dragonslayer - Kingsgrave

~Dread Island of Dr Acosta, The


~Dream Cast

~Dream Eater

~Dream Journal

~Dream Journal, The

~Dream of a Game, A

~Dreamer N64 *

~Dreamer of Forever

~Dreamer's Game, The





~Drifloon's Clever Trap


~Ducktales Glitch

~Duke Nukem 3D:Hell Hound

~Dying Happy


~Eagle, The

~Earth Snake, The

~Earthbound: Crypt of the Ancients*

~Earthbound: The Halloween Hack

~Earthworm Jim: Big Bruty

~Easter Egg - Snow on Mt. Silver

~Easy Assembly

~Eat On Up

~Ebgerd: The Rock n' Roll Troll With Soul


~Ecco the Dolphin: Unfinished Business


~Ed Edd n Eddy: The Game

~Ed, Edd n' Eddy's BPS - Subliminal Message + Ed, Edd n' Eddy - May Fire



~Eight Weeks

~Elder Scrolls (Skyrim): It Was Probably Just a Bug...

~Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Blood Knight's Reatreat, The

~Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Curse of the Sword

~Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Isabel My Love

~Elemental Havoc

~Elemental Wars

~Elevator Malfunctions

~Elevator Safety Guidelines


~Email, The


~Emergency Alert System

~Emily is Asleep



~Empty and Endless

~Empty Boxes

~Empty Characters

~Empty Gyroids

~Encasement, The

~End..., The

~End of Day, The

~Ending to a New Beginning, The

~Endless Ice

~El Hombre Esponja

~Enemy Glitch, The


~Enter ye the Palace of Pain


~Ep. 0 - Alone


~Epsilon Missingno

~Eric ^*


~Es Fließt Frei


~Escape From Merrywood*

~Escherian Stairwell, The

~Eternal Darkness

~Eternal Father


~Ethan's Confession

~Etrian Odyssey - Return to the Labyrinth


~Eve the Octoling

~Every Little Helps

~Every Night I Fall

~Everything Dies

~Everything Will Be Okay


~Evil Gods

~Evil Otto *


~Exception Access Violation



~Exit Me, Enter Beast

~Expand Your Mind

~Experience with the Lavender Town Syndrome, An


~Experiment, The

~Experiment - Most Cliche Creepypasta

~Experimental Soldier

~Expressionless, The

~Eye of the Beholder, The

~Eyes of Survival



~F1 2012


~Facebook Friends



~Failed Mew Experiment, The

~Fairy Odd Parents: They're Gone

~Faithful Dog and His Beloved Master, The

~Faiths Cleansing

~Fall, The

~Fallarbor Town

~Fallout 2 Secret Ending *

~Fallout 3: Hunted *

~Fallout 3: Numbers Station

~Fallout 4: Revenge is Sweet

~Fallout New Vegas

~Fallout: New Vegas - The Door

~Fallout NV: It's a Wonderful Life

~False Compassion

~False Prophet

~Family Dinner

~Family Night

~Family Passing

~Family Passing Two: The Knocking


~Far Cry 3 Haunting

~Far Cry 3 Haunting 2 - Far Cry 4 Haunting

~Far Cry 3: The Encounter

~Farewell by Raymond McMullen


~Father of an Angel

~Faz Juez


~Fear of Myself, A

~Fear of the Dark

~Fear Test, The


~Ferguson Family, The

~Final Cut, The

~Final Moments, The

~Find Me

~Fine Line, The *^

~Fire Emblem: Demonic Stones

~Five Nights At Freddy's Five Nightmares


~First Kraid *

~Fish Replicas


~Five Days

~Five Nights at Freddy's

~Fixin' Young Family, A


~Flout ^

~Foglio di Rovinosa Verde

~Follow Me, Free Me

~Fool's Gold


~For The Lost Ones

~For Want of a Better Plan

~Forbidden Readings

~Flintstone ROM, The

~Forest, The

~Forever Alone......

~Forever Inseparable

~Forever Lost Spatula


~FORGOTTEN - (Creepypasta)

~Forgotten, The

~Forgotten Ones, The

~Fortress of Doom, The

~"Forsaken Tundras, The"

