Hello guys, I used to be a game tester for Sega, I got a package from Sega, it was a Sega CD console, it came with a game called CD Sonic, and prototype was drawn in marker, I opened the disc, it said sonic.avi. I put the disc in, when the title screen came up, it said CD Sonic.avi, so I was playing the prototype of Sonic CD in October 31st, 1992

screenshot of the title screen

The Big Bang

It was in early development and I was playing a level called The Big Bang. What happened was it was starting to get a little creepier. The time went up to 3 minutes in 3 seconds so fast. Tails appeared out of nowhere looking like Tails.exe and disappeared. Green Hill Zone exploded and there was a scream. Then, there was another level called You're Next. 

You're Next

Then, there was a jumpscare with a cursed 3D image from Wyoming Incedent and a scary screamer. Sonic said "I'm outta here", and jumped off the grass. There were so many jumpscares flashing. I got a scary game over with music from US into the EU version with a picture Depressed Luigi from the Beta Game Over whimpering with Sonic holding the telephone scared and Tails roaring. It said "Game Over Jimi Josh, You're Next" There was a very loud jumpscare so hard it gave me a heart attack and pissed off the neighbors. 


I screamed and punched a hole through the TV screen. Another TV appeared behind me close to my bed and bird squawked. It said " Look to your left" then static appeared and the TV exploded. An evil sonic plush came with a nerf gun with real bullets. I shot the plush, and my bird pecked it to pieces, I had nightmares for 4 weeks. 

I woke up at 3 AM with the TV with static and The Sega CD Scary guitar played with Sonic.exe in the background just like Red Mist. The game played by itself and sonic.exe was in the shadow destroying tails. I screamed from the top of my lungs to the point my iris disappeared. Sonic.exe was looking at me and said "what" I said "go away. "Nope, said Sonic.exe. He did the hand grabbing thing from vibe check. I screamed and grabbed my AK-47 and shot the TV 4 times. 

The next morning, I reported the game back to Sega and apoligized for what happened. I hope you guys have a good day. See you next time. 

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Sonic CD - Game Over Music ~ USA

Game Over Music

screenshot of game over screen

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