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THIS PAGE IS FOR BAN REPEALS. If you require assistance for other matters or experienced a dispute, go to User Assistance

For rule reference, please observe The Rules of the Road

If you feel a ban was unwarranted, please make your case calmly and civilly here. Explain the circumstances surrounding the ban, the user who was banned, their ban history, and the staff member who issued the ban. A link to the banned member's wiki contributions would be nice as well.

Keep in mind though, the banned member is -not- allowed to comment. They are banned, and will not be allowed on the wiki until their ban is changed. If you're found guilty of ban evasion, no ban repeal will be considered. This page is for other users to defend the banned one and make their case on why it was unfair. 

Once a user explains why the ban was unfair, staff members will decide if the ban was warranted or not. If the banned user was in clear violation of the rules, they will have to wait for their ban time to end. Since this is based on staff decisions, the user is less likely to have their ban lifted if they have a history of abuse.

Should their banning be deemed unwarranted though, they shall receive a second chance. The next time they earn a ban however, they are required to wait out the ban's time span and will not be allowed back on before then. 

One more thing, if you would like to provide screen shots for your wiki dispute concern, a link to the page(s) that the screen shots came from must be included. If the screen shot is from the wiki chat, where no history of the posted messages are recorded, then eyewitness testimony is required to verify the validity of the screen shot. To make this process easier, you MUST include the users in the chat (listed at the right side of the chat) at that time in your screen shot. If the in-chat user list is not included, the screen shot will not be considered valid evidence.