~Foundation for a Better World, The

~Foundling Thoughts

~Four Aces at White Peacock

~Four Letters


~Free Bird

~Free Games


~Friend Beyond the Wall, The

~Friend in Need, A

~Friendly Reminder, A

~From Above

~From the depths

~Frozen in Time

~Frozen Sam

~Frozen Trap, A

~FTL: Failed to Live


~Fun We Could Have Had, The



~Fusion Depths *


~Gaea Version

~Gaia Theory Revisited

~Gallery of Henri Beauchamp, The

~Game at Seaside, The

~Game Called "Pong", A

~Game Coding: Rewrite


~Game for three

~Game Maker, The

~Game That Controls, A Game That Hates, A

~Game That Knows Me, The

~Game That Listens, The *

~Game that Never Was, The

~Game theory: Vaas's death in Far Cry 3

~Game You Fall in Love With, The

~Game You've Never Played, A


~Gamer's Spirit

~Games Will Take Your Life

~Gaming Inferno


~Garrett Madison



~Gary's World

~Gary Oak's Revenge

~Gate Keeper, The

~Gears of War 3 : That's Enough




~Genesect: The Lost Disk

~Genocide City *

~Gentleman, The

~Gessert's Graveyard

~Ghost Boy in Three Men and a Baby

~Ghost Girl Of Lumiose City, The

~Ghost of a Killer

~Ghost of a Shadow, The

~Ghost of Cancellation, The

~Ghost of My Dead Girlfriend, The

~Ghost Player, The

~Ghost Town


~Girl, The

~Girl of my Dreams

~Girl VS. Gaming part l: Sickly Green

~Girl with the Claws, The

~Give Me The Butter

~Glalie's Meal

~Glimmering Beacon, A

~Glitch City

~Glitch: Final Days *

~Glitched Game, The

~Glitchlett *

~Glitchman- The Protector

~Glitch's Tale

~Gloomy TV Syndrome


~Gm Construct Framework

~Go to Hell 2: Heart Attack

~Go to Hell: Do Not Collect 200 Dollars


~God, A

~God of Ends (A God of War Creepypasta)

~God on Applewood Street

~God Theory

~God's Mouth

~Godzilla 1971 Uncut Footage

~Godzilla CD

~Godzilla Versus Destoroyah

~Going Beyond Hell Valley

~Golden, Crystaline Hours to Eternity

~Goldeneye 007

~Goldeneye: The Forbidden Level

~Goldeneye's Final Mission

~_GOLDEN_.wav and X64398SC.png (FNAF)


~Good Child, A

~Good Eats


~Goodbye My Friend

~Goodbye My Friend Once Again


~Gordon Freeman Isn't Free Anymore

~Grace and Perfection

~Graduation Day

~Grand Rebel

~Grandfather, The

~Grasping Plateu, The

~Grasping Plateu : Cursed (Chapter 3), The

~Graveyard and The Watcher, The

~Gray Cartridge

~Great Time, A *^

~Green Album, The

~Green Man

~Green Satin

~Green Valley

~Green, Eggs and Fear!

~Gregory's Room

~Grey Man Watches, The



~Grin in the Dark

~Grin.exe, The


~Gronahs, The

~Groveller, The

~Gruesome Dream, The


~GTA: Tempest

~Guardian, The

~Guardian Angel

~Guardian Down

~Guide, The

~Guide to Collecting Souls, The







~Hacking Gone Too Far

~Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Mysterious Player

~Hall of Tortured Souls

~Halo 2:Oracle

~Halo 2:Oracle The Complete Journal

~Halo 2:Oracle The Missing Entries

~Halo Beta *

~Halo: The Ghost

~Hands - My Haphephobia Experience

~Hanging Gardens ^*


~Hangman's Revenge

~Hangman's Tree, The

~Happiness Is...

~Happiness or Hell

~Happy Birthday

~Happy Puppet Syndrome


~Harnessing Ruin

~Haunted Realm

~Haunted Retron3

~Harvest Dances

~Harvest Moon: Mineral Town

~Harvester, The

~Hasbro Conspiracy, The

~Hatch, The


~Haunted Gaming Lost Episode *

~HauntedGaming.exe, Lost Video

~Haunts Don't Exist

~Have a Nice Day

~He, an Almost Real Creepypasta

~He Doesn't Know, Does He?

~He is Watching You

~He Whistles When He Walks

~He's Gone Now

~Hear My Cry

~Heart of Lothar, The

~Heart's Desire, A

~Heartbreak Hotel


~Heavy Metal

~Heiwa, I Fight

~Heliotropes ^ *

~Hell Froze Over (One Year Anniversary Pasta!)

~Hell's Agony

~Hello Kitty



~Her Final Wish

~Her Very Own Wax Museum

~Herald of Lysandus

~Hero, The


~Herobrine - Is He Real?

~Herobrine on the Xbox

~Herobrine: The Stalker

~Herobrine's Song

~Hexagons Do Love

~Hl2.exe Has Seen Your Mistakes

~Hidden Truth

~Hide and Seek Alone*

~Hiding Spot



~Himalayas Incident, The

~His Beloved Violin

~His Proxy

~Hitman Absolution Lost Mission

~Holder of the End

~Holders of Light, Song, and the Path

~Holders of the Beginning, Eternity, and Nothing

~Holders of Wealth, Wisdom, and Ambition

~Home Intruder

~Home Made Creepypastas

~Home Run Killer, The ^*

~Home Run Killer : The Good Old Days, The

~Hong Kong 97 Conspiracy Theory

~Hooded Marauder, The


~Hopeless Grotto, The


~Horrific Thing, The

~Horror of Eldritch Falls, The

~Horror of Montyburg, The

~Horror Revised: Jersey Devil

~Horror Revised: Phantom of the Opera

~Hospitals : The Dark Sides

~Hotel, The

~House by the Lake, The

~House That Death Forgot, The

~House, The

~How I became the last in the group

~How NOT to write a Creepypasta

~How Reality Died

~How to Kill a Creepypasta (Slenderman)

~How to Trick the World's Greatest Detectives

~Howling Dust, A

~Humanity's Final War


~Hungry Gourd, The


~Hunted in the Dark

~Hyper Realism

~Hypno's Lullaby

~Human Puppets


~I Am A Murderer

~I Am Lonely

~I am Never

~I Am Real

~I Am the Crippler

~I Am The Man

~I Am Too Powerful

~I Am...

