PuppetsDrawing00 PuppetsDrawing00 4 days ago

About my creepypasta/show Black

so- black is pretty much just shorts... so if yall want me to make a movie (give me suggestions of something that fits black) or just make it longer cuz- idk lol i mean- all i did was make ep.1 so its just- wutever but uhm- yea- anything... comment- yea.. Have a Puppet day!

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Ally afton Ally afton 15 days ago



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ROBLOXNoob246 ROBLOXNoob246 15 April

About "Sonic X Lost Episode", "Sonic 0.avi" and "Freedom Death"

I'm telling you, yes you, reader, the story of Sonic X Lost Episode, Sonic 0.avi and Freedom Death, horrible pastas i made back then.

  • 1 Sonic X Lost Episode
  • 2 Sonic 0.avi
  • 3 Freedom Death
  • 4 (BONUS) Five Nights at Noobs Island 666
  • 5 End

Ok, let's start with SXLE.

This was an old story i made back when i couldn't spell "normal" and didn't use GIMP. I may remake this if you want that, Also, this was original, unlike the next one...

After SXLE, comes Sonic 0.avi!

Like, seriously, why the [dolphin chirp] couldn't i even be original with this?! This is like Animal Crossing: Where Were You? fused with Sonic! I can't believe i made this!

Alright, this will be the last one.

Well basically... i made an original (not quite) picture. Ugh, this wasn't quite good, thoug…

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RugmanDuckIsBack RugmanDuckIsBack 25 December 2019


I made some tips for new pasta creators:

1. Not good at writing a good spooky story? Look at some classic horror stories like the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

2. I heavily recommend reading other creepypastas to get a grip on what is a good idea or not. Look at the classics like 64, The Goodman Trilogy (1dollar.wav, Camcorder, and Knob), and Windows 99.

3. Try making images. I recommend Kirita or GIMP (no, not the people in leather gear). paint.net is good for 8-bit creations. However, NEVER use MS Paint. NEVER. It's a sin, and it looks ugly.

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Kane09walker Kane09walker 21 February 2019

How do I delete blog posts

I made the "Mad Fan" when I was an edgy 13 year old and the feedback I recieved, even though back then I didn't like them, I can see why I needed them. Can someone help me take this dogshit mixed with cat vomit of a story down? It reminds me when creepypastas were a thing and how I thought FNAF was the scariest ever and I don't want to relive those moments, Thanks.

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Dustyfootwarrior Dustyfootwarrior 23 January 2019

It's been 3000 years


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Dr.shankster Dr.shankster 23 November 2018

Monster and Slashers Wiki

Hello esteemed fans of horror. I have created a such fantastically disturbing collection of film's greatest, and not-so-greatest, horror movie characters.  The link is listed below. 



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Kefke Wren Kefke Wren 5 October 2018

Where's Kefke? Update.

It's been a long time, SOG. Two years, at least, since my last status update. Things have been crazy. Sometimes way up, sometimes way down. I've been gone, but I've never forgotten you guys. These days, I mostly just lurk around on the internet, and play D&D in 2-3 different groups a week. No, I'm not kidding. I even run one of them.

Oh, and there was that other thing. What was that again...?

Oh, right!

I'm kind of on the writing team for one of the biggest Fallout 4 mods out there. Guess I should have led with that one, huh? If you're playing with Sim Settlements, some of my work can already be seen in the game. I wrote a number of articles for the New Bugle newspaper that you can get in your settlement. Additionally, there's a certain Nuka …

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Icydice Icydice 27 August 2018


Hello, this a very fast growing discord server for a multitude of reasons. A ton of different communities such as the creepypasta community, several meme communities, and Minecraft communities, and more are there.

It's mostly a place to chillax, make jokes and memes, show off your artistic creations, and there's even a place for serious real world discussion. Now, given that it's a meme server partly, there are some rude of offensive things that may be said or done. However, all that stuff will go on the nsfw or dank memes channel. Besides those channels, we have mostly appropriate and user friendly talk. We have excellent, polite staff and a magnitude of new people to meet.

