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Welcome to Team SOG's Creepypasta of the Year! competition. Very much like Creepypasta of the Month, this is a competition to see who wins the prize of being not just the best pasta of the month, but of that year!

Rewards for the title will be:

~Story & Author Profile link on the Home Page for the following year.

~A shiny new special category.

What are you waiting for? Get voting!

How to format your vote

Votes ought to be formatted in the same style used in CPotM voting. Below is an example of correct format... except use real links when you vote!

~Name: The Wrath of Michael Jackson

~Author: Lord Slug

~Reason: It was a beautiful piece. Action, suspense, drama, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! the characters were well done, the descriptions were great. An all around joy to read.

~User Requesting: Urkelbot666


1. All nominies must be 2017 CPOTM winners. Do not nominate any other pastas, even if they were nominated for CPOTM. Also, they must have won CPOTM in 2017, so don't vote for any 2018 winners. You'll get your chance to vote for them next year.

3. In order for your vote to count, you must have at least 10 edits on this wiki. Also you must be a registered user, rather than "A wikia contributor".

4. Keep off-topic chatter to a minimum, and especially do not spam. If you use the comments section for spam not only will you be blocked but you will be barred indefinitely from voting for either CPOTM or CPOTY.

5. Do not vote for more than one pasta. Also you may not retract a vote.

6. All votes must be in the same format required for CPOTM.

7. Voting ends on March 1st of 2018.

8. Do not start voting for a Creepypasta of the Year until we have a CPotM for each month, as it would be unfair to later pastas who haven't even been nominated yet. Any vote will be deleted until the contest actually starts.

Previous Creepypastas of the Year!

2013: Trichotillomania by Dustyfootwarrior

2014: Eric by Fryz

2015: April 12th Mind Story by Sshakenbakee

2016: N/A by N/A

2017: ___ by ___

2018: ___ by ___

2019: ___ by ___

2020: ___ by ___

The Choices of the Year

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