~I Beat Jeff

~I Blink

~I Can See Me

~I Don't Know Why

~I Hate Video Games

~I Live In a Mad World

~I Must Be Dreaming

~I Must Type This Sentence

~I Need My Medication

~I Need to Stop the Knocking

~I Never Saw Her Again

~I Remember

~I Remember You

~I Shall Not Yield

~I Think I'm Paranoid

~I Used to Be Like You

~I Was Broke and Needed Money

~I Was Once a Man

~I Woke Up

~I Won't Leave You

~I'll Never Be The Same

~I'm Free...AT LAST

~I'm Hungry

~I'm Not Crazy

~I'm Sorry

~I'm the Man

~Ice-Cream Man, The


~Ikeda Nightmare, The



~I lost my friend because of a Sonic fan game.

~Image in the Mirror, The





~Impostor 64

~In a Dream

~Incident Report 3127

~In Love With a Killer

~In My Head

~In the Dark

~In the Pines


~Indisputable Rasputin, The


~Infinity Maze, The



~Insaniquarium: Stinky



~Insert Coin

~Inside the Ram

~Into Dust

~Into the Depths

~Invader Zim; Ten Minutes to DOOM ^*

~Invaders, The



~Iron Hider, The

~Isla De Las Munecas: My Encounter

~It Comes

~It Ends Here

~It Knocks On the Door of Your Mind

~It Has a Rather Lovely Ending

~It Hurts a Bit

~It Reaches Us All

~It Started Low

~It Was Him

~It Wasn't Herobrine

~It Watches You

~It won't get better

~It's All It Took

~It's An Artform

~It's Cold

~Its Gone Too Far.

~It's Just Pokemon X... right?

~It's Mreley Yuor Prespcetvie

~It's Pokemon, Realistic Edition

~It's Trivial, So Why Read It?

~It's Watching*

~Island of Dolls, The

~Ivory Line, The

~Iuvenis Perpetuum



~Jane the Killer: The Real Story

~January 7th, 2013

~Jeff the Killer Redux

~Jeff the Killer Sting Operation

~Jenny's Game

~Jeremy's Darkness



~Jim's Diary

~Johnny Guitar

~Join Me

~Joseph's Legacy

~Journal Entry 001

~Journal Entry For Others' Safety

~Journal Of Neil, The

~Jumble of Letters, A

~Just £3 a Month Can Save a Child's Life

~Just a "Nightmare" *^

~Just a Dare

~Just a Dare - ~Hit the Switch~

~Just a Snack

~Just an Average Day

~Just an Update

~Just Cause 2:

~Just Let Me Die...

~Just Like Every Night

~Just Run


~Kanto War Diaries, The


~Keep Em Laughing.wmv *

~Keeper Beware


~Key, The

~Kid, The

~Kid in the Neighborhood, The



~Kill Kill

~Killer Fable, A

~Kind and Beautiful

~King in Black: Chapter 1, The

~Kingdom Come

~Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Nightmare

~Kingdom Hearts: It's All a Dream

~Kirby's Deadland II


~Kisses & Kerosene

~Kitty Powers' Matchmaker Creepy Bug

~KiyoshiSNES *







~Lab, The

~Lame Duke

~Lament of an Alcoholic

~Last Big Secret, The

~Last Blockbuster, The

~Last House on Bridle, The

~Last Man On Earth

~Last of Us Origins: Jane, The

~Last Piece, The

~Last Powerslide, The

~Last Remains, The

~Latch, The

~Latrodectus ^

~Laughing Spirit, The


~Lavender Guilt

~Lavender Test *^

~Lavender Test II: Complete Revival

~Lavender's Fate

~Lazada Polodi's FNAF 4

~Leader, The

~League of Legends - Becoming the Legend

~Left 4 Dead 2 Incident, The

~Left 4 Reality

~Left 666 Dead 2

~Left Behind...

~Left for Suffering

~Legend of Ghost Ray, The

~Legend of J.D. Abraham, The

~Legend of Ketta, The

~Legend of Old Cowhead, The

~Legend of Spyro: Cynder's Beginning (CYN), The

~Legend of Zelda: The 3rd Oracle, The *

~Legend of Zelda: The Dark Rites, The*

~Legend of Zelda: The Minish Connection, The

~Legend of Zelda: The Waker

~Legend of Zelda: The White Key

~Legends of Arceus


~Leif's Log


~Lentimas Town

~Let The Cat In

~Let's Play

~Letter of Absence

~Letter to my Valentine, A

~Letters From Mom


~Library, The

~Lick Me


~Life as I Know It

~Life's Confection

~Life Is a Great Big Joke

~Lifeless Bodies

~Like A Sickness


~Limbo of the Fayth


~Link to the Future, A

~Link To Your Past, A *

~Link's Awakening

~Link's Deceased (Link's Slumber prequel)

~Link's Slumber

~Lion King Sega Game Creepypasta, The *

~Lips Painted With Poison

~Little Big Planet: Littlest Planet

~Little Did He Know

~Little Exposed, A


~LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Tired of Life

~Living in the Game

~Living the Dream


~Lobby 126

~Loid's Revenge


~Lone Wolf Radio

~Lone Wolf Radio.