While offensive content is sometimes posted in certain sections, an…

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ROBLOXNoob246 ROBLOXNoob246 17 April 2018

A day of life: ROBLOX Noob

  • 1 Day 1
  • 2 Day 2
  • 3 Day 3
  • 4 Day 4
  • 5 Day 5 (FINALE)

Its ROBLOX Noob's day off. He is right standing in front of his friend Okay, here we go, I really love the show ROBLOX Noob in ____. said ROBLOX Noob and he shrugged and ran away, Evil ROBLOX Noob was chasing him outside. ROBLOX Noob finally espcaped him. hiding from him and finally, he saw this, A Friendly Guest that cant talk. ROBLOX Noob said, Hi. and The guest Nodded Yes. And sadly, Roblox noob and A Friendly Guest saw this evil noob again. Both yelled AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! and used a gun to kill the evil noob.

All of them were having fun, then suddenly, the evil noob comes back. he wasn't hurt and came in laughing in an evil laugh. Everyone gasped, he came and says "…

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HunterBeatBilly98 HunterBeatBilly98 16 February 2018

is heaven real?

hi guys it have been a while actually i have actuually been busy with my gaming carrer and doing school work as usual

today in the shower i have something up my mind that i feared aboutt since i was a child

is heaven fake or real

think about this, what if the bible is actually an illusion? what if it was actually a story all along? 

the reason why i was so scared about this is i actually don't want to die and i was so overobsessed about hearing many theories about this experience, do you think heaven is real or a hoax? leave your thoughts in the comment below my article

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OccultingDelphox OccultingDelphox 14 February 2018

Messy schedule and being kinda lazy

Trying to get the "Nothing Better To Do" badge, studying, crashing and just sometimes forgetting to do stuff here :v 

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OccultingDelphox OccultingDelphox 11 February 2018

Back to studying!

Soon my summer break will be over, but I'll still try to be here. Just won't be here at mornings! 

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OccultingDelphox OccultingDelphox 6 February 2018

Hiya everyone!

Just a little blog 'bout myself in case you wanted an idea of who I was.

My name isn't that important, so just call me Flaky, I live in Australia and I wanted to be part of something, why I came here, just hope I don't get bored and leave for months. So, besides that, I am studying in Accounting and I used to admin on Pokemon pages on Facebook, after I left, I decided to come here and just do some edits here and their. Anyway, I'm cool with chatting with anyone, leave a message on my wall, DM me or whatever, I like pulling my weight and trying to do something positive!.

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Sacktroop248 Sacktroop248 21 December 2017

what is with all these shitty creepypastas?

I don't mean to be rude but why. what happened to this community, seriously, its like that the wikis greatest creepypasta writers decided to stop writing creepypastas because mutahar decided to change the Haunted Gaming into a series all about talking creepy shit in gaming in general (I don't hate the new Haunted Gaming tbh i love how its doing fine.), I know there are good creepypastas still on this wiki but i can't seem to find any, all i keep finding are creepypasta writen by little kids from what i'm asuming. can someone point out the most latest well writen creepypasta in this wiki?

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 12 December 2017

I'm going to be active on another wiki

I'll be more on the Quake Wiki as I feel more like I belong there, something about this wiki seems, for lack of a better word, elitist. New/inexperienced users such as myself seem to almost be shunned and tossed to the side, in other terms, if you're not an admin, moderator, etc then you don't belong in this wiki.

So for now I am moving to another wiki that inhabits my own kind, my fellow Quake players, where being new or inexperienced is a little more tolerated.

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Downward Sprial Downward Sprial 23 November 2017

List Of Pastas That I Have Made/Edited

[1st Ever Pasta I Have Made] Ducktales NES - The Negative Ending

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 31 October 2017

What I've Always Wanted To Do.

And that is play Ocean Man at the end of What I've Always Been.