~Lone Wolf Radio- a Fallout: New Vegas tale *

~Lone Wolf Radio: The Forgotten Code

~Lonely One, The

~Long Night of New Year's 2015, The

~Long Pathway to Nowhere, A


~Look At Horror, A

~Look At Me

~Look Into My Eyes

~Looking In

~Looking for Professional Artists


~Loss Of Memory

~Lost - The Arcade Cabinet

~Lost Episodes

~Lost and Stranded

~Lost Artifact, The

~Lost Brother

~Lost Diary, The

~Lost Love, A

~Lost Reality

~Lost Soul

~Lost Superman Cartoon

~Love Rollercoaster

~Love Sick

~LSD: Let's Play


~Lucid Mystery

~Lucifer's Manor (NES)

~Luigi Forgotten

~Luigi Is Dead Theory

~Luigi's Beta Mansion

~Luigi's Mansion Massacre

~Lunatic Red Eyes



~Lux Cave


~M World, The

~Mad about McDonalds

~Magnificent Seven...Game, The

~Main Attraction

~Majestic's Game

~Major Tom

~Majora's Malice

~Malevolence Reborn


~Man Across the Street, The

~Man In Black, The (Poem)

~Man In My Game, The

~Man in My Nightmare, The

~Man in the Black Suit, The

~Man in the Corner, The

~Man in the Hat, The

~Man in the Mirror, The

~Man In White, The

~Man of Needles and Guns

~Man of Pain And Misery, A

~Man of The Forest

~Man's Best Friend?, A



~Mansion Incident, The

~Map Nazi Zombie Hunted

~Map of a Goodbye, The

~Maplestory Secret

~Maria's Revenge (With Footage) *


~Mario 64: There is No Escape


~Mario Bros: Dante Version

~Mario & Luigi Dream Team, The Last Stretch

~Mario Kart Arcade GP: The Hidden Image

~Mario Party

~Mario Party DS: Death Sentence

~Mario: No More Sunshine

~Mario's Secret

~Marisa's Story *

~Martin Stack

~Mask, A

~Mask, The

~Mask and Claw


~Mass Power Outage


~Mattel Electronic Football Theory

~Matter of Repetition, A

~Mauvais Appetit

~Maverick Theory

~Max Payne: The Murders Continue

~Max Payne: Valkyr

~May's Revenge

~Maze, The


~Meet Maegan

~Mega Stones

~Megaglitch, The

~Megaman: BubbleMan

~Melancholy Tower

~Memoriam: Chapter One

~Memoriam: Chapter Two



~Memory Cards by the Pizza Delivery Guy

~Memory Game, A

~Mental Torment


~Message From Me to You, A

~Messi is Dead - A FIFA 15 Creepypasta

~Meta Man M: Passcode of Horror


~Metal Demons and the "ARMS", The

~Metal Gear Solid: Once Again

~Metro-Demon: The Return

~Metroid 2: Secret Worlds *

~Metroid Corrupted

~Metroid Dark Echoes (Creepypasta)

~Metroid Prime 3: Custom (Creepypasta)

~Metroid: Hunted

~Metroid: Mother? ^*

~Metroid: The Secret of Planet Zebes

~Mickey's Best Friend

~Mickey's Book


~Michael Kane


~Midnight Dreams

~Midnight Game

~Midnight Rabbits

~Midnight Watch, The

~Midnight's Cold Bite, A

~Might and Magic: Darkside of Xeen

~Mike Kill All

~Milgram's Bunny

~Milla's Children


~Mind of a Sociopath, The

~Mind Over Body

~Minecraft Eyes

~Minecraft: Shadows

~Minecraft: Someone is Watching Me

~Minecraft: The Telling

~Minecraft: Vitam Perdidit


~Minecraft(THE MUSIC)

~Mirror, The

~Mirrored Closets



~Misery Science Theater 3666

~Missing Conversation

~Missing Number, The

~Missing Nurse

~Missing The Mark

~MissingNo in 6th Gen

~Missingno's Revenge

~Missingno Murder *

~Missingno, the Glitch Pokemon

~Mister Gallows

~Moblin King, The

~Modernist Sarcophagi

~Mole Mania: The Old Mole

~Mongolian Internet

~Monokuma: A Legend Untold

~Monopoly - Black Version

~Monster, A

~Monster, The

~Monster Inside

~Monster Inside Me

~Monster in the Pantry, The

~Monsters of Plyskiv, The

~Monsters You've Created, The

~Monstrum intrinsecus

~Month in May, A

~Montros High School

~Moon, Landing, The

~More Than Historical Monument

~Mortal Kombat 2: The Haunted

~Morbid - A Flash Game Creepypasta




~MoSoOgOo: The Unfinished Business

~Mosquito Bite

~Mother, The

~Mother 3: Beta Cartridge

~Mother 3, Porky's Revenge

~Mother And Brother

~Motherly Game, The

~Mother's Revenge

~Mountain Man, The

~Movies: Hell Pack, The

~Mr. Driller

~Mr. Malice

~Mr. Mix

~Mr. Mix Fan Continuation

~Mr. Rogers Talks about Conflict

~Mr. White


~Mummy Stitched You Up

~Murderer's Game, The

~Murder Triangle, The *

~Museum of Abstract Arts, The

~Mushroom Kingdom Cleanup Crew, The

~Mutahar's Dark Secret

~Mutahar 2: Resurgence - Day of Reckoning


~My Best Friend Carl

~My Bestest Friend

~My Buddy Sandman ^ *

~My Dream

~My Dream Diary (Yume Nikki Creepypasta)