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MeBillL MeBillL 29 October 2017

For a user named Bendrownedfan111

 Bendrownedfan100 4 snow women how do you like your profile is it cool its just the beggining tell NASCARFAN19 and  BrianMe to unblock me then im going to stop just unblock me then this mess is over if don't im going to start Terroirzing more wikis and all of you in The Violette1st wiki

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 24 October 2017

What do you mean I'm not kind?

I'm just not YOUR kind!

Megadeth is an awesome band.

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000x000x000 000x000x000 19 October 2017


Just a Test. Okay? Okay then.

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 26 August 2017

DoomMaster's snap back to reality.

I've gotten my head out of the clouds and learned the truth, and that is And Hell Will Follow Me is never going to be finished. Even if it was finished, I won't be there to read it as I have given up on the story, now.

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Koptin Koptin 29 July 2017

Everyone's pasta

I know no one will ever see my  account or anything I'm doing but I just posted "Scratch Face" a pasta (duh..) and it's kinda boring but it leaves out a lot of detail and I just want to say if you read it (why would you) I want you to decide what exactly happens and what is the correct official origin I might put them together to make something good or we could make something good it's like we're all making a pasta together so yeah that's all.

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HunterBeatBilly98 HunterBeatBilly98 27 July 2017

The one most fucked up youtube video i ever saw

pokopokopikotan was the one of the most fucked up shit i ever saw when i was little. it was created by the guy that made the username666 video and another youtube. but what about this video?... (sigh) Let get this over with... 

Pokopokopikotan is supposed to be simular to happy tree friends. but horror style. it's take place to be in some sort of set... the atmosphere is cute, but around the 0:56 Seconds mark. the astmosphere changed to a evil tone. and switch backed to cute. and the hand is trying to sneak in and take out everything (including the set and the 2 girls)  and in 2:53, It turned into a massacre. and the whole set is destroyed and the girls were dead 

I coudn't explain much of the detail due to how terrible it is. if you want to…

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 6 July 2017

Another theme "song" of mine.

This is meant go with the tune of "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" By Alice In Chains. (Clears throat) Okay, here we go.

Come to me, I'll end the wait.

(Why would I be lying?)

Ending all planned out.

Offering a wonderful...

(... ending that's worth waiting.)

Two more chapters left.

I am, Bureaucrat, and you are not.

SOG is my home.

DoomMaster's now

Got a 'maginary friend.

Admin put two stories here.

Now one's just lying there.

Admin put two stories here

No problem with WIP, just unfinished.

I promised those who've read before.

(Waitin' on you writing.)

Reading, delaying us.

I am as flawed as any user.

(Look at me, I'm writing!)

DoomMaster is eating it up!

I am, Bureaucrat and you are not.

SOG is my home.

DoomMaster's now

Got a 'maginary friend.

Admin put two stories…

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That Ordinary Guy That Ordinary Guy 1 July 2017

"The New Kid"

Welp, i'm the new kid in town.

I'm That Ordinary Guy.

I usually spend most of my time on this wiki, so you'll most likely see me often.

I even fix some mistakes in pastas.

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Skater Studios Skater Studios 30 June 2017

New Kid In Town

Hello guys! I'm Skater! To kick off my blogs and stuff, let's talk about Pokémon! I have emulated Pokémon Sapphire (Kipper was my starter. He was a Mudkip. (CUE THE MEMES))and PMD: Red Rescue Team (I am a Charmander. My friend is a Bulbasaur. Or was. GBA4IOS was killed off.). I have played Pokémon Brick Bronze, with a Litten as my starter. Go on. Laugh. It was free to play.

My favorite species are the Eevee family and Litten.

Which Pokémon species are your favorites?

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 1 June 2017

I'm back... I guess.

I suppose I'll take another shot at a story, I think I'll write one on the For The Fans section. Gonna have to check the rules on it first.

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Badone817 Badone817 10 April 2017

I'd like to apologize about my Younger Self

Well, I'm sorry about my younger self.