~My Experience with Education

~My Failure

~My Father's Journal

~My Father's Study

~My First Pikachu *

~My Friend Miles

~My Grandfather

~My Innocent Job

~My Journal of Ethan

~My Kingdom

~My Last Duchess

~My Little Pony SNES

~My Loving Family

~My Lucky Rock

~My Nightmare

~My Only Friend

~My Other Self

~My Own Shadow

~My Robots

~My Sons

~My Summer Job - A Five Nights at Freddy's Creepypasta

~My Sweet Empress

~My Sweet Skullgirl - A Skullgirls Creepypasta


~Mystery, A

~Mythical Adventure

~My Average Day

~My Brother's Game is Broken

~My Failure...

~My Failiure Part 2

~My Failiure Part 3

~My Sister Doesn't Like To Talk To Me

~My Winter Camping Trip


~N's Room



~Needs Work

~Nega-Shantae Phenomena

~Neighbors, The

~NES Rescue


~NES Test Cartridge 023

~Never Again

~Never-Ending Message, The

~Never Ending Nightmare, A

~Never Forget

~Never Play Again

~Never Stop Running *


~Nevierazimiie Kultie

~New Day, A

~New House, The

~New World

~New Years' Robbery

~New, Familiar Land, A

~Newly Single - A HuniePop Creepypasta *

~Nice Guy, A

~Nice to Mii You

~Night Before, The

~Night Mother

~Night Stalker, The

~Night the Knight in Spiked Armor Came, The

~Night Thoughts

~Night Time

~Night-Lurker, The

~Nightfall (Part 1)

~Nightmare Fuel

~Nightmare Fuel: Can You Survive? ^ *

~Nightmare I Had, A

~Nightmares in Dreamworld *

~Nightoss Pastas

~NiGHTS into Nightmares

~Nine Lives

~Ninten's Revenge

~Nintendo; 666 millionth

~No Time Left


~Noises of Silence, The

~Non est bonum hoc

~No One Else in the House

~Norowa Reta Sekai

~Nostalgia Trip

~Not all creatures at Disney World are animatronic.

~Not Dead

~Not the One

~Nothing but a monster...

~Nowhere to Land

~NPC DATA RAMPANT! 2956EM (Kingdom Hearts Creepypasta)

~NRN: Check out this funny email

~Numb The Pain

~Number 128, Copperhead Drive (Short story)

~Number Eleven


~Oblivion: It's Coming For You

~Observer/Maker, The

~Obsessive Compulsive


~Ocean of Emptiness, The


~OD, The

~Odd Engies...

~Odd Occurrence at the Train Tracks, An

~Ohne Dich

~Ōkami-shin no haiboku

~Online Interaction Not Rated


~Old Fashion

~Old Game, An

~Old MK, The

~Old Playground, The

~Old Mother

~Ombra, The *


~On the Bus


~One, Are You?, A

~One More Headshot

~One They Call 'Nightmare', The

~Ones and Zeroes

~Only A Dream

~Operation: Alpha

~Operation B.A.D

~Operator, The

~Oracle's Tales, The

~Origin of Cruentus Demonia, The

~Origin of The Pyro, The

~Origins of a Certain Pokemon, The

~Origins of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, The

~Orphaned Donkey Kong Jr.


~Отважный Конан


~Otherworldly Horror

~Our Benefactors

~Our Childhood

~Out For Blood




~Pac Man World 2: Respawn


~Painter, The

~Painted Mannequin

~Pale Luna *

~Pale Walkers


~Paper Mario 64: Cease to Be

~Paper Mario TTYD: Rest In Peace

~Paper Mario: The Door To Doom

~Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door.

~Paradise Lost


~Paralysis Hibernation, The

~Party, The

~Past the Gatekeepers

~Pasta Maker, The


~Path: A Serious Problem, The


~Payday 2: Hoxton's Daughter

~Peaceful Rest



~The perfect family

~Perfect Game *

~Perfect Scary Movie, The



~Peripheral Vision

~"Personality Test", A ^*

~Perverse Vengeance


~Phantom Gamecube

~Phantom Skype Call, The



~Pikachu's Rage

~Pikmin: Crash Landing

~Piposaru 2001: American Version

~Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

~Pizza Delivery

~Pizza Delivery, A

~Place in Legend, A

~Plague Inc Evolved: Realism mod

~Plague Inc: Reality

~Plan Was Perfect, The

~Planet C711

~Play (Pt.1)


~Playing the Game

~Please Hold

~Pleasure to Meet You

~Pocket Monsters Alpha

~Point of No Return

~Pokemon 666

~Pokemon Aftermath

~Pokemon Aurora

~Pokemon Black, White, and Crimson

~Pokémon Creepypasta: Absol

~Pokémon Cursed Diamond

~Pokemon Dark Green

~PokeMon FiredRed

~Pokemon Fog Gray

~Pokemon Fuchsia

~Pokemon Golden Sunrise

~Pokemon Golden Yellow

~Pokemon Graveyard

~Pokemon Lavender Red

~Pokemon LeafGreen: Semira Nox

~Pokemon Oblivion

~Pokemon OBSIDIAN Black *

~Pokemon Origins - 1999 - 2014

~Pokemon Strangled Red *

~Pokemon Tarnished Leaf

~Pokemon Theory: Lumiose City Crisis

~Pokemon X/Y: Alternate Ending

~Pokemon Yellow Creepypasta

~Pokemon, Willow Town

~Pokéwar - The Undead Come

~Pool, The

~Possession, The (Part Two)

~Possession, The

~Power, The

~Power Outage

~Powerful Mechanism, The

~Predator Of Sorts, A

~Price of Happiness, The


~Princess, The


~Printer, The

~Prisoner's Dilemma

~Prophecy, The


~Prison Cell

~Project 34

~Project Boomerang

~Project Excelsior

~Project K

~Prototype 10: Would you Kindly?


~Prototype DC23030

~Proven Innocent

~Psychonauts:It's Just a Game




~Puppet Master


~Putting the Years Behind Me

~Puyo Puyo: Hidden Code

~Pyro, The



~Question, A

~Quickly Changing City and How Not to Survive, The







~Rainbow Factory

~Rake, The *

~Rap Rat *

~Rat, The

~Rayman 3 - Disc 4


~Raymans Limbs

~Rayman Legends: Darkest of them all


~Real Chuck E. Cheese, The

~Real Game, The

~Real Time Minecraft

~Realization Of Fear

~Reaper Scythe: Dark Chip

~Reason You Can't Sleep At Night, The


~Recurring Dream, A


~Red Dead Redemption: The Final Stand Pt. 1

~Red Dead Redemption: The Final Stand Pt. 2

~Red Dead Redemption: The Final Stand pt.3

~Red's Shadow


~Red Mist: Loose Ends

~Reflection, The


~Reflections of a Wanderer

~Remove the Need

~Remover, The




~Resort Connection


~Return to Hyrule


~Revenge of the Forgotten (LoZ:AlttP)