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Creeper50 Creeper50 4 April 2017

The Right Leader: Full Outline (Revision 3)

Hello guys, this is the third draft of the full outline to my full-length comic book that I'll be working on. I want you people to say how good it is, in terms of characters and stories. Did I flesh them out enough? Does the plot have any holes? Are the characters consistent and empathetic? You tell me what you think. (If you're wondering, the LTs at the bottom are comments, many of which are for lengthly parts of exposition inserted in as comments so it doesn't bloat up the length of the paragraph explaining what the exposition in the scene was.) Anyway, here's the outline:

Scene 1:

Greg is kidnapped by a man, and is sneaked into a truck outside of Green Farm. As the truck drives away, we get a shot of Green Farm.

Purpose: To introduce Green…

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 15 March 2017

Symphony of the SOG Wiki

I was bored so I wrote a song about this wiki.

(Sung to the tune of "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth)

You take a normal user

And put him in control

Watch him become an Admin

Watch people's eyes a-roll




Just like the wri- writer

wrote stories through the site

we play like Mutahar

swaying to the Symphony of the SOG Wiki.

Acting like a Chat Mod

This story is really awful

you try to take it off

before your head explodes




(Guitar solo)

The comments start a rumble

Admin powers fall

A race for the banhammer

A peaceful user stands tall

Up tall

Up tall.


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Incorrect3 Incorrect3 12 March 2017

Needs Work Amendments

I think that we should make some changes with the Needs Work category. For a while, the category has just been added to any non-trollpasta shittypasta, but I don't think that should be how the category should work. The way that I see it is that a shittypasta should be marked with 48 Hours to Deletion, and a pasta that has potential but just doesn't exactly meet up with the quality standards should be marked with Needs Work. About 95% of the time, a shittypasta author does not edit their works within the week that is given, and also, I believe that an author should proofread and actually do their own edits to their works BEFORE posting. Of course there will be mistakes, that's always true, and sometimes the pastas have good ideas but just n…

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 2 March 2017

Yep, I'm still waiting.

I'm still waiting for good ol' Flaky to write the last two chapters of "And Hell Will Follow Me" in fact, I think I'm the last person left who hasn't lost their patience and given up on the story. It will be finished soon... Right?

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 25 February 2017

How to cry.

Since I got nothing better to do, I'm going to teach you how to cry!

Step 1: Open another tab/window with YouTube on it and look for "For the Fallen" by Kevin Macleod.

Step 2: Head over to the "Dead User" category on this wiki.

Step 3: Look at all the users on that category while listening to "For the Fallen"

Step 4: Proceed to cry.

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 23 February 2017

One day...

One day, it will be finished, the story will be over, but what will I do once it's finished? Will I stay on this wiki? Or will I go? Not even I know what will happen, we may never know...

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Samrainbow Samrainbow 21 February 2017


(This is for fun and will have more mistakes than my other "Creepypastas" I've made)


I was on my favorite Wiki, SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki but this user named Incorrect3 was always telling me to do better on my pastas but I was I thought to myself. But maybe I should try harder this time, I started to write a new story that really happened but make it different but just a little bit but my computer had erased my story and a little tab showed up and said "Incorrect3 doesn't approve of this pasta" I was confused when this popped up.

The computer shut down the google chrome and opened a program called "Incorrect3.exe" and it had the options "Crush" or "9." Once I clicked on Crush and all I could hear was crushing of bones in the background and …

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Creeper50 Creeper50 18 February 2017

Graphic Novel Outline-Critique Wanted

Hello people. These are the various character outlines of my graphic novel, Leader. I'm posting this because I want critique on them before I write the first draft. It is organized with a character outline, each which contains the backstory, values, arcs, and plot lines of each major character. Like I said earlier, critique wanted. Thank you.

  • 1 Premise
  • 2 Byron
  • 3 Elijah
    • 3.1 Age:
  • 4 Aaron
  • 5 Greg
  • 6 Stan

In a world devastated by a mysterious nuclear war called "The Fog War," 2 cities built from the ashes of civilization are at war over an injury the leader of one city did to the other.


               Mid 40s


               *Born into a low class farming family.

*Passed school by the skin of his teeth.