~Revolution ^*

~Ring, Ring

~The Ritual of Rebirth

~River Country disappearance, The

~Road Not Taken, The



~Robot Killer, The

~Robotnik's Torture

~Rockstar Games Negative Reinforcement Experiment


~RPG Maker VX Ace: Luke's Test

~Ruins of Alph, The

~Ruins of Wind, The

~Rule of Seven


~Run 63

~Run Escape

~RUN.exe ^ *

~Running on Hatred


~Russian Lady of Luck, The

~Russian Sleep Experiment, The *

~Rusted from the Rain

~Rustling in The Trees, The



~S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Lines

~Sack, The

~Sacred Star, The

~Sad & Strange Fate of Vincent, The

~Sad Farewell, A

~Sae's Revenge

~Salesman, The

~Same, The


~Sanguine Ritual of Woe for Solitary Users, The

~Savior of Hatred, The

~Saw You Drown

~Scariest Piece of Music Ever Made, The

~Scout's Log

~Sburb Ritual

~Screaming Soul, The


~Second Chance, A

~Second Coming, A


~Secret of The Aether Foundation

~Secret of the Ash

~Secure Connection


~SEGA Dreamcast: Don't Play Track 01

~Self-Improvement Network

~Serving My Dictator

~Seventh Session, The

~Sewer's Secrets, The

~Shadow, The

~shadow, The

~Shadow Man, The

~Shadow Man, The

~Shadow of Death

~Shadow Saga Part 1: Shadow Link, The

~Shadow Saga Part 2: The Escape, The

~Shadow Saga Part 3: The Girl, The

~Shadow Saga Part 4: The Investigation, The

~Shadow the Hedgehog 2

~Shadow walker

~Shadow X


~Shake Shake

~Shantae Passion

~She's All In Your Head

~Shattered Bound

~Sheegoth *

~Sheer Cold


~Shifting Memories

~Shin Megami Tensei: If... Incident

~Shoe Tree, The


~Sid Meier's Pirates

~Sick Day

~Silence, The


~Silent Hill: Crossing Lines

~Silent Noise

~Silent Prayer For Pripyat, A

~Silently, I watch

~Silver Stairs

~Simdemonicals 2, The

~Simful Act, A

~Simple Ritual, The


~Sims Presumed Dead, The

~Sims 3 Paralyzation Glitch, The

~Sims 6, The

~Sims Creepy Mansion, The *

~Sims Free, The

~Sims Guilty Conscience, The


~Sister's Old Friend, My

~Six Children



~sKreamer, The

~Skype Beta Build

~Skunk, The

~Skunk, The Fox, and the Raccoon, The

~Skylanders Creepypasta, A

~Skyrim: Beta Disc *

~Skyrim: The Third Sanctuary

~Slappy's Happy Mirror Maze

~Slash Brothers

~Slater Park Zoo and The White Wolf of Rhode Island


~Sleep Cycle

~Sleeping Game, The

~Sleeping Game, The



~Slender Creepypasta

~Slender: the 9th Page


~Slenderman: How It All Began


~Slight Sensation, A

~Small Town Terror


~Smile Dog

~Smiling Owl, The

~Snoopy Theory, The

~Snow, The

~Snow Blind

~Socialist, The


~Sold as a Crow

~Sold Our Souls to the Discotheque

~Soldier Down

~Soldier's Return, The

~Sombrero Wearing Dinosaur ^*

~Someone Might Be After You

~Something Monstrous

~Somewhere Beyond The Sea

~Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog: Episode 66, The

~Sonic 1 Tails

~Sonic 2 Friendship

~Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

~Sonic Adventure 2:Goodbye Cuddles

~Sonic Adventure 2:Goodbye Cuddles 2

~Sonic Adventure DeadX

~Sonic Alpha

~Sonic AU.txt

~Sonic Beta 2

~Sonic Creepy Disc

~Sonic Cursed Adventure

~Sonic Depression

~Sonic Has No Colors

~Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Hacked Cartridge (Genesis) *

~Sonic the Hedgehog: Fun for all the Family

~Sonic the Hedgehog: The Craving of Death

~Sonic's Lingering Spirit

~Lost World: 5/13/16

~Lost World: M3741

~Sonic Xtreme - A Strange Disc *

~Spongebob Credits

~Sorcerer, Apprentice


~Sorry Isn't Good Enough


~Soulseeker pt.1, The

~Soulseeker pt.2, The



~Space Pirate From Planet 0, The

~Spring Break Society

~Special Delivery

~Special Gift, A

~Spectre, The

~Spectrobes: Lucid Shadow

~Spiral Curse, The


~Spread Virus

~Stacy Turner

~Stairs and the Doorway, The


~Stories of Demise

~Stalker, The

~Stalker (GTA San Andreas), The

~Stalking Mimic, The

~Standard Repair


~Staring Context

~Staring Eyes


~StarMade: The Miner's Tycoon


~Steve's Last Months



~"Stone Island, The"

~Stone Man, The

~Storm Lurcher, The

~Storm, The

~Story Of Life, A

~Story Of Zach Croke, The

~Stranded Town - Creepypasta

~Strange House In The Middle of Nowhere, The


~Subconscious Reality

~Subjected to a Beating

~Submerged City, The

~Suburban Terror

~Subway 836

~Such Beautiful Sounds


~Subject Q1100317

~Silent Ritual, The

~Suicide Note, The


~Super Mario 1--Super Extended

~Super Mario 3: Evil Family

~Super Mario 3D World: There may only be one

~Super Mario 46

~Super Mario 64 Multiplayer

~Super Mario Bootleg

~Super Mario Brothers Super Show: Lost Episode, The

~Super Mario Glitch

~Super Mario: Nightmare in Subcon

~Super Metroid

~Super Smash Bros Melee: Happiness is Contagious

~Super Smash Bros. Beta

~Super Smash Bros Brawl: A New Character

~Super Smash Bros. Psychosis

~Super Smash Flash 3.0


~Support Group for Serial Kills and Psychopaths, The

~Surfs Up: Twisted Edition

~Surfs Up: Twisted Edition 2 - A Twisted Game

~Surfs Up: Twisted Edtion 3 - Curse of Cody

~Surfs Up: Twisted Edition 4 - Escape From Colorado


~Surgery, The

~Surviving in Hell: Sequel to Nightmare Fuel

~Surviving Paradise

~Sweet May

~System Failure

-Sonic - All I Did Was Fail And Now Im Screwed


~Taboo The Sixth Sense

~Taboo: The Sense of Dread

~Tails: Role Reversal

~Tails Doll: How It All Started

~Tails the Third

~Taken By The Tree-Man

~Tale of Robert Elm, The

~Tale of Two, A

~Tales From the Depths of Hell

~Talking Angela *

~Tamagotchi Terrors

~Tape from Treasure Island, A *

~Tapes, The

~Team Fortress 2 – emhtiwyalp


~Thing|Thing Thing

~The Bunker

~The Event

~The Meat

~The Girl in the Photograph

~Team Fortress 2- Birthday Crate

~Tears of Blood

~The Loner's Walk

~Tears of Parents, The


~Tell-Tale Heart, The

~Tell Me a Story


~Tentacle Therapist

~Terrible Fate, A

~Terror Lane Epidemic (Part 2)

~Terror Lane Incarnated (Part 3)

~Terror Lane Released (Part 1) *

~Thank You For Playing Rayman


~That's Not Me


~ The things I've seen

~Thud, The


~Their Eyes

~The Broom Cupboard

~The Death of a Showman

~The Deepest Slumber

~The Hero of Tomorrow

~The Man In The Trees

~Theme Hospital

~Theory Behind Trainer Red, The

~Theory on Dark Type Pokemon, A

~The Mandela Effect

~The Pit

~The Slipgate Complex

~The Rosemary clock

~Therapist, The

~The Snatchers

~The Tribe

~There's A Monster In My Closet

~They Don't Forget You

~The Yellow Germ

~The Vitruvian Incident

~The Visitor Ritual

~The Golden Stairs

~The Symbol

~The sad show

~They Were Right

~Thing in Purple, The

~This is how you don't play Banjo Kazooie

~This Ol' Man

~Thousand Arguments at Once, A

~Three Creepy Mario Stories, One Timeline

~Three Red Seconds ^

~Through Shadow's Eyes

~Through the Eyes of Oblivion

~Through the Glass

~Time Causes Adherence

~Time Slippage

~Time Step 2

~Time's End

~Timesplitters 2 the 1000th kill


~To Hate a Great Game

~To the Next Inmate

~TOB Private Games

~Tochukaso Mushrooms

~Tomorrow I'll Take the Wind Away.

~Tomorrow's Pioneers

~Tony Hawk's Skate or Die



~Torture Garden

~Toxen, The

~Toxic Friendship


~Trade Inn Tales Episode 1: Hellnight (PS1), The

~Traffic Jam

~Tragic Tale of Takashi Saito, The

~Tragic Tale, The

~Tragedy of my Son, The

~Transcenders, The

~TrapDoor Changelog


~Treading in the Garden

~Trichotillomania ^*

~Tristan *


~True Creepypasta, A

~True Darkness

~Trumpets of Angels, The


~Truth About Captain Syrup, The

~Truth About Minecraft, The

~Truth About The Shadow Temple, The

~Truth About Yamask, The

~Truth Behind Aku, The

~Truth Hurts, The

~Truth of the Space Colony A.R.K, The

~Truth on Easter Island, The

~Trying to Sleep

~ Tuesday Night Toad


~Tunnel, The


~Two Weeks' Notice


~Toontown Online Lost Version


~Uboa Mod, The

~ULF 2

~Ultimate Maverick X



~Uncensored Manhunt


~Underground House

~Unearthing a Horror

~Uneasy Lies the Head

~Unending Darkness

~Unexpected Savior


~Unfortunate Last Name, The

~Unheard Messages

~Universal Drugs

~Unknown Format *

~Unknown Player

~Unlucky Zombie Slayer, The

~Unmatched, The

~Unreleased Album: The Factory


~Unsavable Silver


~Unto the Shadows

~Unwanted, The


~Utter Emptiness



~Vault, The

~Venturer Plug N' Play

~Vermillion City Construction Project *

~Very Eccentric Nightmare, A

~Victim, A

~Victims, The

~The Virtual Experience

~Victoria 2: Realism Mod

~Villanelle for the Sick

~Viola's Revenge (Witch's House Creepypasta)

~Violent Lab Game, A

~Viral Game, The

~Viridian's Demise



~Visit to a House, A

~the Monster House

~Vivillon, Number 666

~Voice Of The Reaper


~Wacko's Neighborhood

~Wake Up

~Wake Up and Smell The Roses

~Wall, The

~Waltzing Matilda

~Wanderer, The

~Wanderer 2: Second Encounter, The


~War Is Never a Game

~Warcraft III: Army of Darkness

~Wardrobe In The Woods, The

~Warframe - Infection

~Wario Land 3: The Hidden Figure

~Warm Sweater

~Warning, A


~Watching Watson

~Way Things Supposed to be..., The


~We All Die At Some Point

~Weather Anomaly

~What a Waste

~What are You Scared of?

~What Happens Inside is a Mystery

~What Happens When We Die

~What If?

~What We See in a Mirror

~What Went Wrong?

~What You Deserve ^*

~What You Find In the Attic

~Whatever Happened To... Robot Jones

~What's Life Without a Bit of Madness?

~What's so Scary About the Dark?

~When I Was 13...

~Wheel of Faith: Win It Or Lose It?

~When the Clan Server Isn't Active

~When the Player Wins

~When the Rockets Came to Silph

~Where am I?

~Where Are We?

~Where are You?

~While One Equals One

~Whistle in the Wind

~White Book

~White Book Alternate Ending

~White Death, The

~White Noise

~White Rose Ritual, The

~Who Could Love an "It"?

~Who Would Ever Believe?

~Who's the Genius Now?


~Why Are They Hiding?

~Why Do We Exist?

~Why Don't You Use Me?

~Why Humongous? Why?

~Why Me? (Five Night's At Freddy's Creepypasta)

~Why Not Me?

~Wicked House, The

~Wife, The

~Wii are Twisted *

~Wii C U


~Willy Wonka: Spooky Pyramid.htm


~Windows 99

~Wir Mussen alle Juden Ausrotten! Wolfenstein Creepypasta

~Withered Roses

~Workplace, The

~Woods, The

~World -1

~World Died Crimson..., A

~World Ends With Neku, The

~World Ends With Tragedy, The

~World of Sorrow

~World of Warcraft Endofallthings.mod

~World War 2



~Wrath of the Titan, The

~Writing a Creepypasta




~Xbox Forgotten

~Xenophilia *

~Xibalba --- A Poem of Death

~Xorax *



~Yellow One, The

~Yer Majesty

~You are Heartless

~You Are in a Room

~You are not perfect

~You Brought Them Back

~You Can't Make Decisions

~You Can't Run, You Can't Hide.

~You Don't Know

~You Failed (Dark Cloud/Chronicle 2)

~You Killed Me!

~Your Biggest Fan

~Your big bro Mr. Spaceman

~Your Fate is in The Cards

~Your Own Sandworm


~Your Shoulder Itches

~Yu-Gi-Oh! Type: Ghosts




~ZBOX 1300, The

~Zelda 3 Prototype*



~Zombreon *

~Zoo Tycoon 2 Disc, The

~Zombreon 2:Spectreon