*Made a massive fortune on the stock market.

*Took …

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 17 February 2017

Really now...

I seem to be ranked #110 on this wiki and I'm still a relatively new user, I don't think catching up to Urkelbot666  is going to be difficult.

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 17 February 2017

Insanity intensifies!

Must stay patient, I can't let him down, there's only two chapters left... I can't let my hero down...

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 15 February 2017

Back from hiatus.

As you may have noticed, I'm back on this wiki, I had to take a break from I Won't Leave You related stuff so I don't reach Ricardo Lopez levels of obsession, and we all know what happened to THAT guy. Good thing I saved myself before doing Talos knows what. (Talos is a divine, deal with it, Imperial dogs.)

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 10 February 2017

I have an idea!

If in the event that I find out that Flaky thinks I'm annoying, then I must find some kind of way to impress him, but how?

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 10 February 2017

On hiatus.

I'm going on a hiatus for Divines know how long. The reason why? Well, I'm friends with FlakyPorcupine on Xbox Live, but I'm really worried that he thinks I'm... annoying.

So, I'm taking a break from the SOG Wiki until my suspicion is confirmed as true or not.

Bye for now!

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 6 February 2017

First pasta!

I wrote my first creepypasta! If anything needs work, I'll be happy to try and fix my mistakes.

It is called The Slipgate Complex.

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 4 February 2017

What is this tomfoolery happening to me?

What in the names of all of the nine divines is going on here? I'm gonna die from laughter of all the things happening to me!

First, I go to the "For the Fans!" page for the first time, read a story about Flaky and Tyrin7 doing stuff that was, rather noice, I think you know what I mean, and now I can't stop watching the Max Headroom hijacking from 1987 over and over! The gibberish he said during the time is too much!

Save me before I die from laughter plz!

Oh, and the letter O in the word noice is not a typo, if you've seen Michael Rosen YTPs, you'd know why I put that there

Click here for the fanfiction I read!

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 2 February 2017

I think I'm settled in now.

I think I've got a hang of things now. I feel comfortable asking what to do in order to help this wiki become great again, because from what I've been seeing as of the time I posted this blog, this wiki must have been VERY popular a long time ago, but not so much anymore. The only problem I've got now is that I don't know how to start writing a creepypasta without making it a blog post on accident.

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 31 January 2017

Why I fear and respect the moderators and admins.

If anyone on this wiki has cared to read my profile (you don't have to if you don't want to.) You will notice that I fear and respect the moderators and admins, here's my reason why.

Well first off, let me say why I fear them, I fear such power they have over lesser users such as me. I want to do my best to be on their good side.

I also respect their authority, there's no telling what they've done to be where they're at now. If I mess up, they could just snap their fingers and I'm gone.

Now you know why I fear and respect them like gods.

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 29 January 2017

Never mind, never mind!

Ugh, I'm such a fool guy, I was just confirming my account on the wrong wiki! I'm back in action!

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 29 January 2017

I'm already giving up...

It's only been my third day on this wiki (I think) but I'm already giving up.

Don't worry, it's not because I couldn't help, but it's because I've been trying over and over to confirm my account, I keep putting in my username and password but to no success. It seems Wikia hates new users.

So I'm granting their wish, I hope I didn't let anyone down.

I'll keep my profile up in case I return, but for now, goodbye...

  • Takes Quake 4 blaster, points at side of head, and fires a charged shot*
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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 29 January 2017

I screwed up.

My blog about my confusion as to how I can help this wiki was spammed by me, keep in mind this was NOT intentional.

All I wanted to do, was fix some spelling errors, but it ended up on the recent activity page more than once, the admins are gonna be so upset with me...

And I still don't know if I'm formatting these correctly, either.

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DoomMaster10913 DoomMaster10913 29 January 2017

No more fiddle-diddling around.

I don't know what to do on this wiki!

I read the rules, and want to do my best to follow them, but I'm still not sure how I can help!

I'd ask one of the admins, but I'm worried that they might have better things to do than listen to my worried squabbles. What do I do?

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